Which Movies are Missing from 100 Greatest Westerns?

Poster, True Grit. Courtesy Everett Collection.
Poster, True Grit. Courtesy Everett Collection.


The World History Group asked 10 experts to compile a list of the 100 Greatest Westerns for a special publication of the same title. In any list of this type, some deserving titles get left out. Do you have a favorite that didn’t make the cut?

We want to know: Which movies do you think are missing from this list? Tell us in the comments section below. No sign-up required.

342 Responses

  1. Greg Schmidl

    Since you include the new Last of the Mohicans, the list should have Drums Along the Mohawk (1939). Also, I would include She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.

    • Greg

      She Wore A YellowRibbon is one of the best John Wayne movies ever!

    • jimmypete

      I don’t believe anyone has mentioned “McCabe and Mrs. Miller” a dark and accurate small movie set in the Northwest of the 1880’s. The theme and the pacing are quite different from the average Western. I also like the flawed “Major Dundee” somewhat cliched in parts but again with obscure themes. Long before “Glory” it depicted Black Civil War troops, and dealt with the French expedition to Mexico in the 1860’s.

      • Ron Oberman

        McCabe and Mrs. Miller was terrific

    • Ron Oberman

      Totally agree with She Wore a Yellow Ribbon A great movie

    • Littlebigman

      !931 movie Cimarron starring Richard Dix & Irene Dunn S/B included. I saw it on TCM, it is excellent. Another recent western I like is “The Englishmans Boy”. Both are worth seeing.

    • rich j

      and THE IRON HORSE

    • C. Kurtis

      Bad Company 1972, directed by Robert Benton most realistically represents the old west, in my opinion.

  2. Kelly

    I think the one missing that should be on is “The Cowboys”. Watching those boys turn into men, then still driving the cattle on after John Wayne is killed, and riding proudly into town with the herd. I cry just thinking about it.

    • Terry, Ohio

      Absolutely, Kelly! For some reason, “The Cowboys” is almost always overlooked by critics and fans alike on these “100 Best” lists, but in my opinion, it’s as good as anything John Wayne ever did. A rich cast, a thrilling score, and breathtaking cinematography combine to make it a real standout.

    • Nathan

      Agreed. I think The Cowboys and Eldorado are the two they missed.

    • Dale Sine

      I agree with w ziegler. The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean is my favorites and strangely missing from this list. I am sure I have seen it 20 times or more. The Judge, Maria Ellena, the deputies and their ‘wives’ and lets not forget the watch bear. Great Hollywood story of a real historic figure. As the narrator says at the first of the movie, this may not be the way it was, but it is the way it should have been.

      • Ron Oberman

        Wow you readers are fantastic These are all great westerns. Question ,if we’re not adding to the list, which movies on the original 100 are we replacing? Also we need a conversation that when tragedy sometime finally comes and lets hope its years and years away and we lose the incredible Clint, I don’t believe we have anyone left who we recognize on the silver screen as a cowboy. All the cowboys will be gone. This is a tragedy for those of us who love westerns

  3. Miley T

    El Dorado!! John Wayne at his best. Although nothing more than a remake of Rio Lobo I have always thought it to much better than Rio Lobo. With Robert Mitchum, James Caan, It was a great cast that was entertaining and lively. I have watched probably 100 times in itself and have alway thought it was one of John Waynes best movies and ranks #1 to me.

    • Nathan

      I don’t just think Eldorado is John Wayne’s best movie, I think it’s the single greatest movie of all time. I love the part with the soap.

  4. Darryl Raby

    3 films missing, the west was not always on the otherside of the Allegheny Mountains. Drums along the Mohawk (1939), Northwest Passage (1940) & Black robe (1992)

  5. Ed Ruane

    If you have Fort Apache on the list, you should also have the other two films in this John Ford trilogy – Rio Grande and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. Also, Son of the Morning Star should also have been included.

  6. Gary Bechtel

    Monte Walsh (with Lee Marvin & Jack Palance) showed the sad approaching demise of the cowboy way of life.

  7. Bill McKinley

    I don’t know how you could have 100 top westerns without “Cheyenne Autumn” in it. Though “The Last of the Mohicans” is a great movie, I don’t consider it a western.

  8. Dlach

    1. Shane
    2. Cheyenne Social Club
    3. Sons of Katie Elder
    4. McClintock
    5. Shenandoah
    6. The Rare Breed
    7. The Big Country

    • Dave

      These should not be westerns
      1 Cheyenne Social Club: more about unruley malcontents with guns
      2. Mc Clintock: Funny
      3. Shenandoah: War of Northen Aggression

      • Patrick Miano

        1. Cheyenne Social Club: A Western is a Western. The West was loaded with unruly malcontents with guns. That’s why it was the Wild West. Include it.

        2. McClintock: Why not? Funny can be great. That’s why I would include it and Cat Ballou too.

        3. Shenandoah: A Civil War drama and I agree, not really a Western, but Stewart and his family got what they deserved. I hope that just before the war ended, Union cavalry came by and burned their whole farm down, house and all. In real-life James Stewart was a hero and a patriot, not a fence-sitter who stupidly thought he could live his life like no war was on.

      • thehub

        Right on regarding the three you pulled from the list-especially Shenandoah and ‘the war’.

    • Ron Oberman

      Definately agree with Shane also one of the great western novels of all time and cheyyenne social club loved Fonda and Stewart in this movie

  9. oldcoot

    Where the hell is the greatest of all times…..Lonesome Dove????

    • Randy

      Amen, Lonesome Dove should have been number one. What a phenomenally awesome movie.

    • gasman

      Absolutely, Lonesome Dove is my favorite, tied with The Outlaw Josey Wales.

    • Ron Oberman

      Absolutely correct an unbelievable motion picture and incredible novels. Also has anyone red Robert Parkers Virgil Cole series they are really magnificent novels

    • cowgirlannie

      I’ve been scouring that list looking for Lonesome Dove. It should take the top 10 spots. What were these guys thinking?!

  10. Sam

    Big Jake
    The Cowboys

    All three are classics of the Western genre.

  11. MKPA

    And I do Agree
    Yellow Ribbon and Rio Grande should be listed

    • Jay

      I agree … Silverado is one of my all time favorites.

      • Rod

        The Missing!

      • Ed

        Silvarado was a great homage to the classic hollywood along with a great musical score. Maybe the best theme music of any western made.

  12. Damien

    Sabata… the man with gunsight eyes! The 1969 Italian Spaghetti Western directed by Gianfranco Parolini and starring Lee Van Cleef!

    • Dave

      It may have been good but it is still a crappy spaghetti western made in Spain bubbed voices cheap flim

  13. Todd

    A second for “Silverado”. ‘Cat Balou” hasn’t aged very well and 2004’s “The Alamo”? Really?

  14. Omar Ibrahim

    *Pekinpah’s The Wild Bunch
    *and I unhesitatingly second an earlier choice of “the Lonesome Dove” which though , strictly speaking, IS TV should make an excellent 3 hours long movie.

    • Terry, Ohio

      Disagree about Lonesome Dove. Cramming it all into a 3-hour film would require gutting it. LD is one of the few productions I’ve ever seen that very nearly matched the book on which it was based for quality and detail; this could not be done in a three-hour movie format.

    • jim purcell

      Lonesome Dove was the #1 Western of all time even though it was introduced as a tv miniseries. The Wild Bunch is definitely in the top 5. However, everyone missed Ride the High Country. Hands down top 10 and probably top 5.

  15. Joe

    The Grey Fox
    not a popular shoot em up movie, however the movie was period-correct for costumes, character mannerisms and firearms. The movie stayed pretty close to real story of Bill Miner (as well as Richard Farnsworth closely resembling him).

  16. Don

    I really enjoyed this magazine and was happy to see most of my personal favorites included on the list. There are only a few of the movies I haven’t seen, and I have to agree with Erlyne’s sentiment that some of these movies haven’t stood up well.
    I agree that Monty Walsh (1970), Silverado, and The Cowboys deserve inclusion. I also like Clint Eastwoods’ remake of Shane, Pale Rider.
    Although Blood Simple is one of my favorite films, I don’t see it as a Western. I also think including Bad Day at Black Rock and El Mariachi as westerns seems to be reaching for “almost fits” in order to round out the list.

  17. DennisB

    River of No Return made around 1954 with Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe should definitely be included.

  18. John

    The John Ford Cavalry trilogy is a must on such a list.
    Well, any of Wayne’s westerns should be on the list.
    Here’s one for you!
    His westerns are excellent. They may be considered B Westerns but they were done in A Western style. Very well made. His westerns should be on the list.
    I also enjoy Audie Murphy’s westerns. A real American hero playing a hero of the West? Can’t go wrong there. I’d put his westerns on the list.

  19. Paul B

    In no particular order

    They Call Me Trinity
    My Name is Nobody
    Big Jake
    The Sons of Katie Elder
    For A Few Dollars More
    The Long Riders

  20. Mark Slaughter

    how can a movie in Australia be about the old west. Cat Balou?

    Westerns left off the list, Lonesome Dove, Wyatt Erap, Silverrado, The Sacketts, Tom Horn

  21. David Ortega

    There are three westerns that should be included in your 100 greatest.
    First is “Warlock”, of 1958 or 1959, Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn, Richard Widmark. This is a paraphrase of Wyatt Earp, Tombstone, with Anthony Quinn playing a Doc Holliday kind of role that is maybe darker than Dock himself. Great story, one of the best of tne ’50’s. Next is Joe Kidd, with Clint Eastwood and Robert Duvall, telling the story of the land title troubles in New Mexico in the 19th century. And last but not least is “The Long Riders”, the James Brothers, The Youngers and the Fords, with brothers Keach, Carradine, Quaid playin the principal roles. These are three fine westerns that are easily included in your list. Thank YOU

  22. Dave

    I was glad to see that others felt that “Monte Walsh”should have been included.I also thought about Steve McQueen in “Tom Horn”. But I’m still surprised that nobody but me has brought up “The Missouri Breaks” being absent from your list.

  23. Debbie

    Okay, I see some that I missed, such as McClintock, The Rare Breed, The Cowboys, and The Long Riders. What happed to the original Marlon Brando The Appaloosa and the more recent Hidalgo???

  24. Tarheel

    The Long Riders
    The Cowboys
    Bite The Bullet
    The Missouri Breaks
    Tom Horn
    Monte Walsh

    Silverado would easily get my vote for #1 only if you had a category for the worst westerns ever produced…

    Shenandoah is a War Between the States movie and totally set in Virginia–however, if you can stretch the definition of “western” to include The Last of the Mohicans, as you did, I suppose Shenandoah belongs in there also…

    I didn’t disagree with everything: totally agree with The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance at #3, also really appreciate that you included The Professionals–one of my all time favorite westerns.

    • Dave

      The man who shoot Liberty Valance was good John Wayne, B.G. James “Jimmey” Stewart, Lee Marvin, Woody Strode were great.

  25. Adam Turnquist

    Big jake, The cowboys, for a few dollars more, the long riders, she wore a yellow ribbon!!! Blatant misses if you ask me. And last of the mohicans is not a western!

  26. Eric Jamborsky

    Monte Walsh is an excellent story about day-to-day life of the cowboy. Both the theatrical and television versions were excellent.
    The Ride Back (1957) stars William Conrad as a sheriff sent to Mexico to bring back murder suspect Anthony Quinn.
    Hell’s Hinges (1916) How could a list of “Best” Westerns not include William S. Hart?
    Tumbleweeds (1925) William S. Hart’s final film features the Oklahoma Land Rush.
    Cowboy (1958) Tenderfoot Jack Lemmon signs up for a traol drive led by Glenn Ford. Based on a true story.
    The Last Command (1955) Jim Bowie at the Alamo. Not as “accurate” as the 2004 Alamo but better storytelling.

    • Dave

      I would have said William S. Hart if I know we were going back that far. Of course I never saw a William S. Hart movie.

  27. Jerry

    The Stalking Moon

    Valdez Is Coming

    The Fastest Gun Alive

    • Tim Burchfield

      I agree with Jerry regarding The Stalking Moon. Gregory Peck at his best in a Western.

  28. Chester Nishisaka

    The following clasic films should have been listed on your 100 Greatest WESTERNS list: Dodge City, The Plainsman, Pursued, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, Rio Grande, Angel and the Bad Man and The Mark of Zorro (1940 – Remake). Some titles I don’t think belong on this list: The Great Silence, Blood Simple, Heartland, Deadman, and Lone Star. This is one reason I don’t like lists, never will. Classic Westerns that should be on the list are not, and titles one would never consider to be in the Western genre are. I’m happy that Ulzana’s Raid, Quigley Down Under, Geronimo: An American Legend, Hombre, and Yellow Sky are on your list; they have never been on anybody’s list, ever!!!

    • Dave

      Quigley down ubder is an Australian movie not a U.S. western . Good movie I have seen it 2 or 3 times

  29. Ron

    Another for “Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean” and how about “Paint Your Wagon”?

  30. Doug from Norman Ok

    If you are going to stretch the list to include “moderns” why not-“No country for old men” classic western themes set in the 20th century. As an Oklahoman I also have to nominate “Far and Away” The land run scene is done well. For fun lets throw in “A river runs through it” flyrods instead of winchesters-even a big showdown,with a trout towards the end!
    Loved the list -good job- looks like a follow up “second 100″ coming?

  31. Richard

    Duel at Diablo

    Violent and intense, with numerous cross-currents underlying the basic story. A gem.

  32. Roger

    Once upon a time in the west.
    Still my fav.
    Also They Call Me Trinity
    My Name is Nobody

    • Dave

      How about these “westerns ”
      Yojimbo , Japan c. late1800s (1961). Toshiro Mifune
      A fist full of Dollars, Spain- Itialy c. late 1800s (1961). Clint Eastwood
      The Warrior And The Sorceress; Scifi; world with 2 Suns, David Carradine
      Last Man Standing.,c.U.S. Mex border 1920 – 1933 (1996)
      all three are the same movie different areas. Yojimbo = body guard Japan Toshiro Mifune . A Fist Full Of Dollars Amer. SW ??? Clint Eastwood
      I have not seen the Carradine movie but I have seen the others

      • Dave

        Correction on Last Man Standing is a remake of the Eastwood movie of the man with no name that is a remake of the Japanse movie Yojimbo.
        Last Man Standing was in Probition times along the U.S. – Mexican bodor staring Bruce Willis

  33. David M. (TEXAN)

    The best:

    The Plainsman
    She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
    Tom Horn
    Angel and the Bad Man
    Northwest Passage
    The Wild Bunch
    The Long Riders

    • Don Pearce

      How could you leave off the Carrol O’connor, James Coburn, and Bruce Dern classic “Water Hole # 3″. It has the best one on one show down gunfight in the street scene and two of the best lines in any western,
      “Thats the way I am” and “Men take Gold to serious, We dont take it serious enough.”

  34. Vagabond

    To name a few:

    Last Train From Gun Hill

    The Tin Star

    The Desperadoes

    Alvarez Kelly

    The Horse Soldiers

    Big Jake

    Nevada Smith

    The War Wagon

    North To Alaska

  35. Clare

    One that was missed was “Whispering Smith” with Alan Ladd.

  36. Dann M.

    I haven’t seen anyone say anything for “Paint your Wagon.” A musical set in the mining fields of California circa 1849, it’s worth it to see Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood sing. Both not so great, but creditable.

    • Tom

      Paint your Wagon was a great movie, I think they missed High Plains Drifter

  37. Ralph-Colorado Springs

    1. – Firecreek
    2. – Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
    3. – The Long Riders
    4. – When Legends Die
    5. – J.W. Coop
    6. – Culpepper Cattle Company
    7. – The Last Hard Men
    8.- Monte Walsh (70’s version)

    Thanks for the recognition (Long Overdue) of the Scott-Boetticher-Kennedy collaberation.
    Is Elmore Leonard and myself the only two people in the country that believe that The Searchers is the most overrated movie evermade? Great Scenery and horrible acting. A plot that does not make sense and a movie that cannot decide whether it is suppose to be dark or funny. I believe it ranks as the 8th best Western – THAT JOHN FORD MADE.

  38. Joseph

    “Now I don’t want to kill you and you don’t want to be dead.” one of the best lines from any western. How could Silverado not make the list? And what about McLintock!

  39. Lori ( Nevada )

    Soldier Blue

    Red Sun

    Valdez Is Coming

    Culpepper Cattle Company

    Bite The Bullet

    Big Jake

    Lonesome Dove

    The Cowboys

    The Stalking Moon

  40. Jack (Montana)

    This is an old film and not mentioned on anyone’s list. This film probably did a lot to shape my personality (i.e., outdoor activities, hunting, camping and, love of Western History). The film features Clark Gable and is “Across the Wide Missouri”. It’s fanciful at times, but the costumes are pretty authentic and, most of all, it’s a great story. Some of it was filmed near Monttrose, Colorado.

    It’s my favorite (can’t find a DVD of it, though), followed by: “Dances with Wolves”, “The Wild Bunch”, “Rio Grande” (plus the other Ford trilogy cavalry films), “The Westerner” (also not mentioned), and “Jeremiah Johnson”. “Ride with the Devil” is a favorite also.

  41. rtresso

    A few movies I thought should be on the list. Nevada Smith-Viva Zapata-Western Union-Ride the High Country-Vera Cruz- The Gunfighter-My Darling Clementine 46-The Lone Ranger-Union Pacific-Cimarron-Duel In The Sun-The Outlaw-Buffalo Bill

  42. L. Bookman

    Two westerns:

    1) Duel at Diablo (1966)

    2) Valdez Is Coming (1971)

  43. Jack

    The following movies make my favorite list that were not included in your list:

    High Plains Drifter
    Two Mules for Sister Sara
    At Gunpoint

  44. Johnny

    I think you overlooked Spaghetti Westerns in your list…
    Some italian gems you should add…

    Cemetery Without Crosses [1969]
    Django [1966]
    A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe [1975]
    My Name is Nobody [1973]
    Sabata [1969]
    Take a Hard Ride [1975]

    and on the American side…

    The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid [1972]
    Wild Bill [1995]
    Young Guns [1988]

  45. alan butcher

    The Long Riders.
    Pat garret and Billy the kid.
    For a few dollars more.

  46. alan butcher

    Warlock starring Anthony Quinn and Henry Fonda.It is a classic western.

  47. Jeff Crane

    No list revolving around western movies cannot be complete without the best one ever, Lonesome Dove. It may originally might have a been a mini-series but has been out for a while as a full movie.

  48. Mary Donnelly


    Westerns should reflect the changing nature of the West, which Fargo does with black comedy, cogent philosophy,and a fairy tale ending.

    • Rick Starling

      If we are going with your caveat then Fast Times at Ridgemont High would also qualify as a Western.

      Ummm,,, Phobe Cates pool seen.

  49. Bob

    North to Alaska
    Tell Them Willie Boy is Here
    Duel In the Sun
    The Furies

  50. Al Sus

    Liked your magazine and list of western movies, but think these should be mentioned:
    The stalking moon
    The long riders
    Valdez is coming
    Would like you to do another magazine “200 Greatest Westerns”

  51. Louis Kern

    She Wore A Yellow Ribbon = The Alam0 (1960) – Rio Grande

  52. Tony

    This list can’t be complete without “Paint Your Wagon” and “River of No Return”.

  53. Greg H

    How can you omit ‘She wore a Yellow Ribbon’? It’s in my top 5. Also, ‘The Fastest Gun Alive’, ‘Silverado’, ‘The Violent Men’ and ‘Pale Rider’. I love ‘Big Jake’ as well, but how many you remove? More: ‘Death of Gunfighter’, ‘Warlock’, ‘Tin Star’, ‘Dodge City’, (you’ve got to have at least one Errol Flynn!), ‘The Law and Jake Wade’.

  54. bulldog

    All Wayne westerns should be on the list.He was an American Icon.And the Lonesome Dove saga as well.

  55. bulldog

    All Wayne westerns should be on the list.He was an American Icon.And the Lonesome Dove saga as well.Last of the Mohicans sould’nt be there because it was’nt the American west but the east.Ride with the devil was a civil war movie,and Treasure of the Sierra Madre was a movie of 1940’s greed ,nothing western about it.

  56. Ray

    I realize that you cannot put in every western picture
    but to include Bad Day at Black Rock as a western
    you might as well include Gidget!!!

    Also included was Pat Garret and Billy the Kid not only was
    innacurate but torture to watch. on the plus side great
    magazine with interesting editorials and great pictures
    Keep up the good work

  57. David Barlow

    Thoroughly enjoyed your list and the discussion it prompted. Would agree that while it was a TV mini-series, “Lonesome Dove” could hold its own amongst this 1oo.

    Also would vote for the aforementioned “Monte Walsh”, “Cowboy” and “Grey Fox”, in keeping with your thesis about “dreams and nightmares…who we think we are and how we got here.” As well, “Man of the West” – as good as Eastwood’s “Unforgiven” in depicting the struggle to break with a violent past – and “Hour of the Gun” – an excellent treatment of the post OK Corral Earp story.

    If you are opening the door to modern westerns, why not “Hud”?

    And while a man does gotta do what a man’s gotta do, it is 2009 and it would seem only fair that the women have at least one more representation besides “Cat Ballou”. How about “A Big Hand for the Little Lady” or “Cattle Annie and Little Britches”?

    After they issued a compendium of Elvis Presley’s ‘ number one hits, they followed it up with a silver collection – great tunes that didn’t crack the top spot. Maybe next year the silver 100 westerns?

  58. Al Demetrius

    Just a few that I cant believe are not on the list.
    The Hanging Tree : Gary Cooper, Carl Malden, George C. Scott
    The Garden of Evil: Gary Cooper, Richard Widmark, Susan Hayward, Camron Mitchell
    Open Range : Robert Duvall Kevin Costner
    Wounderful Country: Robert Mitchem
    Honky Tonk ; Clark Gable
    Hondo :John Wayne
    Four Faces West: Joel Mc Crea
    They Came to Codora :Gary Cooper, Rita Hayworth,Richard Conti,
    Van Hefflin

  59. Tom Lisec

    “The Long Riders” from 1980 belongs on the list. It features the several sets of brothers playing the lead characters in this Jesse James story. It’s well done dramatically and historically.

    “Valdez is Coming” from 1970 also deserves consideration. Burt Lancaster does a great job in a good movie.

    Sorry, but comedies like “Blazing Saddles”, “Way Out West”, and “The Paleface” are neither westerns nor funny.

    (Loved your book!)

  60. Colin

    It may not be considered a ‘movie’ but like others I believe that the original LONESOME DOVE is by far the best story and depiction of the old west. It is not over the top Hollywood meeting a demand for western fantasy but a real, honest to goodness, believable presentation of the time. The cast and acting is superb.

    If it cannot top or even make your list well, hell, lets make another list.

    Should also consider Life & Times of Judge Roy Bean and the classic Shenandoah.

  61. Mike

    Silverado is in the top 5 also the yellow ribbon and el dorado

  62. Marco

    How about:
    – Django (ahead-of-its-time violent Terminator style Western and, in particular, influential though unrealistic with the Gatt in the coffin, but spawned many, many sequels, covering/mixing many sub-genres too)
    – For A Few Dollars More (superior to Fistful of Dollars, so why not replace that in this list?)
    – Back to the Future 3 (science fiction stupidness meets the West; meet ‘the yellowbelly Clint Eastwood’!! if Laurel & Hardy get on the top 100 list for comedy, why not this?)

    I liked many of the films in the top 100 list.

  63. Gary

    I think that you all have hit the button on many of the top 100 and some of the extra posts would be included as well, IMHO. One I have not seen for years….and would like to see again (top 100 or not) is WATERHOLE #3….even if just for the Roger Miller tunes. That was fun!!

  64. Barry Giovannetti

    I can’t believe you could compile a list of the best 100 Westerns and not include “Lawman” starring Burt Lancaster, I am glad to see “Ulzana’s Raid ” on the list, it should have been closer to the top.

    “Shane” should have been in the top five, maybe even number one.

    I would not have included any of Clint’s Spaghetti Westerns, I always thought they were awful, even though they brought him back into the making of some great Westerns later.

    “The sons of Katie Elder” should be in the list as well as “the Cowboys” Even though they were “B” Westerns at least one of “Audie Murphy’s” Westerns should be on the list.

  65. Dennis

    Big Western fan. Big Jake, Eldorado and the Sons of Katie Elder should be ont the list.

  66. Scott

    Vera Cruz…. A great stroy, locations, and action! Gary Cooper is excellent as always and Burt Lancaster is at his iconic best.

    Glad to see Virginia City is included, but what about Dodge City! A better Errol Flynn film, in my opinion.

    Other honorable mentions….. Garden of Evil, Last Train from Gun Hill, The Son’s of Katie Elder, Rio Grande, Hondo

  67. Bob

    Lots of good movies listed here. I vote for She Wore a Yellow Ribbon one that really deserves to be on this list.

  68. Larry Cagle

    I agree with most other suggestions here, including dropping Cat Ballou for Paint Your Wagon

    Paint Your Wagon

    The Cowboys

    Monte Walsh

    Valdez is Comming

  69. Shane Mann

    I believe that Silverado, Pale Rider, The Outlaw Josey Wales, The Long Riders, Shennandoah, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon should be included (if Shennandoah is a Western). Also, Shane should be in the top 10; it is one of my favorites.

  70. Shane Mann

    I forgot How could you leave Nevada Smith off the list. That movie showcased Steve McQueen at his very best.

  71. Moe Wadle

    How could they leave out the uncut version of WILD ROVERS with William Holden and Ryan O’Neal??? How could they leave out MONTE WALSH with Lee Marvin and Jack Palance???? How could they leave out LONESOME DOVE????

  72. gary williamson

    one of my favorites is THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE with Glenn Ford
    and Broderick Crawford.

  73. Mike Sink

    Without making it personal, all of these should have been on the list if any funny or unwestern movie made it.

    Lonesome Dove,
    Monte Walsh
    The Sacketts
    The Shadow Riders
    Tom Horn
    Crossfire Trial
    They call me Trinity
    Trinity was my name

  74. Chuck

    The western, “Warlock”, starring Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn and Dorothy Malone should definitely have made the list. Also “Mackenna’s Gold” starring Gregory Peck,
    Omar Sharif, Telly Savalas and a host of other stars, should have made the list.

  75. Dave W

    Enjoyed the magazine and some of the suggestions that didn’t make the list. I enjoyed the inclusion of some movies that perhaps won’t be considered westerns, but at the same time same time perhaps they might have been mentioned as an afterword or something.

    Perhaps not classic, but worth mentioning:
    Welcome to Bad Times

    Pursued–a cross between film noir/ and a western

    Little Big Horn: Its plot — presumably based on fact but really the purest fiction — concerns a small troop of cavalry who are trying to warn Custer before he reaches the site of the celebrated massacre. The cast is dense with tough pros, like Lloyd Bridges and John Ireland and King Donovan and Reed Hadley and, as the Woman They Left Behind, the inimitable Marie Windsor. It’s black-and-white and shot on a thin budget, but anyone familiar with the period will nod his head with a knowing smile when you mention its name.

    Its musical score was composed by Paul Dunlap, who hoped that people would remember him more for his concerto than for the many independent westerns he scored. Frankly, I never heard any of his formal pieces, but I can still hear in my mind, with pleasure, the closing theme of this picture and the themes of Stranger on Horseback and Hannah Lee.

    One of my favorite lesser viewed Western films is “The Stalking Moon” from the very late 60’s, starring a very tough Gregory Peck. Filmed seemingly like a horror film, the film builds the tension to an almost unbearable degree, and makes very strong use of location filming in the Badlands of South Dakota. Also, “Rio Conchos”, probably my favorite Richard Boone film! I’m old enough to have watched “Have Gun Will Travel” back in the day, and its amazing how morally complex the hero on that show really was. He was a precursor to Tony Soprano and Vic Mackie, and is deserving of an examination of the far-thinkingness and ingenuity of that show.

    The Wonderful Country with Robert Mitchum and Julie London and Pedro Armendariz and Gary Merrill and a supporting cast of terrific character actors. It’s flavorful and evocative and it stays with you.

    Red Sun is one such long forgotten gem that gave me just about everything I could want from a western. Beautiful big sky locations, loads of well-staged action, sultry women, a train robbery, a dirty dealing double crosser, Indian attacks, revenge, camaraderie, humor, etc. Some of it will feel like a dusty trail well traveled, but the unlikely intersection of 3 international icons of the 60s/70s elevates the material.

    City Slickers–if you’re going to include comedy weseters, I think this one fits nicely–sort of dispelled their romantic notions.

    All The Pretty Horses–fits in with the “modern Western” genre I think

    My “way out there pick” would be the TV series Firefly, a western in the stars, I don’t agree with the concept, but an enjoyable sereis if you enjoy a mix of western & SF.

  76. Anthony wells

    Soldier Blue Cant find one mention of this great film

  77. Monette Bebow-Reinhard

    I didn’t see Assassination of Jesse James (2007) on there and it was very well done, and ignored in too many places. Also agree with Silverado, a movie that wears well with every viewing.

  78. Surgetankian

    How about Santee, from 1973. Glenn Ford’s last starring role in a major motion picture Western. I was glad to see the modern version of Apaloosa make it to the list at #67. Ed Harris & Viggo Mortensen with his 8 gauge shotgun were fantastic. Loved the magazine ! Thanks !

  79. Edward

    How could you forget Silverado?? Also, Stalking Moon, Scalp Hunter, Lawmen, The Bravadoes, Valdez and Comino, Cheyenne Autumn, Pursued, Relentless, Fort Bravo, Hour of the Gun, Northfield Minnisota Raid, Rawhide, and Rustlers Rhapsody.

  80. MARVIN Schexnider

    Steve McQueen in Nevada Smith is a must in this top 100, it has the traditional revenge story, three great bad guys, a beautiful set of women, and a moral. Nevada Smith also spawned the movie “The Carperbaggers”
    For a fist full of dollars, but For a few dollars More was much better and deserved to be in the Top 100.

    Also, Blazing Saddles and Bob Hope have no business in this setting.

    One more thing, Shane is totally number 1.

    really got bored waiting for something to happen in High Noon, in my openion a real yawner as the badguys were not bad enough, the good guy was too damn old.

  81. Jimbo

    Two that I think are definitely missing from the list are Silverado (’85) and the Long Riders (’79?). I also would include Young Guns (’88?)

  82. Jack Copland

    I concur with most of the posts that inclusion of the “modern” westerns (I agree they are good films) and slapstick comedies diminishes the value of your listings. Of course, ranking of films is totally subjective and with any list of 100 one will always find disagreement.
    Regardless of the fact that the Lonesome Dove series were TV specials they absolutely should qualify as classic western films on any western fan’s list.
    I do scratch my head that the following films were overlooked:
    She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
    The Cowboys
    The Stalking Moon
    3:10 to Yuma (the original)
    MacKenna’s Gold
    The Bravado’s
    Now, having carped about a few points I would close by thanking you for having published a fun read. I particularly enjoyed the side bar fact notes.

  83. Ray Griffin


    1. Lonesome Dove
    2. The Outlaw Josey Wales
    3. Wild Bill
    4. Thombstone
    5. The Long Riders
    6. Open Range

    Ray Griffin

  84. jason

    u people are nuts shendhoa micitlock blazing sadles pale face is not westerns at all i cant belive u would think of them as westerns. and u forgot about a man called horse 1/2 .savage papmas with robert taylor . or how about the dersrter u people need to watch a real westerns before u make a list again if u want funny westerns then put them in a differnt catagorie not with real westerns pleaseeeeeeeeeeee .

  85. Tom Bushman

    I Thought of two more missing from the list: “Tall Men Riding”, and “Vera Cruz” with Gary Cooper.

  86. Dale Hunter

    These movies need to be on the list
    The Desparate trail with Sam Elliott
    Cattle Annie and little Britches with Burt Lancaster a great movie about the Bill Doolin Gang
    Young Guns 1 & 2
    Death Hunt with Bronson and Lee Marvin and excellant movie
    The quick and the Dead with Sam Elliott
    Tom Horn with Steve McQueen
    The Tracker with Kris Kristofferson
    The Last outlaw with Mickey Rourke
    Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner

  87. Jamie

    Wyatt Earp

    The Long Riders

    Any John Wayne western

  88. Jon Dunn

    The Cowboys w/ John Wayne and a bunch of kids.

  89. Frey

    Dennis on Jan. 19,

    THANK YOU for mentioning Vera Cruz. It was one of the best Westerns ever made, and this was the second 100 Greatest Westerns list I’ve seen without it. It has got to be the most under-rated movie of all time.

  90. George Hall

    How about OPEN RANGE Starring the great Robert Duval and also Broken Trail.

  91. Ronnie

    american outlaws, all john wayne movies and all Louie Lamour movies but all in all a pretty good list

  92. jesusordeath

    Tell them valdez is coming
    Burt Lancaster
    Thanks for giving me a say
    God Bless

  93. chris gateley

    the GREATEST movie of all time is missing, LONESOME DOVE!!!


    Great article and Photos, WOW.

    How about the Richard Widmark movie “The Last Wagon”?
    Great outdoor photography and along with “The Naked Spur” one of the westerns to be shot almost entitely out doors, exceopt for a brief courtroom scene at the end. This movie paints the Indians in a realistic light. Very much like “Broken Arrow”. Well, it was just a thought.

    How about including “Man Without a Star”? Wonderful picture showing realistically day by day activities of working and running ranches. Very interesting approach to the old Range War theme. Great cast Kirk Douglas, not too histrionic. Richard Boone as a “thoughtful,” villain. Much like his character in the “Tall T”.
    Well thanks for listening and also for the original article

  95. Greg Follis

    The OBVIOUS omissions from the list are:

    1. The Plainsman (1936)

    2. The Long Riders (1980)

    3. A Gunfight (1971)

    4. Lonely Are the Brave (1962)

    5. Wild Bill (1995)

    6. Pale Rider (1985)

  96. Charlie

    Valdez is Coming was great & you also left out The Mountain Men
    with Charlton Heston & Briean Keith.

  97. sid poad

    Pale rider
    Texas Rangers
    Seraphim falls
    Girls on outlaws
    High Plain drifter

  98. Steven DiGaetano

    Should be on your list……………….
    Angel and the Badman
    The Searchers
    Cheyenne Autumn
    Horse Soldiers
    anything with Randolph Scott

  99. de gucinski

    broken trail Robert duval lonesome dove cannot compare thank you

  100. Russell Miller

    I think one you have forgotten about is John Wayne’s last film
    ” The Shootist” (1976). I first watched this movie with my dad,
    and seriously we were both fighting tears at the conclusion of
    the movie! I will never forget it as long as I live. An American
    Classic Western and is definately worthy of mention here.

    This may sound a little corny to some of you, but I also enjoyed
    watching some of the Lone Ranger movies such as The Lone
    Ranger and the Lost City of Gold! I grew up with the masked man
    and there will always be a place in my heart for The Lone Ranger
    and Tonto!

  101. tom

    #1 Red River #2Cowboy#3 Tell Them Willie Boy is here should merit some considertion .Although Hearts of the West isn’t a western in the classical sense ,I was pleased to see it listed in someone’s top 100 films.

  102. Cliff Hitchcock

    The movie Bravados with Gregory Peck & Joan Collins might be a good addition to the list.

  103. Tim

    I agree with a number of the other people who made their comments.
    Should have been on:
    She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949) a real western
    The Horse Soliders (1959)
    John Wayn’s Version of the Alamo
    The War Wagon Kirk Douglas and John Wayne
    Northwest Mounted Police(1940) S.Dakota and Western Canada
    The Early West of Our Country——–
    Northwest Passage with Spenser Tracy Robert Young (Excellent
    Drums Along The Mohawk w/ Henry Fonda
    Lost Horizon (Lewis and Clark w/Charleton Heston Fred McMurray and Donna Reed Excellent movie)

    Remove list
    Support Your Local Sheriff comedy set in the west
    Blazing Saddles great movie but not a western
    Laruell & Hardy Out West funny not a true western
    Maverick good James Garner Jodi Foster not a true western
    .Shane I never care about the movie it was boring

  104. glenn V

    Silverado should be a top 25.
    Red River
    She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
    The Shadow Riders

    If Lonesome Dove was a movie it would make the list.

    Blazzing Saddles a great movie, doesn’t belong on this list.

  105. Steveo

    I don’t know why Tombstone always makes these lists when Wyatt Earp that came out at the same time is so much better.

    Several people mentioned it but Tom Horn should be on here.

    Appaloosa had probably just come out when this post started but one of the most seeminly realistic westerns ever.

    Lastly, if we stretch the definition of western to include Last of the Mohicans, one of my favorites of all time, than I would include Charles Bronson’s Death Hunt on the list.

  106. Bob

    The Sons of Katie Elder, The Cowboys, McKennas Gold, Tombstone, Big Jake, She wore a Yellow Ribbon,

  107. Thomas A. Foster

    I’ve compiled a list of the 100 most critically-acclaimed Westerns (theatrical releases), as research for a book on Western movies. (See my site, thomasafoster.blogspot.com)

    Of the top 50 on my list, 14 were missing from the mag’s top 100. Many of those were hybrids, such as 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Hud, Glory, Giant, and Friendly Persuasion. Also missing were some already mentioned in above posts: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Northwest Passage, Drums Along the Mohawk, and The Grey Fox. The other MIA Westerns: The Mark of Zorro (1940, Tyrone Power) and 3 de-glamorized Westerns from the 1970s: Bite the Bullet, The Emigrants, and Bad Company.

  108. mark neal

    The QUICK AND THE DEAD (HBO SAM elliott),JACKbull, The Sacketts,once upon a time in the west,

  109. mark neal

    The QUICK AND THE DEAD (HBO SAM elliott),JACKbull, The Sacketts,once upon a time in the west,Tom HORN…..The list is missing several great westerns …although I am glad to see ;;The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, the greatest western of all time in my opinion. The Missouri Breaks, with Jack Nicolson and Marlon Brando should also be considered for this list.

  110. Pat Robinson

    Peter Fonda’s 1971 ‘THE HIRED HAND’ to my mind is one of the most underated westerns ever made.

  111. Chris

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.” Great film.

  112. Theophilus Hawkins

    “Sergeant Rutledge.” Besides starring Woody Strode, one of the all time great African American western actors, the story is great, and John Ford once again makes use of the fantastic scenery in Monument Valley, Navajo Nation.

  113. Paul

    One Eyed Jacks is my favourite but one I still remember was Frank Sinatra’s “Johnny Concho” (c 1956) which I think he directed or produced. Anybody know where I can get a copy DVD Region 2?
    Paul – trullites@yahoo.co.uk

  114. Andrei Garcia

    Missing is Three Godfathers from 1936 with Chester Morris and Walter Brennan

  115. Carl

    I believe that Lonesome Dove should be on there?

  116. Carl

    Noir westerns:

    Ramrod (1948) … Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake, Preston Foster

    Station West (1948) … Dick Powell

    Devil’s Doorway (1950) … Stunning overlooked Mann western with Robert Taylor and shot by John Alton

    Silver Lode (1954) …. Western drama based on HUAC hearings with John Payne, Lizabeth Scott, Dan Duryea, again shot by Alton in technicolor!

    Wagon Master (1950) … Only John Ford’s own personal favorite!

  117. Kevin Kennedy

    Some of my favorites that were not listed.
    The Sacketts
    Young Guns I & II
    Lonesome Dove
    The Long Riders
    Gunfighter’s moon
    The Mountain Men
    A Man Called Horse
    Into the West
    Bad Girls

  118. billy sea

    you definitely need tom horn ,broken trail,open range and unbelievably not mentioned in any of the preceding comments HOMBRE great believeble story of greed gone awry with white knight errant paul neuman to rescue

  119. remounts

    “Silent Tongue”

    “Going South”

    Interesting and/or funny. The details remain vivid and clear for me.

  120. floopster wonka

    1. young guns II
    2. young guns
    3. tombstone
    4. all westerns with clint eastwood

  121. Bruce

    Appaloosa (2008)

    w/ Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Renee Zellweger and Jeremy Irons

    This should not be overlooked as an American Classic that will stand
    up with the best of them many years to come.

    Director/Screenwriter- Ed Harris

    Bruce – bvinson@tampabay.rr.com

  122. Ty b


    she wore a yellow ribbon

    lonesome dove a masterpiece

    the cowboys

    How about
    “rustlers rhapsody”
    one of Tom berengers firsts movies ever with a great cast. Suggest all you western fans watch this movie better than blazing saddles

  123. Mark Prince

    Monte Walsh (Lee Marvin version)
    The Long Riders
    One Eyed Jacks (Marlon Brando)

  124. David Moreno

    Crossfire Trail with Tom Selleck
    Lonesome Dove, even though it was a TV mini-series

  125. Snowman

    Received your mag for a birthday gift and renewal. Will say that Wyatt Earp with Costner was better than Tombstone. Quaid made a more realistic Doc. Kilmer seemed ki nda “dandy”. But most of all the female western forgotten “Buffalo Girls” with Angelica Houston and Reeba McIntire and several other big names was a long ways ahead of Cat Ballou. This movie had several historic cowboys and mountain men and seemed to follow history fairly close. Don’t know about the love scene with Elliot and Houston but this is not the first movie to portray that they had an affair. Enjoy your magazine thanks for hours of fine reading and anticipation for the next issue.

  126. Mike Evans

    This is a Great collection of Movies but Without John Wayne in “The Cowboys” it’s just Not Complete!!
    Also left out is “Rooster Cogburn” with John Wayne & Cathrine Hepburn and it’s also one of my all time Favorites.
    Ya’ll also forgot “Paint Your Wagon”, “The Culpepper Cattle Company” made in 1972 (it was the first Movie I saw in a Theater with my GrandMother at age 10) and she Really Loved It!
    And theres “Tombstone” ,”The Pale Rider”,”McClintock” & the best Mini Series Western ever Made “Lonesome Dove”.
    What about “True Women”,”The Quick and the Dead ” “Silverago”,”City Slickers” “Young Guns ” “Blazing Saddles”,”The Great Scout &Cathouse Thursday”.
    “The Last of the Mohicans” with A+ Proformances by Daniel Day-Lewis & Madeleine Stowe,or 1931s “Cimarron” was a Blockbuster Big film of it’s day”,”A Man Called Horse” ,”The Sons of Katie Elder “,”The Plainsman”,”Chato’s Land “,”Cheyenne Autumn”, “The Misfits”,”How the West Was Won”, “The Sacketts ” & “Will Penny”.

    That’s enough to add that are not on the List but Should be, Maybe The List Should be The Greatest 250 Westerns of All Times because there’s were deffinately well over 100 that were Truly Great Movies”.

    Thank You for A Great Site
    Mike Evans

  127. Elmer Brunsman

    “For a Few Dollars More” from the opening scenes with Lee Van Cleef riding the train into Tucumcari, opening his coat to reveal an arsenal, the hideous faced wanted character falling into the street,

    the encounter with Clint Eastwood after Eastwood and the Chinese hotel boy do perhaps the funniest scene in any Western and then Van Cleef and Eastwood playing off against each other, the “I don’t smoke when I eat” scene (actually the funniest scene in any western–name one funnier),

    the evil villain well acted, with the watch as plot device that plays throughout and culminates the movie with the best of that Italian western trilogy’s endings,

    FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE is one of the best westerns, top ten perhaps. Instead you list its little sister Fistful of Dollars. How did you fall prey to conventional thinking,(everybody remembers the name Fistful of Dollars, but name anything memorable in it, no). Please correct this error.

  128. Kristy

    UM….YOUNG GUNS! and why is broken arrow even on the list? Its a good movie but its not a western. Also personally i liked Bad Girls.

  129. Nicholas Duka

    The following should be considered:

    1) “Vera Cruz”(1954) Gary Cooper & Burt Lancaster

    2) “One Eyed Jacks”(1961) Marlon Brando

    3) “Dodge City”(1939) Errol Flynn

    4) “Valdez is Coming”(1974) Burt Lancaster

    5) “McCabe & Mrs. Miller”(1971) Warren Beatty & Julie Christy

  130. George

    One of the greatest westerns is the movie The Shadow Riders

  131. philip

    bad company , culpepper cattle company , spikes gang and monte walsh must be the most realistic westerns ever made and cannot beleive they have been excluded from list

  132. rob

    The Big Country Gregory Peck
    Monte Walsch Lee Marvin Jack Palance
    Mackenna’s Gold G Peck

  133. Max of dimitrios

    My nominations are: Warlock, Wagonmaster, Devil’s Doorway, Hombre, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, Pursued, San Antonio, Lawman, Valdez Is Coming, The Hanging Tree, Man Of The West, The Lawless Breed, The Furies, Forty Guns, The Big Sky, Last Train From Gun Hill, They Died With Their Boots On, Western Union, Lust For Gold, (Original) 3:10 To Yuma, The Last Hunt, Canyon Passage, The Unforgiven, Whispering Smith, Ramrod, Union Pacific, Wells Fargo, Arizona, Nevada Smith, Tom Horn, Hondo, Dodge City, Colorado Territory, Ride The High Country, The Bravadoe, The Stalking Moon, The Naked Spur, Broken Lance, The Spoilers (Wayne & Scott), Angel and The Badman, Tall In The Saddle, The Dark Command, Three Godfathers. Viva Zapata, Drums Along The Mohawk, Last Of The Mohicans, Bad Day At Black Rock, & Treasure Of The Sierra Madre are on my favorite movies list, but I don’t consider them as westerns in the purist sense.

  134. John Jenkins

    How could you have forgotten Man of the West? It’s a classic.

  135. ernesto

    one of my favorates is Valdez is comming with Burt Lancaster.Also one eyed jacks with Karl molden and Marlon Brando.and invitation to a gu fighter staring Yul Brenner.

  136. Larry Yotanka

    “The Gunfighter” w Gregory Peck ( Perhaps surpassed only by “Shane)
    & Kirk Douglas in the Big Sky

  137. Bruce

    I would like to add a couple of films I really enjoy which I didn’t remember seeing on the 100 list. Reading through the lists made by others ceataing started more memories
    Valdez is Coming
    The Garden of Evil
    Wagon Master
    Vera Cruze
    Will Penny
    The Culpepper Cattle Company
    Broken Trail
    Mckennas Gold
    The Last Wagon
    The Sheepman

  138. Tom Hollmes

    I too join the list of people who noticed that “Lonesom Dove” is missing. And . . . . let us not forget that there were 5 movies made as part of that series. They were all great. Yes, I agree that they were all made for TV, but isn’t that what we do today?

    Tom Holmes SASS 74413

  139. Richard S. Donnelly

    A clear distinction must be made between a western and a comedy disguised as a western. The Paleface, Blazing Saddles, Ruggles of Red Gap, and Way Out West should never have been considered, probably even Support Your Local Sherrif and Cat Ballou. By including these movies you left off Marlon Brando’s “The Appaloosa” and Burt Lancaster’s “Valdez is Coming” two great movies. Shame on your so called experts.

  140. thejerryg

    Red Headed Stranger with Willie Nelson is one of the greats that are missing.

  141. Jim Flint

    Lonesome Dove
    Broken Trail
    Angel and the Bad Man
    My Name is Nobody
    High Plains Drifter

  142. Snapdragon

    TRUE WOMEN – wonderful movie about wives of those fighting
    at the Alamo. Awesome story

  143. Lance Turman

    Whoever came up with your list was an idiot! probably a DUDE!
    As somebody who grew up riding horses roping and bull riding where are
    Lonesome Dove / watch Robert Duvall & Tommy Lee Jones ride they look like they were born in a saddle ps. Robert Duvall was in the original true grit / Lucky Ned Pepper
    the Cowboys / John Wayne looks damn good riding a horse
    Monte Walsh /Lee Marvin can ride as well

    ps. the new True Grit is in my top 5 movies of all time

  144. Gerald L. Anderson

    Three movies that come to mind right away are : Silverado, Wyatt Earp, and Pale Rider

  145. gary.k

    The Red Sun with Charles Bronson and I didn’t see the Magnificent Seven listed.

  146. H.B. MAHLOANE

    The fastest Gun Alive, Sheepman starring Glen Ford and Sherriff of Fractured jaw are a must.

  147. MARK B.


    – THE STALKING MOON – (Gregory Peck) 1968

    – THE APALOOSA – ( Marlon Brando ) 1966


  148. John L.

    Some huge westerns left off the list:
    The Call Me Trinity
    Trinity Is Still My Name
    She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
    and the best of all – Pale Rider

  149. dom longo

    el dorado
    man of the west
    broken lance
    the big land
    night passege
    cast a long shadow
    the iron mistress
    the desperodoes
    flaming star
    rio lobo
    rio grande
    3 godfathers
    true grit
    rooster cogburn
    cahill u.s. marshal
    duel at diablo
    the nigh of the grizzly
    the shootist
    the spoilers
    wyatt earp retern to tombstone
    wild bill
    distant drums
    the plainsman
    big jake

  150. chuck

    Should have been on:She wore a yellow ribbon, Sons Of Katie Elder, Rio Grande, 3 Godfathers, High Plains Drifter, Chisum, The Long Riders, Young Guns I and II, The Sacketts, El Dorado, Night Passage

    Shouldnt be on: Blazing Saddles, Way out west, Support your local gunfighter and any other comedy western, great movies but shouldnt be on this list

  151. robert edwards

    lonesome dove;
    it was an epic story that i found slow in only one part. all the characters were well played, though i thought angelica houston was miscast.
    robert duval’s performance was one of the great western characterizations.

  152. Prof.Dr. Karl A. Wipf

    I miss
    The Battle of the Little Bighorn was filmed in various version. This is, to my opinion, the best, though the battle itself could be better and more accurately presented.

  153. Strider

    I agree heartily that She Wore a Yellow Ribbon should have been numbered in this list. Commanche Station, one of my favorite Bud Boetticher movies, should also have been included. Ditto for Lonesome Dove. And Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp should also have been included–it’s a much better movie than is often recognized.

    I’m relieved that Tom Horn was not included–what a boring movie. I suspect that Tom Horn’s real life was much more interesting.

  154. john carroll

    lomesome dove
    the stalking moon
    tribute to a badman

  155. Randy

    With all due respect you have t.v. vs. movies and Lonesome dove packs everything you would expect from any western into one rock solid movie. Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones were both brilliant and a far cry from the acting performances of the 50s. What movie produced more action, desire or heartbreak, drama not to mention the sunsets. What a wonderful movie (if you can rent it) its a movie. There could never be a remake of Lonesome Dove.

  156. Floyd Curry

    “Geronimo The American Legend” actually
    capsule the bloody conflict that colored the
    great plains red, revealing the underlying
    injustice that fuel the native American to
    resist so violently.

  157. MTM

    Hour of the Gun, Lonesome Dove, Love Me Tender, The Long Riders

  158. Jay

    The shooting
    Appaloosa (Vigo Mortensen and Ed Harris)

  159. Mike

    The Appaloosa (Marlon Brando),
    Jack Slade,
    The Culpepper Cattle Company were entertaining westerns.

  160. TomT

    “Monte Walsh” w/Lee Marvin-Jack Palance should be listed as a Great Wester movies.

  161. TomT

    Monte Walsh is a Great Western that should be listed.

  162. Kyle

    El Dorado, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, and The Angel and the Bad Man all need to be included on this list…the new version of The Alamo and El Marriachi both need to be removed.

  163. hkinsey3

    Wagon Master with Ben Johnson & Ward Bond and The Big Trail John Waynes First Starring Role.

  164. Fred

    The movie that´s missing here in this list is any Sergio leoneé western that´s not on it.

  165. Bill C.

    Nice to see Blood on the Moon make the list, but where is ‘The Magnificent Seven’?

    Easily a top ten in my opinion.

    C’mon Man!

  166. Noel Keymer

    1. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

    2. D’Jango

    3. Shootout at High Noon

  167. Dennis Jordan

    Big Jake which was probably the best western iv’e ever seen isnt here and a few Audie Murphy ones too

  168. Travis

    <aybe I overlooked it, but where is: "The Long Riders"? One of my favorites of all time, and the casting was simply brilliant.

  169. MW Butler

    You picked Appaloosa and not Silverado? Ridiculous. Lonesome Dove should also be on there. And High Plains Drifter. Also, if you pick Open Range you have to include Broken Trail (which I think was better anyway).

    • Robin

      Most certainly agree with: Alvarez Kelly,The Horse Soldiers, Big Jake, The War Wagon. Great Movies!

      Others have mentioned Vera Cruz & McKenna Gold, Duel at Diablo. Also fantastic movies – How can they have been missed off!!

      How about – The Man from Laramie – James Stewart.

      Outright comedy stuff like Blazing Saddles and Laurel & Hardy should not be included and those prior about 1940’s just cannot stack up against the 1950-60’s westerns.

      Time the list was updated – extend to 200 – there are so many good ones.

  170. Ashley D

    Ya where is lonesome dove?? That is the greatest western ever … Agreed should be #1 on list

  171. Mourice Houlette

    1. The Stalking Moon
    2. Breakheart Pass
    3. Valdez is coming
    4. The Scalphunters
    5. Young Guns
    6. Dances with Wolves
    7. The White Buffalo
    8. Big Jake
    9. Quiggley down under

  172. Elijah

    1. Young Guns
    2. Silverado
    3. The Quick and the Dead
    4. Young Guns 2
    5. The Gunfighter (Story about Hopalong Cassidy)
    6. Shanghai Noon
    7. Lonesome Dove

    Not necesarily in that order. Just listed them as they came into my head.

  173. Sam Steffen

    Young Guns should be in it. Awesome movie about Billy the kid and the lincoln county war.

  174. richard

    Hombre. Rio Grande. Rawhide. The Big Country. The Man Alone. The Last Train To Gunhill. The 3.10 To Yuma-Glen Ford.

  175. JimmyP

    Does “Ride with the Devil” count as a Western. It’s a Civil War Movie but set in Kansas and Missouri. Highly recommend as a Western or Civil War Movie. Unsung and it shouldn’t be.

  176. Don

    Silverado should be in the top 50, let alone top 100 . . .

  177. Patrick Miano

    Riders of the Purple Sage (1925) – The Tom Mix silent version but still the best.

    Any Western starring Randolph Scott in the 1950s and early 1960s, especially Buchanan Rides Alone (1958).

    • Patrick Miano

      Oops! Tru Grit (1968) was included. My bad. Sorry.

  178. Heather

    I know it was a parody, but I would include young guns parts one and two !!

  179. Doug Posten

    I would add:

    Duel at Diablo

    Buck and the Preacher (have not seen that anyone’s suggestion list)

    The Cowboys

  180. mark

    Bend of the River
    The Hanging Tree

    Dump Lonely are the Brave & Bad Day At Black Rock. Neither are truly wild west movies and are more Dramas than Westerns.

  181. G.E.

    Long Riders
    True Grit-2010
    Tom Horn with Steve McQueen
    Gods and Generals
    Lonesome Dove
    The Son of the Morning Star (TV)
    She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
    Broken Trail

    El Mariachi????You have got to me kidding me….ugh.

    If El Mariahi is one of the 100, I Red Headed Stranger and Cowboys and Aliens should be up there too.

  182. Gary

    1–Paint your wagon 2-The Scalphunters 3-The Halaluya trail 4-Goin South 5-The life and times of Judge Roy Bean 6-The cowboys 7-Warlock 8-Valdez is comming 9-The mountain men 10-The Frisco Kid 11-rooster Cogburn 12-Little big man——–and for a animated western–Rango

    • Mourice Houlette

      Great list of movies you have come up with. I agree some of them such as Little big man, The Cowboys, Rooster Cogburn and Valdez is coming should be on the top 100 list.

  183. jack c from ohio

    the movie that tells all is lonesome dove , true history…..

  184. John in Nevada

    There were some movies listed in the magazine that absolutely did not belong there at all. Overall it was very interesting though. What needed to be added in no particular order was:

    El Dorado
    Shadow Riders
    Monte Walsh
    Breakheart Pass
    Crossfire Trail

  185. jimmypete

    I’ve seen Silverado mentioned and even Young Guns these are faux Westerns and made for an audience that has no historical foundation. Nor do they have any artistic uniqueness. However someone mentioned Three Godfathers, if ever there was a movie that cries out for a remake. Cohen Brothers take note.

  186. Greg

    Silverado, great movie, very entertaining, we all have our reasons for watching the westerns. I’m not an artist so I’ll just enjoy them for what they are. I like to ride, so anything with a horse in it is good for me.

    • jimmypete

      Sorry but Silvarado was an entertainment to compare it to real westerns like John Huston’s or genre benders like Spaghetti Westerns is like comparing MC Hammer to Mozart. One is fun one is art.

  187. Cappy Gagnon

    Some very big omissions from this list…….Angel and the Badman, Four Faces West, Pale Rider, and The Gunfighter are on my Top Twenty Western list and Red Headed Stranger was suprisingly good.

  188. Stephen

    My favorites missing from 100 greatest Westerns
    1. She Wore a yellow Ribbon
    2. Silverado
    3. Shenandoah
    4. The Long Ridres

  189. Robert Van Niel

    Valdez in Coming with Burt Lancaster. As good as it gets.

  190. Rick K

    A movie that does not belong on the list–“War Wagon”. Saw that recently with my son—big stars, but sort of a joke project, seemed like the actors were drunk half the time, no real acting effort. On the plus side the theme song, by the same guys who did the Rawhide theme, was so funny that my son and I will probably laugh about it for years to come! “Look at those horses, what are they dragging….”

    Movies that should probably be on the list include “The Last Sunset”,”The Sons of Katie Elder” “Pale Rider” and of course “Lonesome Dove”, although perhaps the latter doesn’t belong as it is a miniseries. Based on some marginal inclusions in the list like Blazing Saddles, I would certainly include High Plains Drifter and The Cowboys, both of which were rediculous but highly entertaining.

    • purushotham

      I Agree McKenna’s gold, is the best western and its missing in the list, I am very surprised, I have friends who seen this movie more than 25 times and still would love to watch it again.

  191. B.Payne

    Not to argue with what’s on the list but for me the movies My name is nobody, Cheyenne social club and Pale rider should be in there somewere.

  192. jordan

    All the Pretty Horses is also a great movie along with all the other novels by Cormac McCarthy Made movies now. Such as No Country for Old men.

  193. Pete

    For a Few Dollars More (better than Fistful of Dollars, which did make the list)

    Nevada Smith (great revenge western with Steve McQueen)

    The Appaloosa (underrated gem with Marlon Brando)

    I was happy to see The Great Silence in the top 100, a movie virtually unknown outside Spaghetti Western fans. But I don’t think Blazing Saddles should be included. Funny movie, but hardly a “Western.”

  194. Didier Fernandez

    oh where are
    Big Sky (Hawks, 1952)
    Man without a star (Vidor, 1955)
    3:10 fo Yuma (Daves,1957)
    Vera Cruz (Aldrich, 1954)
    She wore a yellow ribbon (Ford, 1949)
    Rancho Notorious (Lang, 1952)
    I don’t understand!

    and I don’t know El diablo on your list. Can you give me(us) informations, please ?
    and why Blood simple (Coen brothers) ? whaouh

  195. Al From Maine

    ‘She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” is a grave omission. Also, “Rocky Mountain” with Errol Flynn is a better film than some on the list.

  196. DAN

    she wore a yellow ribbon and riders of the purple sage with ed harris

  197. pacos bill

    There is alot of great westerns in the list, but some great ones were missed
    lonesome dove, the good old boys, cowboys, hondo etc

  198. pacos bill

    There is alot of great westerns in the list, but some great ones were missed lonesome dove, the good old boys, cowboys

  199. John Adams

    Lonseome Dove, The Life And Times of Judge Roy Bean, Missouri Breaks, Buffalo Bill And The Indians, No Country For Old Men, Monte Walsh.

  200. Mitch Mitchell

    Buck and the Preacher, starring Sidney Portier and Harry Belafonte. It was the first western to star African-Americans as the chief protagonists. It was a credible story, and, as an African-American, a cinemaphile and a Westerner (born and raised in Arizona) myself, I loved seeing images of someone like me on the silver screen.

  201. Jill from Wyoming

    I am glad to see Broken Trail on here–haven’t all you Lonesome Dove fans watched it? The film actually portrays what women’s lives in the West were really like. Then, too, I want to look half as good in the saddle as Robert Duvall when I’m his age.

  202. Grant Taylor

    I would have liked to see The Fastest Gun Alive on the list.
    Was Rio Bravo on there?

  203. t.l.maloney

    Conagher 1991 Sam Elliot and Katherine Ross .. should be in the top

  204. Ken Johnson

    I want to put in another mention for the ‘The Violent Men’ with Glenn Ford. Aside from being a great movie, it has one of the most memorable gunfights of all Westerns I have seen.

  205. Beast

    I would like to have seen ‘Drums Along the Mohawk’ included, as well as ‘The Big Sky’, and where was ‘Lonesome Dove’?

  206. Alessandro Alarcio

    i’m a diehard western movie addict i guess there should be at least 2-3 groups of 100 greatest western movies….one movie i liked was Wyatt Earp by Kevin Costner and Fastest Gun Alive? Glen Ford…and all Eastwood’s western movies too…

    • djdano

      great choices also like the last outlaw w/ mickey rourke

  207. Pete Talbot

    Jeremiah Johnson – Robert Redford

    The Trap – Oliver Reed and Rita Tushingham

    A Big Hand for the Little Lady – Henry Fonda

  208. djdano

    kansas raiders

    well, let’s just say all audie murphy westerns…

  209. Dr. C.

    Movies missing are:
    The 3 Godfathers – Dir. John Ford
    Westward the Women – Dir. William A. Wellman

  210. Dr. John Cubbage

    I can also add Red River with John Wayne

  211. Kevin

    I don’t why they are such great movies I have watched several times are, \They call me Trinity and Trinity is still my name\. I think everyone wishes they could be that lazy and carefree sometimes.

  212. David

    The following western movies, I feel, should be on the top 100 list:

    Ride in the Whirlwind
    Rio Conchos
    Last Sunset
    Hanging Tree
    Culpepper Cattle Company
    Man of the West
    Law and Jake Wade
    Last Wagon
    Tall Men
    Man Without a Star
    Rancho Notorious

    I like Three Hours to Kill better than the Ox-Bow Incident
    El Dorado better than Rio Bravo-Mitchum is far better than Martin
    High Plains Drifter is far better than Hang Em High
    Comanche Station better than Tall T
    Original 3:10 to Yuma better than 2007 version
    For a Few Dollars More is Superior to A Fistful of Dollars
    Silver River better than the other Flynn movies listed
    Son of Paleface is much better than The Paleface

    Three movies are on this list that are solid choices which I did not think would be on your list are:

    Heartland, Yellow Sky and the The Great Silence.

  213. David

    I posted my list of movies that were left out without reading the other posts. After reading the posts, I would have to add the following movies:

    Lonesome Dove (Because the title doesn’t specify tv or theatre).
    Monte Walsh
    Long Riders

    And you’ve got to have at least one Audie Murphy movie. My favorites are:

    Whispering Smith
    Hell Bent for Leather
    Ride Clear of Diablo
    Drums Across the River
    Duel at Silver Creek
    No Name on the Bullet

    • TRV

      A fistfull of lead is in my opinion is incredible, maybe a bit rare as I don’t see it On tv very often.

      • David

        Sorry, I have quite a large bunch of spaghetti westerns, and this is not anywhere near the top. Try watching The Great Silence, The Mercenary, Companeros, Death Rides a Horse, The Big Gundown, Bandidos, A Bullet for the General, Stranger in Town, etc. I have a Fistfull of Lead and have watched it twice and won’t watch it again. Get back to me when you have watched some really good spaghetti westerns.

  214. Jim

    Only one other person mentioned The Searchers, John Wayne, 1956 John Ford. This movie, I think, is one of the best Westerns ever made and one of John Wayne’s best.

    I’m glad to see so many people, men and women who love Westerns.

    I have seen about 95 percent of the movies from all of your awesome lists, now i need to see( because of all your help) the last 5 percent.
    Thank you all, Jim.

  215. Dave Meisky

    Its hard limiting the list to 100, a lot of very good movies were left off as you can see from the comments. Two of my favorites not on the list are more on the order of western comedies – Cheyenne Social Club and Paint your wagon. CSC has Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda playing off each other in the way that two such veteran actors can while who can forget Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood singing and dancing (not very well but entertaining) in PYW.

  216. Chris

    Haven’t seen Jeremiah Johnson mentioned or Hombre. Both great films.
    Agree about Lonesome Dove, maybe the greatest ever.

  217. john jones

    I feel these western movies should be on the top 100 list.
    Rough night in Jericho
    Pale rider
    6 Guns
    Valdez is coming
    The quick and the dead – Gene Hackman
    The Appaloosa
    The son of the morning star.
    The last train to gun hill.

  218. Missy

    This is my first post, I didnt see one of my favorite movies on your list, “Westward the Women” I believe Gregory Peck starred in it, its about a town of men with no women that hire a man to bring a group of mail order brides across the country from Chicago to California by wagon train, many die along the way, real good movie. I know funny movies are not concidered western movies for your list but “The Shakiest Gun In The West” with Don Knotts is a pretty funny movie and should make the top ten of the funniest western movie list, if there is one?

  219. Noel Keymer

    One great Western I saw as a kid and am unable to find now was called “The Pitiless Three” aka “Gunfight At High Noon” I would love to know where I could download this film. Its about three brothers who take revenge on their fathers killer

  220. Lyndon

    All Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers movies.

    Are you guys ever spaced out.

    How about a reality check form the neck up?

    Thee, I kid not.

  221. statia dougherty

    Sorry, I know it’s not an Old Tucson film, but Lonesome Dove is high on my list.

  222. D.R. Omdahl

    Cheyenne Social Club and The Rounders ! CSC with James Steward and Henry Fonda/TR with Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda `= Excellent Western/Comedy!!

  223. Jim

    The Great Train Robbery should have been on that list. That’s where the western movie began. Hell’s Hinges was also missing. That was a tough, gritty William S. Hart film from 1916.

  224. Robert

    Quigley Down Under! Great flick! But I can’t BELIEVE you haven’t included The Cowboys (1972) – one of John Wayne’s best and WAY better than The Shootist.

    Also, Blood Simple and Last of the Mohicans are both phenomenal movies – but NOT westerns. You can swap those two out with The Cowboys and Quigley Down Under. ;-)

  225. David

    Three westerns I would include are: 1. Cowboy with Glenn Ford and Jack lemmon, 2. Night Passage with James Stewart and Audie Murphy, and 3. Streets of Laredo with James Garner, Sissy Spacek, and Sam Shepard.

  226. Bruce

    Charlton Hestons great movie ARROWHEAD has not been mentioned , Gregory pecks movie The big Country. Westerns rule!

  227. Geoff Zeigler

    Marx Brothers-Go West
    W.C.Fields/Mae West-My Little Chickadee
    Support Your Local Gunfighter
    Paint Your Wagon
    Rooster Cogburn and the Lady

  228. roy

    a couple of glenn ford movies which i’ve enjoyed
    (the fastest gun alive) and( the sheepman).and yes
    without doubt (the big country).a man with great

  229. s

    I too believe Nevada Smith belongs here; it’s my favorite Western. The original 3:10 to Yuma is worthy also….

  230. Tim Wolf

    If you’re including tv movies and miniseries, why not \Centennial\ as it tells the story of how an area was built from when it was just Native Americans to modern times.

  231. imre demech

    I have both Mohawk movies & Drums Along the Mohawk should be on the list for the historical value of the pioneer era & great actors in it!

  232. Jacoria

    Hello, i have searching for a particular western movie for quite some time; i believe it had to be produced in the 90’s or so,because i last saw it on vhs. The setting may have been around the time of 30’s or 40’s maybe. Well it is about a large group of western citizens , migrating on a trial , i believe to Texas. As they are migrating, lots of them perish along the way which they end up with about 6 0r 7 westerners. At the end of the movie, they come to a stop which was the house of some type of royal woman, which she was a prisoner of war. She is then freed from the war, and as she gets ready to head to Texas, the westerners wants to join her but they all couldnt go for some reason. They then had to pick random rocks out of a jar, the ones who picked black rocks had to die, and the ones who picked the white rocks gets to live. Then after this scene, they pack up and leave town , to continue their journey.. Hope i do not sound crazy,,lol, i have been searching for this movie for a few months now and yet to find. Anyone, please respond if this movie sounds familiar. Thanks.

    • david bentley

      The movie that Jackoria is looking for is Dead Man’s Walk.

  233. Jacoria

    Wowww, David Bentley, thanks so much, Ive been looking for this movie for forever.. “Dead Mans walk should also be added to this list.

  234. Don C

    THE STALKING MOON, Gregory Peck and Eve Marie Saint.


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