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What’s your favorite historical movie?

3/31/2010 • History Questions - Discuss Daily History Questions And Answers

What’s your favorite historical movie?

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13 Responses to What’s your favorite historical movie?

  1. Jerry Parker says:

    Although not truly a historical movie, I have always loved How The West Was Won with Debbie Rynolds.

  2. Thomas Fleming says:


  3. Darryl Raby says:


  4. Edward Rupprecht says:

    Waterloo and Gettysburg

  5. Ed Hamilton says:

    Lawrence of Arabia

  6. Sergio Bravo says:

    Henry V (with Kenneth Branagh)

  7. kebond says:


  8. ken riskedahl says:

    Gettsyburg, Gods and Generals and Away All Boats.

  9. Elijah says:

    Gods and Generals without a doubt!!!

  10. James V says:


  11. Prof.Dr. Karl A. Wipf says:

    Gettysburg, War and peace (russ, Bondartschuk), Lawrence of Arabia, Jewel in the Crown, Shogun
    Sorry for so much!

  12. Bluto Smatz says:

    Dr. Zhivago

  13. Dave says:

    1991 Last of the Mochains, Drums along the Mohawk, Longest Day, Last Samurai, Quigley Down Under (neither technically a “historical movie) Farewell to the King

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