Peter Cozzens: My Favorite Civil War Book

Peter Cozzens: My Favorite Civil War Book

By Peter Cozzens
6/17/2010 • CWT Video Blog

What’s your favorite Civil War book?

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  2. Bill Pratt says:

    The history of Rome Hanks and kindred matters
    Joseph Stanley Pennell

    Looks good, will have to add it to the long to do list!

  3. Sceamin Eagle says:

    Shelby Foote’s three volume set, no better reading history becasue they read like a novel.

  4. bruce b says:

    Cozzen’s book on Chickamauga, hands down. Second best is the book on the Wilderness battle, i think by Steere.

  5. Andrew says:

    One of my all-time favorites is Gettysburg Requiem: The Life and the Lost Causes of Confederate Colonel William C. Oates by Glenn W. Lafantasie. This is a great look at an interesting man that I had never previously come across in my readings, but had a signifiant role in the post-bellum South and war.

  6. Eric Weider says:

    What do you mean you’re going out to lunch? No time for lunch! :-)
    Thanks for the interesting interview and look forward to reading this book.

  7. Darryl Raby says:

    Way too many, but
    Grierson’s Raid by D. Alexander Brown (great exploit) & for a series Ordeal of the Union by Allan Nevins (incrediably comprehensive)

  8. Richard Williams says:

    Interesting interview. I’m ordering the book from Amazon.

    My favorite WBTS book would have to be Bud Robertson’s biography of Jackson. I also love “The LIberty Hall Volunteers – Stonewall’s College Boys” by W.G. Bean.

  9. Chris Evans says:

    Looking forward to reading ‘The history of Rome Hanks and kindred matters’.

    One of my favorite nonfictional books on the Civil War is ‘Stillness at Appomattox’ by Bruce Catton. I also greatly enjoy all of Cozzens Civil War books among many others on the war.

    My favorite fictional book on the Civil War is ‘The Black Flower’ by Howard Bahr. It is a truly moving and fantastic read.


  10. Sher Plunkett says:

    Douglas C. Jones’ paired novels ELKHORN TAVERN and BAREFOOT BRIGADE are the first books to come to mind for Civil War fiction. Mr. Cozzens’ books are right at the top of my list for Civil War non-fiction. And he deserves thanks for his service as a Foreign Service Officer, as well.

  11. Stephen B Tolces says:

    How about Henderson’s Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War, D.S Freemans Lee’s Lieutenants. I also love the Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant. These are older books but are among the best ever writen about the Civil War.

  12. Don says:

    I too love Henderson’s book on Stonewall Jackson. My favorite at the moment is Thomas DiLorezo’s book, “The Real Lincoln”. It really opened my eyes up. Hostory is always taught by the victor and I believe we’ve been all taught a bunch of lies about Abe.

  13. Juan says:

    my favorite Civil War books are Shelby Foote’s 3 volume narrative, without a doubt.

  14. C.D. says:

    Good articles make you think … And then you reflect ..
    13 people reflected they thought which book was best …..

    Here is my reflection “Lea’s Tigers” and “Ranger Mosby”

  15. S K Smith says:

    For me it is “Servants of the Wind”. It follows the 111th Penn Vol. on a enlisted mans view of thier lives, opinions, and hardships both on the battlefield and back home for thier friends and relatives. Ferry used real people that can found on the Co. rosters and real letters home. For me it was more personal as I have a relative Cpl. Christian Atkinson that serve with 111th, co. F, was wounded at the battle of Cedar Mtn. , captured, exchanged, and sucumbed to pneumonia at the hospital in Alexandria. I have copies of his letters to his sister during this ordeal and also from his Cpt., his Chaplain, and a friend who was also wounded and survived also to his sister. The book really brought his days forward into my life as real as it can get. Magical.

  16. Tom Custer says:

    I’ve jead read ‘GETTYSBURG… OTHER TIMES’ and enjoyed it very much. A real page turner.

  17. JR Schroeder says:

    “The History of Rome Hanks and Kindred Matters” is the best book NOT read in the last 50 years. The battle scenes make “Saving Private Ryan” look like a Sunday school picnic. Pennell’s use of dialect is ingenious; tho it takes some effort to understand what he is doing, it is well worth it. Unbelievable book.

    I bought an original 1944 edition for 50 cents at a used book stall in Gilbertsville PA 20 years ago. I picked up a second 1944 copy last month at a used book fair.

  18. Mark Dotson says:

    Peter Cozzens’ “Shenandoah 1862” about Stonewall Jackson’s Valley campaign is excellent. Gordon Rhea’s four-volume series on the Grant vs. Lee 1864 Overland Campaign were all fantastic reads (great maps too).

  19. James V says:

    I have several favorites that hold a special place in my Civil War library and my heart. Cozzens’ work on Chickamauga is a superbly told account of that battle, which holds a personal meaning to me as my great, great, great grandfather fought with the 33rd Alabama, in Cleburne’s division, and subsequently wounded there. He was later taken prisoner at Nashville and sent north to Camp Douglas, Il where he died in captivity. For that reason, the subject of Civil War prisons interests me. On that subject, Lonnie Speer’s Portals to Hell is an excellent book on the subject. Bruce Catton’s trilogy on the Army of the Potomac-Mr Lincoln’s Army, Glory Road, and Stillness at Appomattox should be required reading for any student of the Civil War.

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