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Oliver Howard Facts


November 8, 1830 Leeds, Maine


October 26, 1909 Burlington, Vermont

Years Of Service



Major General


XI Corps
IV Corps
Army of the Tennessee
Freedmen’s Bureau
United States Military Academy


First Battle of Bull Run
Battle of Seven Pines
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Chancellorsville
Battle of Gettysburg
Battles for Chattanooga
Atlanta Campaign
Sherman’s March to the Sea
Carolinas Campaign
Indian Wars

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Oliver Howard summary: Oliver Howard was a US Army officer and a general for the Union in the Civil War. He was born in Maine the son of Eliza Otis Howard and Rowland Bailey Howard. His father passed away when Howard was only nine. He graduated in 1850 from Bowdoin College when he was only 19. He then went to the US Military Academy where he graduated fourth of 46 in 1854. He married his wife Elizabeth Waite and had seven children with her.

Oliver Howard In The Civil War

When the Civil War started, Oliver Howard received an appointment of colonel for the Third Maine Infantry Division and he was commander of a brigade during the first battle of Bull Run. In 1861 he received a promotion to brigadier general. He fought during the Peninsula Campaign and then was wounded during Fair Oaks. His right arm was then amputated and he received a Medal of Honor for his heroism is 1893. His Corps were attacked during Chancellorsville and they were almost decimated. This happened due to a lack of planning in the part of Howard. He had received a warning about the problem with his flank by General Hooker but he did not pay much attention to the warning. Gettysburg ended up seeing the reputation of his XI Corps ruined.

Oliver Howard After The War

Howard served on other military posts after the war including the Freedman’s Bureau and then he was the commander of the Department of Columbia. Howard also played a role in the founding of Howard University. Howard died eventually in the city of Burlington in Vermont and he was buried at Lake View Cemetery. A bust of Oliver Howard can be found at Howard University and a statue at the East Cemetery Hill in the Gettysburg Battlefield.


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