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The list of movies in World History Group’s special publication 100 Greatest Westerns was compiled by a diverse group of experts. We gratefully acknowledge those involved in its compilation, listed below.

Gene Santoro is the author of Highway 61 Revisited and Myself When I Am Real: The Life and Music of Charles Mingus. His writing about popular culture has appeared in a wide range of newspapers and magazines.

Paul Hutton is a University of New Mexico Distinguished Professor, the executive director of Western Writers of America and one of the foremost Western historians.

Gregory Lalire has been the editor of Wild West magazine for 15 years and a Western film fanatic for nearly half a century.

Jerry Morelock, the editor of Armchair General magazine, is an avid Westerns fan with a deep knowledge of movie history, firearms and Western paraphernalia.

Gene Seymour is a longtime New York Film Critics Circle member. His byline has appeared in Newsday, American Heritage, The Nation and Emerge.

Tom Huntington, former editor of American History, studied cinema at USC and has written about it for Saturday Review and The Hollywood Reporter.

Michael Anderson is a former editor at the New York Times Book Review who has written widely about culture and film. He is currently completing a biography of Lorraine Hansberry.

Dennis Showalter, former president of the Society for Military History, boasts a daunting list of honors and a lifelong love of film.

William Bergman has penned numerous books and articles on popular culture, between stints at United Nations headquarters and hotspots like Angola.

Ron Givens’ pop culture musings have appeared in The Village Voice, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, American History and the New York Daily News.