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B-24 Liberator Units of the CBI

by Edward M. Young, Osprey Publishing, Oxford, England, 2011, $22.95

The story of Maj. Gen. Claire L. Chennault’s Flying Tigers is familiar to most aviation buffs. But the contribution by B-24 Liberators of the Fourteenth Air Force under Chennault in the China-Burma-India Theater receives far less attention. I wrote about the 308th Bomb Group in Chennault’s Forgotten Warriors: The Saga of the 308th Bomb Group, chronicling a group that did some of World War II’s most accurate bombing, while also incurring the highest casualty rate. Now Edward Young widens the focus to include the Tenth Air Force’s 7th Bomb Group, which carried the war over some of the world’s most difficult terrain. Young includes a collection of B-24 color plates with commentary, colorful nose art and in-flight photos.

This book is a keeper for those who want to fill in the gaps about strategic operations in an almost forgotten theater.


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