Stories of the Tankers – Podcast with Mike Green

Listen to an interview with Mike Green, author of over 80 books including War Stories of the Tankers: American Armored Combat, 1918 to Today, a book filled with first-person accounts from tank crews from World War I to the present day. This exclusive interview is the most recent in a series of podcasts presented by

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  1. Christina Allen

    I have an 8yr old son who is a HUGE military fan and a HUGE fan of Michael Green’s books. I’d love to find out if I can somehow purchase some of Michael Green’s books that I have have him autograph for my son for his ‘Michaeal Green book collection’…I’ve tried to look for a website or agent contact information for him but I can’t find anything of the sort…can you please tell me if Mr. Green has a website, publishing house info or anything? thank you!
    Christina Allen

  2. Joe Abodeely

    The Marines were under siege until the 1st Air Calvary Division’s Operation Pegasus relieved them on April 8, 1968. They did not fight their way out of the siege or break out (as some Marines claim) as they could not go up and down highway 9 until the airmobile infantry (augmented with some Marines and ARVNs) cleared the road to the Khe Sanh Fire Base. They had to be resupplied by the Air Force with LAPE methods. The Marines were unable to send two companies (per the contingency plan) to aid Lang Vei Special Forces camp when it was attacked by NVA tanks. And the Marines lost almost entire patrols whenever they left the perimeter before the relief of the siege.
    The Air Force had bombed the AO around KSFB with fantastic bomb tonnage, but the entrenched NVA still kept the Marines contained. Air Force bombing did not drive the NVA away as some USAF proponents claim. Even the famous History Channel in its recent Vietnam series commented that the air force drove the NVA away so the 1st Cavalry Division could relieve KSFB. But the NVA could retreat to nearby Laos or North Vietnam at will. When did the Air Force drive the NVA away because 1st Cavalry troopers were still fighting them during Operation Pegasus? USAF bombing was important, but not decisive.
    If the NVA left before the 1st Air Cavalry conducted Operation Pegasus (because they “heard about it”)–when was that? If the mere threat of the 1st Air Cav coming is what drove the NVA away—that is all the better. The art of war is not defeating one’s enemy in a hundred battles–it is putting him in a position whereby he must capitulate. (Sun Tzu). The 1st Air Cavalry “boots on the ground” are what drove the NVA away, cleared Route 9, and relieved the Marines from the siege at Khe Sanh Fire Base. D company, 2/7 Cavalry lead the drive. Those who opine to the contrary are incorrect. Give the 1st Air Cav the credit it deserves for breaking the siege of Khe Sanh and clearing Route 9. The 1st Cavalry earned much deserved glory for its actions in the Ia Drang campaign, but the 1st Cav’s greatest accomplishment was its relief of the Marine Khe Sanh Fire Base.

  3. Bucky Fox


    I’m researching a story on Patton at the Bulge. How can I get ahold of you for an interview?

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