18th-Century Ship Found Buried in New York

Every kid dreams of finding pirate treasure buried in the backyard. Workers excavating the site of the future World Trade Center didn’t exactly dig up a dead-man’s chest of gold doubloons, but they found a buried treasure all the same.

Twenty to thirty feet below street level, they exposed 30 feet of a wood-hulled, 18th-century sailing ship. In the late 18th and early 19th century, ship hulls were among the items used as fill to create more land for Manhattan by extending the island into the Hudson River.

A similar find was made in 1982 at 175 Water Street.

Click this link to read The New York Times article and view photos.

Additional images can be seen at examiner.com.

Click here to view video footage from NBC New York.

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  1. Patrick Johnston

    I am a great admirer of Kelly Johnson as a “hands -on” engineer. Who but him could have gotten away with designing an airplane that couldn’t take off with full fuel tanks?
    He operated under the premise that if you gave him enough money, he could build anything. He really socked it to Uncle Sam for the U-2 and, of course for the YF-12/SR-71.


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