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History Crossword # 4 – World War II

3/29/2011 • HistoryNet

Welcome to the History Crossword Puzzle presented by HistoryNet. Every other week (for now) we’ll post a new puzzle. Some will cover a broad range of historical topics; others will have a special theme, such as the American Civil War.

Use the Comments section below to tell us what you think about this interactive feature that lets you put your knowledge of history to the test. Are the puzzles too hard? Too easy? Do you prefer general, broad-based history crossword puzzles or would you like to see more on a particular theme? What frequency would you like for posting new puzzles? Give us your thoughts.

Please note that when you click on a number or click on a clue, the full clue is revealed just below the puzzle.

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5 Responses to History Crossword # 4 – World War II

  1. historyfornovices says:

    Well, since you asked, I’d like the puzzles to be published once a week or every 2 weeks. I also like each to be about a different theme. Thanks for sharing the puzzles – they’re fun and a good topical review!

  2. MC says:

    How do you print the puzzles or download as a pdf?
    I have clicked on a puzzle and tried both options, no luck.

    • Gerald Swick, editor says:

      Look below the title, MC, and you’ll see a small green rectangle with the words “Print Friendly.” Click on that, and you should be able to print out the puzzle.

  3. James says:

    I would like to see these crossword puzzles in printable form. Is that possible?

    • HistoryNet Editor says:

      Unfortunately, James, the text above the puzzles can be printed but not the puzzles themselves because they are embedded. We regret that readers can’t print them out, but it is a coding issue.

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