Author of the comprehensive Encyclopedia of Indian Wars, Michno does his research and welcomes informed debate.

Author Gregory Michno

Indian wars expert Gregory Michno doesn’t shy from controversy in his books about the 1864 Sand Creek massacre and other conflicts

Art of the West

In his 1832 oil "Timberline" W.H. "Buck" Dunton (1878–1936) emphasizes color, line and form, though viewers can't miss the true focal point of the canvas. (Images: Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Whitney Western Art Museum, Cody, Wyo.)

Whitney Western Art Museum

Merging the old and new West, the Whitney Western Art Museum in Cody, Wyo., holds everything from Remington to Ross



Book Review: Pioneer Girl

Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Biography, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, edited by Pamela Smith Hill, South Dakota State...