Thank you for your purchase of World War II – The First 25 Years DVD-ROM. If you have installed the product and are using it successfully, we hope you find it as fantastic a resource as we do here in the office. However, if you are having problems or have questions, please use the comments section below to explain your problem and we will make every attempt to address your situation in reply. 

We have tried to ensure this is an easy-to-use product, but nothing is perfect. If you let us know the issues you are having below, it may help us add to our "known issues" list to help others in the future. Thank you for your support.

World History Group




1. Insert the DVD. If installation doesn’t automatically start, open the DVD using your ‘My Computer’ desktop shortcut. Right Click on the DVD drive and select “Explore.” Or use “Windows Explorer” to browse to the content of the DVD.

2. Double click on “Setup.exe.”

3. Follow the steps to install the application on your computer. You will need to select ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’ in order to proceed through the installation process. NOTE: You must have ‘administrative privileges’ on the computer on which you are trying to install the software or the installation process will not be able to proceed.

4. A shortcut will be installed on your desktop during the installation steps.

5. Double click on the desktop shortcut to launch the application.


1. Insert the DVD. 

2. Double click on the DVD drive icon.

3. Double click World War II.mpkg and follow the instructions. NOTE: You must have ‘administrative privileges’ on the computer on which you are trying to install the software or the installation process will not be able to proceed.

4. Open the /Applications/World History Group/World War II folder and double-click World War II to launch the application.


Known Issues

PostScript Printers Only

Please make sure you have the correct and most recent PostScript driver installed on your system. In rare cases, the print function will not work properly if an incorrect or outdated driver is installed. Please contact your printer manufacturer to obtain the correct printer driver.

Why am I prompted to enter DVD #2?

When you first install the product it will show all the issue thumbnails in the main window. However, if you click the first issue it will ask you to put in DVD #2, which contains the larger files for the first half of the archive. Older issues are on DVD #1. If you select the option to install all the issues to your hard drive (requires approx 8GB space) you will not be prompted for the DVDs in the future.