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Aviation records

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    MACH 3 Man: Robert J. Gilliland

    Lockheed’s chief test pilot for the SR-71 Blackbird overcame numerous inflight emergencies during his career and never failed to bring an airplane back to earth. In the early afternoon of December 22, 1964, Lockheed’s legendary...

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    Marathons in the Air

    There’s a good reason why the flight endurance record has stood since 1959: Who wants to spend more than 65 days crammed in a lightplane?   Before the advent of aerial refueling, fuel tank capacity was the main determining...

  • Aviation History Magazine

    Daughter of the Skies: Jean Batten

    Jean Batten put New Zealand on the map during aviation’s Golden Age, then faded into obscurity. For her 26th birthday on September 15, 1935, Jean Batten treated herself to a brand-new Percival D.3 Gull Six. The low-wing Gull had a 200-hp...