Sketches: Eyewitness at Ia Drang

Sketches: Eyewitness at Ia Drang

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  1. Bob Beck says:

    Bills heroism and sketches that must have been hard to relive as he did them, bring honor and appreciation in all that fought and died that day. Bill and all the other heros of that unappreciated war have gained and deserve our deepest respect. Bill makes all of us Becks proud.

  2. Paul A. Beck says:


    You are truly an American Patriot and Hero, thank you for your service in defending our Constitution and Bill of Rights. You stand as an equal to those men who fought for our freedom on April 19, 1775.

    Best Regards,

    Paul Beck, Wake Forest, NC (Bob’s son, George’s grandson)

  3. Edwin Dauch says:

    Nancy & I truly felt the artwork depicts the horrors of war and what soldiers go through. You are truly respected by all true Americans. Thank you and God Bless You.

    • DON GRAY says:


  4. J. Wayne Heckert says:

    I am honored to have John(Satch)Beck as a friend. He is stalwart yet humble and, yes, a true American hero. His sketches furnish a unique, personal view of this pivotal battle which complement vividly the written historical reports.

  5. Ronnie Guyer says:

    I was blessed to be a Witness to the Heroism of many ..others: (Ronnie Guyer Battle of IA DRANG-1965 Photos)

  6. Ron Sleeis says:

    I am fortunate to have Bill Beck as a Friend & Brother.
    His photographic memory and drawings are awsome….

  7. Eric Beck says:

    We are fortunate to have Heroes such as yourself protecting our freedom. Congratulations on your Silver Star that should have been awarded to you 45 years earlier. God Bless you and America

  8. T P O'Kane Ist Bn RNZIR Nam 69 says:

    Read both of Hal’s books, fine tribute to the men of 1st and 2nd Bn 7th Cav, for their sacrifice
    at X-Ray and Albany — “Some gave all , All gave some”

  9. Nathaniel Fultz says:

    Simply great to have the drawings add depth to a moment of military history. I am able to put myself into the shoes of the soldiers there. Thank you.

  10. Chuck Ezell says:

    I Thank You for being a US Soldier and your dedication of Honor and Courage it took by you and your unit to persevere a very harrowing battle. I am always indebted to you and these fine soldiers for your selfless sacrifice.

  11. David Simmons says:

    I have read both of Lt. Gen. Moore and Joe Galloway’s books. This is a wonderful tribute to those who fought at LZ’s X-Ray and Albany, as well as to all soldiers. I was 1st Cavalry Infantry in Vietnam during 1968 and 1969, and really appreciate this.

  12. Ron Oberman says:

    your pictures are incredibly moving and imortant in our understanding of the sacrifices Americans have made in duty to our nation. I hope all Americans, no all people get to see these drawing and have the opportunity to undertand how important they are as a tribute to our magnificent troops and the grace and dignity the illustrated by our teroops in the face of incredible danger. Ron Oberman

  13. Tracy says:

    I just wanted to remark that I think the artwork is very beautiful.

  14. Dr. Gracie Lim says:

    A simple “thank you” would not be enough, and yet it is all I have to offer you. My heart and my arms stretch around you and hold you close for what you have done for me, for my children and grandchildren, and for this wonderful, beautiful country of ours.

  15. Kevin says:

    What a find!
    Thanks for your service and delivering your experiences like this.
    I recreate various historical combat situations using board games. I would love to use some of your images and content to more clearly bring the history to the present.
    I post these things on my blog and on a small you tube channel for enthusiasts.
    Please drop me a note and I can send you a link to see what I do.
    Thanks again for your service.
    The Big Board

  16. Kim says:

    All the ia drang was about was the commander hal who craved another battle since his days in georgia training ‘his’ men for future hostilities. he couldnt wait to test ‘his’ men and fell once again the challenge of battlefield tactics and getting on his walkie talkie a safe distance from the real fighting and having jets at his ready disposal once his own rear was in trouble…meanwhile he sent the troops on a suicide mission for no strategic reason with outrageous losses…and once again the men…dead, wounded and alive were hauled out by choppers leaving any won territory to the enemy in nam….shameful…the entire view nam affair was purely economic and also a feeding of the ‘brave’ leaders like hal and the pentagon who wanted to test weapons and battlefield tactics..bored as hell..and ready for a good fight…but for what…now some of the same battlefields are now pga syle golf courses in nam and the country flourishes under captalism much more the amerika which is deep and debt and despair….the military industrial complex is alive and well

  17. Kim says:

    i think hal moore should have been court martialed for the entire ia drang affair…it was no different than custer leading his men to a slaughter all for ego and self-indulgence as the expense of his own men…

  18. Brad Kimble says:

    Kim, Hal was/is a great leader and was following orders. Go milk Obama some more.

  19. Dave Sosnowski says:

    I haven’t seen Satch in a few years. I’m glad you were awarded the Silver Star. I was sorry to here CSM Plumley had passed away.

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