Vietnam Veteran Nurse

Photo of, In this Aug. 30, 1968, photo provided by Philip Bigler, author of Hostile Fire, U.S. Army nurse Sharon Lane is congratulated by a military official as she's promoted to first lieutenant in Aurora, Colo. Lane, the only American servicewoman killed by hostile fire in the Vietnam War, has been immortalized in books, statues and a television show, and veterans still gather at her grave five decades after her death. (U.S. Army/Hostile Fire/Vandamere Press via AP)

U.S. Army nurse Sharon Lane, being congratulated upon her promotion to first lieutenant in August 1968, was killed in June 1969 during a Viet Cong rocket attack on the hospital where she worked. (U.S. Army/Vandamere Press via AP)

U.S. Army/Vandamere Press via AP