Which Movies Don’t Belong on the 100 Greatest Sports Movies List?

The World History Group asked 13 experts to compile a list of the 100 Greatest Sports Movies for a special publication of the same title. Any list of this type will elicit cries of How did that get on the list?

We want to know: Which movies don’t belong on the list of 100 Greatest Sports Movies?

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3 Responses

  1. Mark Richmond

    Gladiator – I see this more as a historical movie, although if ESPN was around on the time, I’m sure they would have had a live reporter at the Colisseum!

  2. james

    I love Muhammad ali but the movie Ali stunk,period.

  3. Michael N

    1. Babe and Babe Ruth Story are two God-awful films and belong more on a worst movies list, let alone sports, especially the 1948 film, which has William Bendix look more like the second coming of Jesus rather than a baseball player.

    2. Hustler and Enter the Dragon – as much as I like the movies, I really don’t consider them sports films.


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