Robert Lee

Encounter: Robert E. Lee Faces Congress

The senator began his interrogation with an innocuous question: “Where is your present residence?” “Lexington, Virginia,” the witness replied. “How long have you resided at...
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Home Grown Terrorists

The Civil War was over, but white terror organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and Knights of the White Camellia fought a new war against Republicans and African Americans.
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USCT Soldiers at Appomattox

Thousands of United States Colored Troops made the march to Appomattox, but no identified photograph of any of them has been found. Until now.

In the Valley of Secrets

Virginia Mennonites helped Unionists escape the Confederacy on an underground railroad. Now their modern-day kin reveal the long hidden story
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Copperhead – Movie Review

In "Copperhead," his third film about the Civil War, director Ron Maxwell eschews the battlefield to create a film that examines the Yankee home front and Northerners who opposed "Mr. Lincoln's War."

What Price Victory?

 John Bell Hood’s success at Chickamauga proves costly The Confederacy suffered three staggering military disasters in July 1863. Stunned Southerners struggled to grasp the unthinkable. General...

Mrs. Lincoln’s Confidante

Snubbed by the Washington elite, the first lady found emotional support in the company of her dressmaker There’s a nighttime scene in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln in which the president tells an...