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Uhlinger’s Interesting Pistol

10/26/2010 • Civil War Images, CWT Video Blog, Gear

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    • Douglas Uhlinger says:

      So my obvious question is whether I am related to this Uhlinger. My direct ancestor, Adam Uhlinger came to the gold rush country of California in the 1850’s and founded the Uhlinger Winery, now a California H.istorical Site, so designated by the California legislature. It operates to this day, now called Sobon, and has won numerous awards, especially for its zinfandels. My grandfather, Andrew Peter Uhlinger, grew up on the winery and left for the Belgian Congo in the 1910’s as a missionary, living in the exotic, mountainous, pygmy and elephant rich eastern Congo region called the Kivu. My father, Philip Jacob Uhlinger, was born on Bogoro mission station there in 1923, and ultimately came back as an American Baptist Missionary to the Bakongo region of Western Congo. I was born at Sona Mpangu, a mission station near Leopoldville (the capital now known as Kinshasa) in 1951, leaving for college when I was 17n and eventually becoming a lawyer (appellate, criminal, legal aid) and retiring to Prescott, Arizona last year. Any geneology buffs out there?

      • Robert Uhlinger says:

        Douglas, we have the same great-great grandfather, Adam Uhlinger…..You contacted my grand daughter Nicole Uhlinger at the Univ Of Calif.at Davis. I have the family geneology if you are interested ?

  1. dourglas uhlinge says:

    Why l.o.l.?

  2. douglas uhlinger says:

    Why is this subject to an “l.o.l.”?

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