Most of our stories are assigned by our staff to professional writers. However, we do accept written proposals for features and for our Time Travel department.

Your proposal should convince us to cover the subject, describe how you would treat the subject, and give us an opportunity to judge your writing ability. Please include your writing credentials and background with your proposal. A familiarity with recent issues of the magazine is the best guide to our editorial needs. We do not consider simultaneous submissions or material that has been previously published.

Proposals may be sent by e-mail in the form of a Microsoft Word attachment to worldwar2@historynet.com.

Proposals not following the above guidelines will not be considered for submission and will not receive a response.

We do not consider unsolicited manuscripts, and will not be able to return manuscripts or answer queries that are sent to us. World War II magazine is not responsible for the return or loss of, or for damage to, unsolicited manuscripts, unsolicited artwork, or any other unsolicited materials. Those submitting manuscripts, artwork, or any other materials should not send originals unless expressly asked to do so by World War II.