The curated images from Yank, the Army Weekly, first issued June 17, 1942 until its last publication on December 28, 1945, captures the grimness of war as well as once again proving that military humor transcends generations. From kicking Nazis to what it’s like to date a GI, the weekly covered it all.

Special thanks to Corporal Walter Fussman — who was stationed in England during the war and brought this piece of history home — and to his daughter, Chris Konkle, who generously allowed this author access to the issues. 

  • Per original caption: "Grinning GIs are cramming captured high explosives into an abandoned street car which they sent rolling into the midst of Nazis defending Aachen, two miles away."
  • When you're lifting an Army supply truck with your bare hands it's key to make sure you lift with your back and not your knees.
  • The perfect photo doesn't exi—
  • It's funny because it's true.
  • Per original caption: "Incidentally to prove that it was a TS celebration, the boys’ pass privileges were suspended until their hair grew back.”
  • Who among us wouldn't like to give a Nazi a swift kick in the arse? This French woman in Toulon gave it her best shot in 1945.
  • A lesson in ingenuity: Cpl. Abram Warner whipped up a motorboat from a salvaged belly tank, an old pipe, and a one-cylinder motor.
  • Imagine if your claim to fame was that you had the smallest feet in the service...