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Pop Culture History Online Reading

By Jay Wertz
4/14/2010 • Arts and Culture, Pop Culture History

100 Greatest Western Movies
From Wild West magazine. Did your favorites make the list?

100 Greatest Spy Movies
From American History magazine, it’s Bond vs. Bourne vs. Bogart.

Trick or Treat – Halloween Costumes of the 1930s
Some costumes are perennial, but when was the last time Jiggs and Maggie rang your doorbell asking for candy?

Jackie Kennedy’s Leopard Coat
The First Lady didn’t mean to become a threat to jungle cats, but . . .

The Restaurant, Playground, Pony Ride, Passion Pit, Swap Meet, Movie Theater – History of Drive-Ins, PART I
The Restaurant, Playground, Pony Ride, Passion Pit, Swap Meet, Movie Theater: History of Drive-Ins, Part II

Drive-in movies offered something to everyone, from family entertainment to steaming up the windows.

The Royal Shakespeare Company: Still Playing The Part
The RSC has rediscovered its original mandate to keep Shakespeare’s plays alive for modern audiences.

Hollywood Got It Wrong
When Hollywood thinks war isn’t dramatic enough, it tends to take artistic license with history; some of the top misrepresentations, from The Alamo to Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Hobby Games The 100 Best – Book Review
Bored with board games? This book will guide you to 100 unusual choices, selected by game designers themselves.

History Meets Vinyl – Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America
Comedians from Bill Cosby to Bob Newhart to George Carlin used record albums reach a broader audience, but nobody did jokes on vinyl better than Stan Freberg.

Saving the Village Pub
The traditional British pub is an endangered species, but the residents of Llanarmon-yn-lal weren’t about to let The Raven Inn’s wings get clipped.

Music About the Alamo Through the Years
The Alamo has inspired more music than just movie themes. Songs about the 13 days of glory go back to at least the 1840s.

What Happened to April Fool’s Day?
Have we lost our annual celebration of hand buzzers and squirting lapel flowers? And just how did that celebration get started in the first place?

This Is Cinerama
This post–World War II cinema technique was the father and king of all widescreen film formats.

President Ronald Reagan and Blue Jelly Beans
Ronald Reagan’s search for something to help overcome a pipe=smoking habit brought fame to a humble candy.

Sexting: the Convergence of Two Revolutions – Part I
Sexting: the Convergence of Two Revolutions – Part II
The Sexual Revolution of the Sixties mates with today’s social media technology.

McKellar and Hypatia Prove the Theorem that Girls Can Do Math
An ’80s television star escapes the fate of a fourth-century female mathematician while proving girls can do math.

Civil War Talk Radio
Not all talk radio is uncivil; this program is very civil—as in Civil War.

G. I. Joe and the Action Figure
Calling him an action figure instead of a doll created a multimillion-dollar pop culture icon.

Fashionistas on the Court
Not a critique of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s wardrobe but the story of a 1920s tennis queen called The Divine.

Hollywood, History and Presidents
Many actors have played America’s chief executive in films–some more successfully than others.

Revere – Comic Review
Long before the book Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, hit the bestseller lists, this comic book told the story of Paul Revere and a secret brotherhood defending the American colonies from monsters.

Woodstock – Looking Back on 3 Days of Peace and Music
Woodstock: Looking Back on 3 Days of Peace and Music Part II
Woodstock: Looking Back on 3 Days of Peace and Music Part III
Like, peace, love and a social phenomenon, man.

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