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Sherman’s Folly at Shiloh
by Winston Groom
Before one of the Civil War’s most brutal battles, one of its finest generals ignored signs of danger—
and paid a steep price

Civil War Soldiers: Decimated by Disease
by Glenn LaFantasie
Not long after the Civil War opened in 1861, measles cut down the ranks of an Alabama infantry unit like a biblical plague or the medieval Black Death

Calm Before the Storm: 8th Georgia Infantry Regiment in the Northern Shenandoah Valley, 1861
by Warren Wilkinson and Steven E. Woodworth
After Virginia’s secession in 1861 and the start of the Civil War, General Joseph E. Johnston and his men experienced an idyllic summer in the northern Shenandoah Valley

Building the Army of the Potomac
by Stephen W. Sears
Stephen Sears writes of how the Army of the Potomac’s politically appointed generals and short-term volunteer troops nearly unhinged Lincoln’s plans in 1861 to win the Civil War

Robert E. Lee Takes Charge [Article Preview]
by Jeffrey D. Wert
General George McClellan thought he was timid. Newspapers called him ‘Granny Lee.’ But once in command, the General Robert E. Lee attacked quickly and boldly

Ask MHQ: North or South: Whose Was the Army of the Rebellion?
by Peter E. Cozzens
Nowadays "Army of the Rebellion" is most commonly used to refer to the Confederates, but during the American Civil War the term was often applied to the Union forces as well

Ten Civil War Classics
by Drew Bratcher
The country’s bloodiest war has been captured in novels, memoirs, and battle narratives. Here are 10 classics

McClellan’s War-Winning Strategy
by Donald Stoker
Not long after the Civil War began, the Union’s "young Napoleon" crafted a viable strategy to beat the South. What went wrong?

Last Chance for Peace [with Online Gallery]
by Drew Lindsay
Eyewitnesses describe the fury and anguish of the siege of Fort Sumter

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