Which Movies are Missing from the 100 Greatest List?

The World History Group asked 13 experts to compile a list of the 100 Greatest Sports Movies for a special publication of the same title. In any list of this type, some deserving titles get left out. Do you have a favorite that you think "coulda been a contender" but didn’t make the cut?

We want to know: Which movies do you think are missing from this list?

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  1. Jeanie

    We Are Marshall is missing from your list of top 100 sports movies of all time. You have some really lame ones there and then you miss a truly inspirational movie like We Are Marshall.

  2. james

    One on One with robby bensen and the fact you dont have Brians song in your top 5 shows you are meatheads to begin with.

  3. Dan Daley

    “Prefontaine” about runner Steve Prefontaine

    “Heart Like a Wheel” about Shirley Muldowney

    • Wally

      I agree completely about “Heart Like A Wheel”. No way there are 100 better sports films than this masterful biopic about Shirley Muldowney.

  4. Lou

    What about Invincible, Mystery, Alaska, The Replacements & Vision Quest?

    Step Into Liquid? Enter The Dragon? Night And The City? Really ???

  5. John

    Tin Cup is most surley top 100 material, but maybe they thought enought of Costnar. Thouhg I love him, Bruce Lee movies do not belong here.

  6. Wally

    I am surprised that neither your list, nor any other ‘best sports movies’ lists includes “American Flyers”. This is an early Kevin Costner film and a very good drama centering on the bicycle race “Hell Of The West”. Not a top twenty film, but it is certainly among my top 50.

  7. coach hess

    one on one. running brave. 2movies that definitely should have mde this list!!


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