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Henson Studios: Kermit Channels Charlie Chaplin on La Brea

8/23/2016 • HistoryNet, HistoryNet Video, Mag: American History American Place

HENSON STUDIOS honors the builder of one of LA’s oldest production lots by dressing Kermit the Frog like Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp. In 1917, when the actor/director/producer bought acreage at 1416 North LaBrea Avenue in Los Angeles, the property was an orange grove. Chaplin marked his turf with a signature and shoeprints splayed Tramp-style in concrete near the soundstage on which he made Gold Rush, The Great Dictator, and many more. In 1960, Red Skelton began taping his TV show on-premises—and moved Chaplin’s signed sidewalk to his Palm Springs pad. Skelton sold to CBS, which produced TV series Perry Mason at 1416. In 1966 A&M Records arrived, adding studios. Quincy Jones secretly convened 50 music stars at A&M to record 1985’s “We Are the World.” The Hensons, owners since 1999, restored Chaplin’s screening room and film lab—and reproduced the Chaplin signature slab. A trompe l’oeil image of Chaplin graces a door in Kermie’s gatehouse. The lot is closed except when someone rents the courtyard or soundstage, but a tour of the historic property awaits here:

History of Henson Studios

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