At HistoryNet, we’ve been publishing history magazines for decades — since long before most people had email addresses. But now pretty much everyone has an email address, or even three or four of them. And nowadays, most businesses, including magazines and newspapers, communicate with their customers via email — including using email to ensure their clients get their bonus content and special extras. And HistoryNet and our magazines are taking advantage of email the same way.

So whether you signed for one or more of our magazines in the pre-Internet era or joined more recently without a valid email address, we’d like to make sure you’re connected now. That’s why we created this easy way you can link those subscriptions with the email addresses both you and we now rely on.

Why should I link my print subscription with my email address?

We want to be able to know where to find you to give you the great perks that come with your HistoryNet subscription, such as each magazine’s monthly newsletter and the great discounts and opportunities to gift HistoryNet magazine subscriptions to friends, family and fellow history lovers.

It also tells us where to send information you need about your subscription, such as important changes and when it’s time to renew.

Your email stays with us and the people who work with us to make sure you keep getting our content smoothly. We do not sell your email to third parties, marketers or other businesses. It really is 100% about helping us make your HistoryNet experience as great and kink-free as possible.

How Do I Sign Up for HistoryNet Newsletters?

It’s simple. Just find your subscriber ID number (which you’ll find on the covers of the HistoryNet magazines we send you), then fill out the forms below so we know who we’re sending our newsletters to and where to send them. Make sure you include the correct subscriber ID and use the last name we have listed for you in our files (see the helpful graphic below). Click on the consent box. Then press the red button.

And that’s it! You’ll be receiving the next issue of your HistoryNet newsletters, and all the other great HistoryNet perquisites, before you know it.

Are you looking to sign up for the HistoryNet weekly newsletter instead of one of the monthly magazine newsletters? You can sign up for the weekly HistoryNet newsletter right here — no subscription required.

How to find your subscriber ID and listed last name

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