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Senate Sets March 30 as Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Day

By Vietnam magazine
3/28/2011 • Vietnam Extra, Vietnam War

March 30, 2011, has been officially designated Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day by the U.S. Senate. It marks the 38th anniversary of the withdrawal of U.S. combat and combat-support units from Vietnam.

Vietnam magazine, Armchair General magazine and World History Group salute all those who served—ground troops, aircrews, brownwater and bluewater navy crews, nurses, doctors, support personnel. Thank you for your service. Welcome home. And to those who didn’t make it home, thank you for your sacrifice.

On March 30, make a special effort to say, “Welcome home.” Honor a Vietnam veteran you know with a short note in Comments below, whether to say, “Welcome Home” or “You live in our hearts.”

On March 30, 1973, all U.S. troops withdrew from Vietnam. There were no ticker-tape parades honoring the veterans, no triumphant marches or speeches as there had been at the end of each of the World Wars. America’s Vietnam veterans returned home to silence, or worse, in some cases to denigration for having served their country during a controversial war.

The U.S. Senate resolution was introduced by Sen. Richard Burr (R–North Carolina), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. This is the second consecutive year he has introduced such a resolution.

The text of the announcement of the resolution’s passage appears below.

Washington D.C – Today, Senator Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, introduced a resolution to honor veterans who served in Vietnam by designating March 30th as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.” March 30th marks the anniversary of the day that combat and combat support units withdrew completely from South Vietnam.

“Our soldiers served honorably and bravely in Vietnam. Unfortunately, they arrived home to a country in political turmoil, and never received the recognition they deserve,” Senator Burr said. “By setting March 30th aside as a day to focus on our Vietnam veterans, we can show our unified gratitude for their service and the sacrifices that these veterans made on our behalf.”

Senator Burr today also encouraged communities throughout the country to take measures to commemorate this day by honoring Vietnam veterans in their area. This is the second consecutive year that Senator Burr has introduced a resolution for the establishment of “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.” Senators John Boozman (R-AR), Thad Cochran (R-MS), James Inhofe (R-OK), and Johnny Isakson (R-GA) co-sponsored the legislation.

The United States became involved in Vietnam because policy-makers believed that if South Vietnam fell to a communist government, communism would spread throughout the rest of Southeast Asia. The US Armed Forces began serving in an advisory role to the South Vietnamese in 1961, and in 1965, ground combat troops were sent into Vietnam. After many years of combat, all US troops were withdrawn from Vietnam on March 30, 1973, under the terms of the Treaty of Paris. More than 58,000 members of the United States Armed Forces lost their lives and more than 300,000 were wounded in Vietnam.

58 Responses to Senate Sets March 30 as Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Day

  1. David X. Kenney says:

    Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans! Collectively you are the greatest of your generations!

    Dave Kenney
    Gy/Sgt USMCR (Ret)

    • Eliza Smith says:

      correction! they are the greatest of all generations. Vietnam veterans were treated like scum bags when they came home. I have spoke with many of these vets and almost all of them have told me. I’m sorry from the americans tht they risk there life for, has come too late they will always feel the bitterness and sadness that there own people done to them.

  2. Deb Dressler says:

    Welcome home.

  3. Frank Pilson says:

    My Welcome Home began April 1967. I thank God every day for coming home.
    My wife, kids and grandkids are glad I home.
    Thanks to our better half’s for their understanding and help during the last 44 plus years

  4. Iseral Thomas says:

    “Welcome Home” to all that served during the Vietnam era but a very special Welcome Home to all that served in Country.
    U. S. Navy Seabees in Nam……67-68

    • Bob Sheets says:

      Hi, Thanks for the welcome home. I was in country with MCB-10 in 68, 69, and most of 70. Welcome home to you too. Bob

  5. Melissa says:

    Welcome home Dad! Welcome home to all the brave vietnam veterans out there or up there. On behalf of my family, we are so proud of all of you!

  6. Donn Nemchick says:

    I salute all Vietnam veterans and their familes — sadly this day is not hearalded as a celebration by most areas of the country. No surprise to me — we did not come home expecting any parades — we are just glad to be home.

    Donn Nemchick, USN.
    Cam Rahn Bay & USS Constellation, CVA-64.

    • charles w. mehltretter says:

      Welcome home Brother
      I served on the Connie for the 67 west pac cruize as an MM2 in B 4 engine room and spent 68-69 on board the USS Askari ARL 30 stationed near Dong Tam on the River.

  7. Tim Cart says:

    About time! All Vietnam Veterans and their families deserve to be recognized….for those that made it home and those that did not. Proud of my father for serving and proud to be his son. We all need to remember all that have sacrificed for our country

  8. John says:

    Sitting, waiting for a flight at San Francisco to go home, proud of my service. Some female spit on my uniform. I’ll never forget it.

    • Eliza Smith says:

      I feel sad that this person done this to you. it was wrong, I wish I was there, I would have tried my best to protect you. but I was still a baby.

    • Mike H. says:

      Happened to you, too, eh, John? April 15 1973, it happened to me, as I was going home on leave after Operation End Sweep, the de-mining of Haiphong…We were the last troops (other than embassy Marines) to leave Vietnam on April 6, 1973, after sitting for over 2 months in a minefield. And the only thing I got stuck on my chest for my efforts was that blonde B***h’s spit on my tropical white uniform.

  9. Walter Johnston SP/5 says:

    Welcome home my fellow Vietnam Veterans. We did the job as best we could and fought the good fight. Always look up and be proud of your service, you sacrificed more than was ever appreciated at the time.

  10. Zoombie says:

    R.I.P to all 58.000 who gave all

  11. Debra Newbold says:

    To all who were there, thank you. You’re an amazing, exclusive group and I’ve enjoyed working with many of you.

  12. Mike Giddens says:

    Veteran is someone, who at one point in their life, wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to, and including, their life.That is beyond honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact.(copied)

  13. Bob Veteran says:

    It’s been a long walk home, I’m almost there,
    I see that flash, I hear that scream,
    I’m right back there agin*,
    lost in that same damn firefight,

    It’s been forty years,
    When will it end?
    Every night it’s that same damn firefight,
    We lost Sam and Bill,
    Tag’em* and bag’em*,
    we were told,
    we’d* never seen em* agin*,
    but every night, it’s their faces that I see,
    and I ask myself why wasn’t it me,
    my name should be etched in that cold black wall of stone,

    It’s been a long walk home,
    I’m almost there,
    But I hear that chopper so near,
    Raining tracers down,
    Can’t they see us here?
    Marine down, corpsman up,
    But silence is all I hear,
    Why am I the only one left,
    Screaming GOD get me outa* here?

    It’s been forty years,
    I still see that day,
    We were almost there,
    The edge of the jungle,
    I see that flash, I hear that scream,
    Tag’em* n bag’em* the list goes on,
    To many to remember,
    It was their last firefight,
    I’m the only one left,
    Lost and running looking for my way out.

    It’s been a long walk home,
    My family, don’t understand
    When I say that this can’t be real
    Just let me wake up one time and this not be,
    But it’s that same damn firefight every night,
    I wake up shaking like a leaf in the wind,
    Tell’n my wife that it was just a chill,
    Not that rage to kill,
    But she sees it in my eyes,
    That same damn firefight,

    It’s been a long walk home I’m almost there,
    I was telling her good-bye,
    When she realized I didn’t fear death anymore,
    It was my life I was about to take,
    She cried out for me to come out of that jungle, out into the daylight,
    Think of the kids and what this would do,
    She took me by the hand helping me make that first step,
    Coming out of that jungle into the daylight,

    It’s been a long walk home,
    Forty years and I’m almost there,
    I see that flash, I hear that scream,
    but this time it’s a younger brother yelling out,
    trying to find his way out into the daylight,
    Out of that smoky fog of that same damn firefight,

    It’s been forty years for me,
    I see that flash, I hear that scream,
    It’s their pain that I feel,
    Knowing that this damn firefight is not real,
    I’m here to help lead my younger brothers out,
    Not to walk forty years as I,
    Lost in that same damn firefight of PTSD!

    By: The Unknown Veteran for PTSD Awareness

  14. Ken says:

    Welcome Home Brothers. Welcome Home.

  15. Michael Knight says:

    Welcome home to all who served…
    Wonderful thoughts and may all find peace.
    “I walked amoung giants,they called me brother”

    25th ID,25th ARVN mech..67-68

  16. glenn carr says:

    I served 63-64 advisory team l, Danang also 68-69 Hqs MACV. I wasn’t a combat soldier but I made it back both times and I thank God for it and thank and appreciate all the guys that served there and all the sacrifices. I guess summed up is “we just follow orders” God Bless The USA..

  17. Nick O'Haver says:

    It’s about time. There’s more to be done for these brave Veterans who fought in and are still fighting this war. Welcome Home My Brothers and Thank You for Your Service

  18. Mike H. says:

    I was still there aboard USS New Orleans (LPH-11) in Haiphong harbor as part of Task Force 78 (Operation End Sweep, the minesweeping detail). We left on 6 April 1973. I flew into San Francisco on 30 days leave. I, too, was spit on and called a “Baby-Killer”. I have a hard time with people telling me “Welcome home” or Thank you for your service” thirty-eight years after the event. Too little and FAR too late.

  19. Joe Mapp says:

    I welcomed them home 38 years ago. That was my generation and I was honored to welcome them home. Many were my friends and former classmates. Too many came home one tour, or one day too late for those of us waiting for them. I attended three funerals for friends that came home too late. Thankfully in my part of the country, those returning home on time were truly welcomed, and those returning too late were welcomed with dignity and respect. This should have been done 38 years ago! God bless all of our past and future returning Vets!

  20. Rob W says:

    Mike H …

    I was the B Division officer as a newly scrubbed Ensign on the USS New Orleans (LPH-11) in Haiphong. Welcome home to all.

  21. Mike H. says:

    Rob W….
    Thanks, man…you really made my day! And welcome home to you too!

  22. Charles M says:

    Welcome home to all that served in Nam
    USS Constellation CVA 64 1966-1968
    Uss Askari ARL 30 1968-1969 “Brown water Navy”Don tam

  23. 1Voice says:

    March 2011 and only 25 comments but at least every one of them is positive.

    The “Welcome Home” national campaign came at a high price that few Americans realize and yes, it was born in the mind of a person and then other people agreed and took it nationwide…

    My small part (vs the reporter Mary Every who risked much and paid a price as did we all) ,,, I started the VVA (Vietnam Vets Assoc) In Santa Barbara 1984 (the home turf of Pres Reagan then). On Oct 7 1984 we kicked off the first major POSITIVE media for Vietnam Vets in 15 yrs since the war ended. It was 3 pages in the SB News Press Sunday Edition. Being the Western White House with the world’s media there,,, it was the perfact place to spark positive media nationwide which it did.

    For 2 months ALL of our nation’s media aired and publiched positive media about OUR Vets which officially mutated into the national “ooops Sorry” major campaign known as “Welcome Home” forevermore changing how our Vietnam (and all future) Vets are treated by our meida and thus the PC Sheeple, public thereafter.

    The Welcome Home may have been 15 yrs late but better late than never and I say, NEVER AGAIN in OUR USA will our Government, media or the Sheeple following the PC of the day news story,,, look upon any of our war Vets with anything but the honor they ALL deserve! They are OUR son’s and daughters one and all.

    Far beyound Welcome Home (and now go away) our government (via the LOUD voice of OUR PEOPLE) must be forced to honor it’s contract reguarding QUALITY medical care for ALL of our broken heros of war. Our government should not be allowed to only put on an ACT of caring for our Vets or giving them rationed or substandard care etc…

    Go to the CATO Institute and search “60 years of government health care”. Read it ALL to understand the horror story known as our VA adn how our Vets were treated by them, abused, expirmented upon without their knowledge or consent etc…

    USMC 1967-70 Chu Lai RVN 1968-69

    Founder and past Pres VVA (Vietnam Vets Assoc NOT to be confused with the VVA Vietnam Vets of America which is the Government’s creation in 1985,,, odd how they took OUR VVA but that is the government’s people for ya…)

  24. Jen & PAT Byrne says:

    Welcome Home! I still can’t hear the
    feeling that comes with it now days. It’s only because since desert storm, but what about all that have and never will hear those words. The ones that
    had ”shell-shock” and took their own lives. The ones on the streets, cars just drive on by. “welcome home!” Give it time and all will be gone. I’ve heard said. No amount of $$$ could ever bring what was never there.
    Personally, a vet is never alone. Spouses are still fighting the war with them. Good/bad, in many ways.
    This is USA, many wars for many decades, all the same.
    Bitterness never goes away.

  25. Dave Simmons says:

    VVA was not started by the Goverment,it was started
    By Vietnam vets.

  26. Unknown Veteran says:

    I have a problem with the date of 1973, why were we still there until 1975 if we withdrew all troops in 73?
    Our Vietnam: The War, 1954–1975 (2000), did we not have troops there until 75. At 4:03 a.m., April 30th, 1975, two U.S. Marines were killed in a rocket attack at Saigon’s Tan Son Nhut airport. They were the last Americans to die in the Vietnam War. At dawn, the remaining marines of the force guarding the U.S. Embassy lifted off. Somebody must have forgot to tell those two to leave in 73, that is if we withdrew all troops in 73. just saying….

  27. Hoa Minh Truong says:

    Hi every one.
    I am Ex-Lieut of ARVR, after Saigon lost on April 30, 1975, I was imprisoned 6 years in 9 camps. I had a secret and risky plan to learn English under the danger, vietcong condemned:” Emerican empire languague”. I learned through a pocket English in 5 years and after came to Australia in 1983 as boat people, I spent the other 25 years to achieve my firsr book:” The dark Journey: inside the reeducation camps of vietcong” published in 2010 ( US publisher) and my second book:” goog evening Vietnam” has released. I hope my 30 years work would provide the genuine historic documentary about Viet nam war. Two books are available on Amazon, Barn & Noble..or type my name in searh:” Hoa Minh Truong”.
    Best wish to all, my Vietnam war combatants.
    Hoa Minh Truong.

  28. chet eyster -phuloi patrol says:

    combat engr., truck driver, tunnel rat, sniper,infantry patrol (phu loi patrol)
    bein wha, siagon, long bien, camron bay , me con delta,we were here and there.
    day sweeps with fire fights , night ambushes, moe gas , boby traps you name it we went through it all.
    come into usa I have had so many close calss in my 2 tours while there by the grace of GOD is the only reason i am here today writing this.
    so yes: i am a viet -nam vet disabled and still struggling with my life.
    came back to U.S.A where vegetables , eggs, spit, slogans of baby killers, being catagorized and still trying to find help.the V.A. has failed me my country has failed me girl friend lrft me been through three marriages have four children , 11 grand children
    do not have my own pot to pee in am jobless , for 4 yrs. i got signed up with the V.A. Voc – rehab program and the councelor has not helped me yet , after three 1/2 yrs. and you wonder why a Viet-nam Vet feels like they are not cared about. to me , it is clear as the nose on my face ; that if they really wanted to get Vets back to work or anybody for that matter ; they would start as many apprenticeship programs as they could for every industry……….think about it: when we were younge and did not know any thing about being a soldier
    they took us in and trained us through APRENTICESHIP (ON THE JOB TRAINED) we learned and we defended , now we are labled as the un-employable no – brainer.
    Sorry i am venting why does no one listen ????????????
    If only i had a way to put it into action , or get it to the right ears.
    thank you for the welcome home and to my viet-nam brothers in arms WELCOME HOME !!!!!!
    I am 61 yrs. but i am not dead , and i am trainable. residing in NORTH CAROLINA.
    Than you GOD for the protective angles .
    things we went through we will NEVER forget because once endured
    they stay with you for life. I AM NOT A SPAMMER.

  29. chet eyster -phuloi patrol says:


    BORN in Salem , Ohio




  30. Canh Lam says:

    Hi Friends, after was wounded in the left knee I released from South VietNam Navy 1969 and then I went into The Pedagogy School in Saigon for Primary School Teacher 1973. After graduation I was sent to Khanh Hoi A School of District 4 for teaching by Education Department of Saigon.
    1982 I took 110 people to KuKu camp of Indonesia by boat, and then 1983 I was arrived in Australia for settlement by The United Nations Refugee High Commissioner Office.

    Best Wishes to All,
    Canh Lam
    Retired Administrative Officer

  31. George Dahl says:

    When I receive an apology cerfiticate form the National Screen Actors Guild in Hollywood, the National Press, and the Federal Governement in the form of a letter that I can hang on the wall, then I can mark off the days from September 23, 1967 , the day I got home and turned 21 and out of the army.

    It will show how callous, unconcerned, and caring they were to guys who did there job and were considered lower than dirt.

    Todays generation has no clue about the 60’s and 70’s unless their dad was there and more properly on the ground looking through sights.
    Those that understand, are those who were there.

  32. J. Anthony says:

    I was a pilot for three tours in Vietnam – received three Air Medals. When I returned home, many people came up to me and spit on my medals. Not a pleasant Welcome Home.

  33. George Dahl says:

    All of this needs to be made much more public…………….. long before the 30 March arrives.

  34. John P says:

    I came home in March 1968. My son was 11 mos old when I saw him for the first time. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my country but I always carried my sadness with me for not being recognized. Thanks so much to all who take the day seriously. Semper Fi !!

  35. Minh Hoa Truong says:

    Vietnam war likes any the world conflict, but the Anti-war, pro-communist movement has driven by their lie propaganda. They have misled public so long time, so the soldier who served for national interest and also fought for freedom received the bad treat since the day they came home. The poison of anti-war movement is still remaining despite the time passed.
    The Anti-war movement members knew nothing about communist and its threat to the peace in the world, so the so-called Peace movement opposed against its signification. Likely a mechanic, who knows nothing about medical, but does the doctor career, the patient died.
    Nowadays, the world recognized the real face of communist and particularly Viet Cong after Soviet Union and the Eastern Europe communist states collapsed. Unfortunately the former anti-war members have no showing the remorse, nevertheless their books could mislead to the late generations. That reason became the motive then I spent 30 years to write the book” The Dark Journey: inside the reeducation camps of Vietcong”, It had started since I lived in the hell of reeducation camp after Saigon lost on April 30, 1975. I am grateful the allies army, they attended the Vietnam war and tribute the fallen soldiers, they have never come home. I wish the best to all, also believe the righteousness defeated the wrong doing.
    Hoa Minh Truong.

  36. AJ Nicolosi says:

    It will be awhile until I feel that America appreciates the soldiers who sacrificed in this conflict. This will help heal the feelings of embarrassment I felt for the first 10 years upon my return. I am now very proud to have served and proud of my best friend who went to basic with me and also served in Vietnam.
    RL Long, retired CSM, USAR. It is a special day for me in more ways then one. AJ

  37. Murray Alter says:

    Thank you for making this day special as I Serviced in Viet-Nam as a combat Vet.
    I spent 1 year in an area most american’s back home would not go to and not to be at least thanked for my service as an American is a disgrace.
    When I came home from Viet-Nam all I heard above all other comments I am a Baby killer. No one was interested in my safety and thank you for your service until now.
    Thank you.

  38. George Dahl says:

    Has this been sent to all major newspapers and media . I do not have Vietnam Vet stamped on my forehead and no one will know unless someone puts it out there for all to see. Unless I go to ;”my guys” most people are very disconnected from that time in this country, or are over 60.

  39. […] of U.S. combat and combat-support units from Vietnam on 30 March 1973 (for further details, click here). (US military advisors remained together with teh continuations of equipment and economic […]

  40. Carl Leonhardt says:

    Welcome home veterans. I stand and salute you for your bravery, honor, and commitment. God Bless all of you.

  41. Hoa Minh Truong says:

    Hi my Vietnam war vets.
    I have wrote an article about the” welcome home Vietnam” that published in the web site below. It is a most populous Vietnamese news overseas. We are always grateful the allies, they helped my people to fight for freedom.
    once again, I wish the best to all and kind regards to family.
    Hoa Minh Truong

  42. Pete Hodges says:

    So sad that they can’t even put the right date on this resolution. The day that all combat and combat service support troops left Vietnam was a day after that stipulated by the Paris Peace Talks. The “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” should have been listed in the congressional record as 29 March 72 — that is the day when the last planes left Saigon (and by the way, the last POWs left Hanoi). I know because I was on one of the last two planes on the tarmac at Tan Son Nhut. We don’t celebrate Independence Day on 5 July — we shouldn’t be doing a similar thing to our deserving Vietnam vets.

  43. Diane Roper says:

    Thank you so very much for your service & sacrifice for our freedoms.Every Veteran is my HERO.THANK YOU !

  44. 1Voice says:

    Reply to # 25 Dave Simmons. Do you not think that the government has Vietnam Vets and uses them for their agenda also? I was not only there but I lived through the entire thing. We started the original VVA and the government even took over our VVA letters to scoop up what god will we had created around the world. They did that after they YES tried to shut us down in EVERY way possible from a zoning violation (2 or more VN Vets in our home / VVA HQ ,,, even having coffee and talking,,, not sleeping there etc) was against zoning laws. I told them to bring it on as that would only bring us more positive national media. This was in Montecito CA.

    Then they decided to have the Santa Barbara SWAT TEAM hit our house on a rainy night with tear gas breaking our picture window in the living room. EVERYONE knew they wanted me, the VVA founder and pres and that they would kill/murder me but oddly, I was not there. They took my VP who was there to jail for 9 days. He was one of the most honored people in SB and after release from jail he had the grand jury investigate the incident. They found that the SWAT TEAM was in the wrong… BTW, the head of the SWAT TEAM (who I think was demoted) was one of three VN Vet \GOVERNMENT\ buddies that had worked ,,, you got it, intelligence in Vietnam.

    These three guys (THAT WORKED FOR THE GOVERNMENT) were the BAD GUYS and trying to stop any positive media for VN Vets. WHY? Because before we got national positive media for VN Vets (that mutated into the welcome home etc) the Government PC agenda (and thus the media agenda) was to not let that happen under ANY circumstances. They spent 15 yrs building anti-VN Vet media and did not want to see anything or anyone change that PC (hate VN Vet) agenda.

    Well, this is a very long and a bit complex piece of history about how we ended the negative VN Vet media etc. Too long and complex to put all of it here. Perhaps I should someday try to write a book or make a tape or??? for history at least. Oh, have you ever wondered WHY our government might want to make our war Vets well, a negative thing in America? And trust me, the government and gov controlled media was behind this entire thing… That too is a bit complex but in short, they wanted to undermine every power group in America from Vets to Christians etc and to pit groups against each other as much as possible etc… Quite simple really and is just history repeating itself once again. Now in 2013 you can clearly see why (if you look in any direction)… To destroy a nation FROM WITHIN, you must first destroy every power group, the middle class, men, vets, Christians, etc and pit everyone against each other. Just look around… 300 million Sheeple allowing our once great nation to be totally destroyed by 535 DC politicians (who get very rich in office)…

    Oh well. Perhaps I’ll make a tape someday just for the sake of recording a piece of history first hand.

  45. 1Voice says:

    PS: A \REAL\ Welcome Home is not in word alone and on one day alone ie: Welcome Home now go away and die etc,,, It is in DEED.

    Our government (the VA etc) has never done one tenth of the job it should be doing for our Vets and that is not by accident either. We have skyrocketing suicides because that IS their agenda back with VN Vets and today with our new War Vets.

    Our government has the power, tools and money to TRULY Welcome Home our War Vets (past and present) not only in word alone but in deed also but I would bet the farm that our government will ONLY give our War Vets more of the same… Lip service, promises and nonsense but NO REAL help/solutions or real money to fix the problems.

    Google CATO Institute and on their site search: 70 years of government health care Read that entire article several times as I have. It will give you a very clear picture (then and now and thus our future)…

    USMC VN Vet. (1967-70)

  46. Stephanie Schuessler Connors says:

    Welcome Home and MANY, MANY thanks for what You all did…What happened when You returned was just wrong in so many ways.

    recognition is long overdue.

    God Bless You.

  47. Canh Lam says:

    I want to say that “The consequence of Welcome Home of The Allied forces from Vietnam on 30/03/1973 is now Vietnam Country has became a huge prison.” That’s very bad for Welcome Home……/.

  48. Flagman says:

    Not everyone who lost his life in Vietnam died there. Not everyone who came home from Vietnam ever left there.

  49. robert vann wilson says:

    more lip service from the gov/nation we did the fighting/bleeding/suffering foe life and the vet lives in poverty at least give us a decient life

  50. Mike Adams says:

    Semper Fi right back at you Marine. I got back to the world April 1969. I was a Recon Marine . Glad to be alive lost a lot of friends though.

  51. Bob Ettinger says:


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