This Old Confederate House | HistoryNet

This Old Confederate House

4/18/2011 • CWT Video Blog

4 Responses to This Old Confederate House

  1. Luther Thompson says:

    This is really interesting thing to done to this historic building. Should look really good when done. Wow! L.T.

  2. Tom Hughes says:

    Very Interesting story. A real detective story to find the original material and paints. Looking forward to the completed story.

  3. Peter R. Aikman says:

    Your reporter failed to mention that the reason General Lee’s oldest son sold the property back to the Federal Government was the presence of so many northern graves on the property. The estate had been turned into a cemetery reaching almost up to the front porch. The prospect of returning to the house and living in the middle of a cemetery was incomprehensible to the Lees.

    Wonderful story! Thank you!

  4. Mike Williams says:

    This was a great video. Good reporting on Mr. Shoaf’s part. I love the discovery of an early central heating system, and can’t wait to see the finished product.

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