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Rolling Thunder 2011

6/9/2011 • Vietnam, Vietnam War

Rolling Thunder Final Cut from Vietnam Magazine on Vimeo.

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  1. JayTee the old hippie says:

    Already know what Walt looks like, hmm, Sarah’s cute. Good flick, I really enjoyed it. Makes me kinda wish I was back on the east coast so I could take part again. But after serving ten years at The Wall and nine Rolling Thunders. Made friends and enemies(with death threats) because of what I reported in “The Scuttlebut”. My tour at The Wall was just about twice as long as my Naval “career” such as it was.

    The sounds of thousands of bikes can make your heart go haywire. I have to watch that I’ve had 3 heart attacks since ’98. Went with a group to Hersey Park and even the tame roller coaster left me sitting on a bench holding my chest. Not to mention shoveling 38 inches of snow. No snow in Arizona. Heat? I’ve been places where it was hotter and people were shooting at me.

    Good luck next year,


  2. Norm Webb says:

    I enjoyed this clip as I do most of the Rolling Thunder events.

    Every year North Central Massachusetts Chapter 907 Vietnam Veterans of America holds an Annual Memorial Ride and Chicken BBQ always on the Sunday before Memorial Day in rain or shine.

    Having just completed our 8th year and being dubed the second largest ride in New England with over 700 Motorcycles my heart is filled with happiness to know that we still serve our Nations Veterans 365 days a year.

    This ride was started 8 years ago to benifit those unable to make the trip to DC. It offered a closer means to support local Veterans Organizations. The downside of it all is that for the pass eight years, I have not been able to go to DC. because of Parkinsons and having to run this event with my fellow Brothers and Sisters every year. It’s a lot of work for such a small group to take on, but somehow each year we are able to make it happen and it has turned out to be a great event and Fundraiser to all of us. Please check out our new Website and Webmaster at:

    Norm Webb, President 907
    Vietnam Veterans of America
    P.O. Box 595
    Gardner, Massachusetts 01440

  3. JayTee the old hippie says:

    Norm, having been born in Chelsea Naval Hospital, Charlestown, Massachusetts (I alwarsy spell it out because my C.C. in bootcamp had me write it out 1,000 tomes ’cause I couldn’t when he first asked) Being the son of a Marine we left Boston when I was two, never to return. It’s fun being a military brat, no real friends, always the stranger.

    Viral Meningitis disabled me in 1990 and I ended up homeless. Even still with my S.S.I. & VA pensions I had the ONLY booth at The Wall just for homeless veterans which funded The Hammond House For Homeless Veterans in Alexandria, Virginia.

    But besides that, get the June issue of VIETNAM magazine. In the article on “Rolling Thunder” the majority of photos are mine. One pic, 3 guys standing behind a custom Harley, the one in the middle with the shit eating grin is me. I’m wearing my original ’67 O.D.s.

  4. Ron Sites says:

    Vietnam/69-70/Big RedOne-First Cav/Grunt/229th-Stacked Deck door gunner. Hope to ride in Rolling Thunder next year! Can hardly wait! Welcome Home to all Vietnam Vets!

  5. Butch70 says:

    I’am too a Vietnam vet also a twenty year vet. I also read the Vietnam magazine since it was first published because our experience was defferent except we all had something in common as being shot at.

  6. Carl Sisco says:

    As a former Rolling Thunder member and Veteran, I salute ALL veterans of all eras. This ride is symbolic to me of the welcome home most Viet Nam Veterans should have got, but didn’t. I still wait for the last MIA and POW to be accounted for. I will never forget what so many Viet Nam Veterans have sacrificed for our country.

  7. Richard L/ Curtin Jr.(late husband- Susan Curtin) says:

    Do you have any info on Richard L Curtin Jr. He died in 1987, but was part of the founders of Rolling Thunder. His nickname was Flash…He was a member of The Vietnam Vets MC.

  8. Jeffrey D. Toole says:

    I ride to Rolling Thunder every year I can because I feel that it is cheating the veterans on Memorial Day not to do so. I did serve in the US Army 1985 – 1889 but not in direct conflict. This year I came down with appendicitis and underwent surgery on the Monday before the ride and am still determined to ride from Cincinnati Ohio. Rolling Thunder XXV is just that important! See you there!

  9. joanne lowman says:

    Looking to find anyone who served in Viet Nam on hill 190 during 69-69.. USMC. Anyone who went on special ops at that time with LCP David C. Lowman…I am his widow, David passed away in August of 1992 and did not talk much about how he was honored with the medals he received especially the Naval Cross and other citations….he was a troubled vet and I would like to understand what happened and for closure..I thank anyone who can assist me..
    Very truly yours,
    Joanne Moretti Lowman
    Sempre fi

  10. John Truesdale says:

    Since I can’t ride anymore and can’t afford a trike. I will be a “Marching Unit Of One” in Tucson’s Memorial Day parade all decked out with field jacket & boonie that went through 10 years at “The Wall” (’84 – ”94) with beaucoup patches, buttons and pins. I wish I could show them here. In the early 90s I had the ONLY booth for homeless veterans at The Wall that supported the Hammond House For Homeless Veterans along with my disability payments.

    Although it’s been 16 years since I was last at The Wall, I miss it. Miss the people & the comradeship despite the service you were in

    Warriers then, brothers now,

    John Truesdale (USN – 15/01/64 – 28/10/68)
    Lifemember, Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 2, Tucson, Arizona.

  11. Caroline pysell says:

    having been born in Ireland my husband being of Irish Scottish decent , we started doing the ride about 6 yrs ago. all i can say is this ride show’s just how united a country can be it is awh inspiring to see this and we need to keep this unity going thru the rest of the year.

  12. Becky Toney says:

    I am disabled, and most likely will never be able to ride to Rolling Thunder, but I pray for all who serve or served many times every day. My husband went in 2013 so I wanted to have a better idea of what it was like. Thank you to all the vets and WELCOME HOME to all the Vietnam vets and I’ll never stop praying for all the POW & MIA veterans.

  13. Anamarie C. Doan says:

    i hope to ride to Rolling Thunder this year in memiry and honor of my uncle Kenneth H. sage ( US Army medic/Green Beret, decorated Viet Nam war veteran) who passed away on 2 January 2014. Welcome home to all veterans ! HOOYAAH !!

  14. Joe Lee says:

    After 18 years of feeling ashamed of my service, I started riding with the Patriot Guard Riders of Arizona. I went through a dark time but have come to terms with what happened to me as I have heard similar stories from many Vets. The Patriot Guard gave me a network of veterans to speak to about my experiences with the US Navy. Now I am a proud member of the American Legion and well on my way to becoming a Legion Rider (should be voted on before the ride to the wall). I have been invited to join some fellow riders from my post to participate in the Ride to the Wall 2014. It is something I feel I must do as closure to my estranged service and as tribute to all Veterans. This will be my first cross country ride and I pray to succeed in this endeavor.

    I would stand beside ANY of my fellow Vets and continue my service to the day I die! You are all my brothers and sisters and for that I ride in honor of each and every one of you!

    Every day you can get up and get out of bed is a gift! Choose to do great things with each and every gift you are given!

    Joe “Spike” Lee
    USN ’95

  15. brett williams says:

    they did not say a word about lefty either

  16. Troy Rogers says:

    I would like to ride but I have a Honda is this only a Harley event or not

  17. Troy Rogers says:

    I would like to ride but I have Honda is this a Harley event only

  18. Fierce Nemeth says:

    Americans have been at war for 12 years now, I want everyone to think about that for a minute. People worldwide are tired of fighting banker wars, I don’t even know anyone who hasn’t been effected in some way…..the loses, tragic. Now, as thanks for all the families that have endured, America’s government has been hard at work, including lawyers and judges finding ways to usurp our rights and Constitution. They treat Veterans worse than the illegals they allow into this country. They are destroying our Country and the world for profit and control. These Globalists elite will stop at nothing until we have been squeezed dry financially and disposed of promptly. They call us \useless eaters\ and YOU, should all be pissed as all hell. All I want, is for all of you who read this to ask yourselves, \What have I done today to resist Tyranny?\ We need a conscious dedicated effort each day to reach out to others and find ways to resist. Be it removing your money from their banks, shopping and supporting local venders or just calling your favorite scumbag in Washington just to let them know…that we know what they are doing and do not approve. If we can all do one thing daily, we can end the take over, and get our Country back by holding the guilty accountable and free humanity once and for all. Blessings to all who have served and those who never made it back. Let’s say no to war and blaze into the future which awaits us, free of the over reaching government(s). With all the technology they have hidden from us, we can create a greener safer planet for all, and get back to what America has always been good at, leading by example.

  19. Sandy Free says:

    Troy Rodgers, all bikes are welcome! Buck Creek Faith Riders out of KY, will be making our 2nd ride to DC. We have Hondas, Trikes and of course, Harleys. Anyone willing to show honor and respect for our military are welcome! It is such an honor!!
    In the last several years, I have gained a deeper appreciation for those who have served. I always try to be aware of people around me that have and feel blessed to be able to shake their hands and thank them for what they did for me and all other Americans. Just a couple of months ago, I was in our local mall and overheard an older couple talking with a cashier. The gentleman had been in the service. I took the opportunity to do what I have done on multiple occasions and tears swelled up in his eyes as he stated, “No one, especially not a stranger, has ever thanked me.” It took everything I had within me to hold it together. Then, u know what he did, he thanked me! No, I am certainly not the one who deserves thanks. All of u who have given your service for our great country; you are the ones who deserve our respect and thanks!! Come to DC and see and experience this event as well as become a Patriot Guard Rider.

  20. HARRY says:


  21. John (BEAR) Carter says:

    My wife and I want to attend Rolling Thunder next year,2015. Due to health issues, we can’t go this year. SEE YOU ALL IN 2015!!!!!!

  22. Jim Winters says:

    My wife and I with a friend are leaving the20th to Pa. 21st to Maryland from Oakland Maine. Will be there for the ride to the Wall. First time for the three of us. First major ride for us this year. Been cold in Maine this year and just starting to warm up. 2015 ride to the Wall, a great day…..RIDE SAFE ………

  23. Bill says:

    Did my time back in 69-73. Planned to revisit the wall in July, but coming early to be a part of the thunder for the first time.

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