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The Things They Carried: Tell YOUR Story

11/10/2011 • MHQ

Please share your story of The Things They Carried. Tim O’Brien’s 1990 short story with that title, set in Vietnam, provided a fascinating look at the odds and ends soldiers take into battle. Our Portfolio in the Winter 2012 issue of MHQ riffs on that theme with a series of photographs. But there are millions of artifacts and photos out there related to what soldiers take to war, every one of them part of a broader tale. If you have such items, and are willing to share photographs of them with us, please submit them here, along with a short description of the item and the soldier who owned it. We’d welcome photos of that soldier, with or without the artifact, as well. The first submissions are from MHQ editor William W. Horne, who described his relative’s artifacts in Letter From MHQ.


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