What’s the greatest song ever written?

What’s the greatest song ever written?

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  1. Jerry Parker

    Based on duration and wide spread useage, Greensleeves

  2. Chuck

    Based on the state of our country that the current president has put us in we had better never forget, “America”, “America the Beautiful”, God Bless America”, or “The Battle Hymn of the Republec”!
    I will probably be arrested for mentioning God or anything relegious, but let them come after me. Remember, we still have guns out here in Montana.

    • Larry C

      Chuck, Your song is not the only one hated by the “leftis”. They have a movement afoot to change the National Anthem because it is “too violent” and “too militaristic.” They are serious!

  3. Mike H.

    Beethoven’s “5th Symphony”
    Handel’s “Messiah”
    Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture”
    Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode”

  4. Dalt

    Happy Birthday to you.
    Sung around the world in ever language.
    Everyone knows it.


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