Civil War Eleven Star Confederate First National Flag from the Personal Effects of Lt. Henry Bedinger Davenport 2nd Virginia Inf. CSA and Likely Associated with That Unit. Accompanied by Fonda Thomsen Analysis. 53″ on the hoist and 84 1/2″ on the fly, with the fly and canton composed of a single layer of red , white and blue wool challis. The stars are constructed of white cotton, appliqued to both sides of the canton. The flag is intact as originally constructed but exhibits a number of tears, all of which show what appear to be period repairs. The leading edge has a 3/8″ hem, turned to the obverse then sewn in place with one row of running stitch. The fabric was then rolled around a 1/8″ diameter hemp rope and stitched in place. Although Ms. Thomsen is unable to confirm any signs the flag was used in battle, she does believe the damage is primarily the result of very heavy period use and characterizes it as a “very well constructed, honest flag of the Civil War era”. A nice First National flag, purchased by the consignor directly from Davenport’s grand niece, along with his uniform which is listed elsewhere in this catalog.
Sold for: $20,315.00