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3/25/1934, Toledo, Ohio


David Bale


Renowned journalist most famous for championing women’s rights

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Gloria Steinem summary: Gloria Steinem was born in Toledo, Ohio on March 25th, 1934. Her father, an antiques dealer, moved the family all over the United States for business. Gloria’s mother, who worked as both a teacher and a journalist throughout her lifetime, suffered a nervous breakdown and after divorcing her husband, Gloria’s father, the family moved to Washington, DC. Gloria received her schooling there while taking care of her mother, and she later attended Smith College, where she studied politics and government.

Gloria Steinhem The Journalist

Gloria began her career as a journalist in New York, where she worked hard to hold her own in a field dominated by men. She received notoriety early, however, with an investigative piece she wrote while working undercover as a Bunny in a Playboy club. Her expose revealed the dark side of what many disbelieved to be a glamorous life, including the hard work she endured for little pay and the sexual harassment she dealt with on a daily basis.

Ms. Magazine And Women’s Right Activist

During the late 60s, Gloria wrote a political column and acted as a contributing editor for New York Magazine. She launched her own magazine, Ms., in 1972, and the magazine’s championing of women’s rights made it a best seller. The magazine covered a wide range of topics, including sexual harassment and gender bias in the workplace and politics. Gloria published numerous essays and several books. She was also active in political campaigns, speaking out on women’s issues. She cofounded numerous political organizations for women, including Choice USA and the Women’s Action Alliance. She married when she was 66 years old, but she was widowed a few years later. Today, she continues her work to achieve equal rights for women across all domains.