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Who’s your favorite mythological figure?

4/1/2010 • History Questions - Discuss Daily History Questions And Answers

Who’s your favorite mythological figure?

10 Responses to Who’s your favorite mythological figure?

  1. Richard Tracey says:

    Who else but the Judeo-Christian God?

  2. Jerry Parker says:


  3. Chuck says:

    Atlas, because we look so much alike.

  4. Ed Hamilton, Danville, Illinois says:

    Beowulf, although Grendel was terribly misunderstood

  5. Monica Facundo says:

    Richard…i totally agree with you, although for the sake of diversity, I would have to say that my favorite is Athena

  6. Mike Knox says:

    As a kid I loved stories about Pecos Bill. Nothing like an incredibly tall tale to inspire and entertain an imaginative child.

  7. John Basham says:

    Until I saw Mike’s comment on Pecos Bill I had completely ignored/forgotten American folklore. How can we forget Paul Bunyan etal.

  8. Bluto Smatz says:


  9. Dave says:


  10. lyndon says:

    hilary clinton. Surely, she’s not for real.

    Have a life, you guys.

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