Do you think you know Winston Churchill? Do you have your favorite Churchill quote ready to whip out at any given moment? Do you think you’re a glow-worm?

In association with the Imperial War Museums, author Kieran Whitworth challenges what you think you know about the famed wartime PM in his latest, The Churchill Quiz Book.

Covering “all aspects of Churchill’s heroic, controversial life, from beginning to end,” Whitworth “mixes multiple-choice questions, anagrams, and truth or fiction sections,” and “proves there is much more to learn about the great British statesman, and will baffle and intrigue even the most enthusiastic fans,” according to the press release.

The book is an ideal first date icebreaker if you ask this author.

So, to all the Churchillian fans out there, good luck and Godspeed.

  • Question: Following his appointment as Prime Minister in 1940, which person did Churchill say was the only one who could kick him out of office now? A) Hitler B) Emperor Hirohito C) God
  • Question: Which three-word announcement was signalled to the Royal Navy when Churchill returned on 3 September 1939?
  • Question: The RAF found replacing pilots hard during the Battle of Britain and employed those who had fled occupied Poland and other parts of Europe. Churchill was to quip that one Polish pilot had been worth how many Frenchmen?
  • Question: True or false? On his way home from a conference in the United States in May 1943, one of the planes Churchill travelled on had an electrically heated toilet seat.
  • Question: True or false? On VE Day, Churchill spent most of the morning in bed.

*Want the answers? Check out The Churchill Quiz Book, available now.