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Khe Sanh

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Arsenal | M42A1 ‘Duster’ Anti-Aircraft Gun

    Deeply loved for its firepower, the M42 “Duster” self-propelled anti-aircraft gun arose as a replacement for the M19 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun developed in World War II. The M42 employed a slightly expanded variant of the M19...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Khe Sanh in the Pantheon

    What a new president’s reflections on an old battle means to one Marine who was there. On the morning of President Barak Obama’s inaguration I was busy at work preparing for a class, when I got an email from a Vietnam veteran friend...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    The Pegasus Ride Through Hell

    Sent to relieve the besieged Marine base at Khe Sanh, the 1st Cavalry faced a tough fight of its own at Landing Zone Wharton In the opening week of April 1968, the sky over the northwestern corner of South Vietnam looked like someone had...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Media Digest | The Every Day Courage of Grunts in Vietnam

    Part photographic history, part battle anthology, Brutal Battles of Vietnam emerged from VFW magazine’s award-winning Vietnam series. The result is a visually spectacular, year-by-year account of the bloodiest battles waged by American...

  • Military History, MH Letters

    January 2018 Readers’ Letters

    Readers sound off about the Reconquista of Iberia from Islamic invaders, the 1781 Anglo-French Battle of Jersey, a tank at Khe Sanh, Vietnam, and General Douglas MacArthur...

  • Vietnam Magazine

    Hell on a Hill at Khe Sanh

    For nearly 80 days, Marines on the hills surrounding Khe Sanh endured one of the war’s fiercest fights. The top of what became known as Hill 861-A was just virgin land covered with elephant grass and bamboo when I first saw it. My...