Information about The Battle Of Fort (Ft.) Donelson, a Western Theater Civil War Battle of the American Civil War

Fort Donelson Facts
Location: Fort Donelson, Tennessee
Dates: February 11-16, 1862
Generals: Union: Ulysses S. Grant | Confederate: John B. Floyd
Soldiers Engaged: Union Army: 24,000 | Confederate Army: 16,000
Outcome: Union Victory
Casualties: Union: 2,600 | Confederate: 13,800

Fort Donelson Summary: The Battle of Fort Donelson involved the capture of Ft. Donelson, Tennessee and provided access to the Cumberland River as a means of invading the Confederacy. It was fought from February 11 to February 16, 1862 and established General Ulysses S. Grant as a major figure of The Civil War


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