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Pop Culture History Resources

By Jay Wertz
4/14/2010 • Arts and Culture, Pop Culture History

Want to know more about how popular culture has influenced society? Here are some recommended books and Websites.

Francis, Mark, editor and Hal Foster, Pop, London, Phaidon Press, Inc., 2005

Freeth, Nick, Made in America: From Levi’s to Barbie to Google, New York, Fall River Press, 2009

Hammel, William M., editor, The Popular Arts in America – A Reader, New York, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1972

Harrington, C. Lee, Diane D. Bielby, and Denise D. Bielby, editors, Popular Culture: production and consumption, Malden, Mass., Blackwell Publishers, 2001

Solomon, Harvey and Rich Appel, Book of Days: ’60s: A Day-by-Day Look at the Pop Culture Moments That Made History, New York, Metro Books, 2009

American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century

Canadian Broadcasting Centre Digital Archives

20th century – The Art and Popular Culture Encyclopdia

A guide to the 20th century

Popular Culture – A Speech by Dario Fo

TV Tango

Are you aware of resources we’ve overlooked? Tell us about them in Comments below.

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