Confederate 13 Star Third National Flag, accompanied by Fonda Thomsen analysis report. Large, all cotton, 64″ on the hoist and 118″ on the fly, the flag is constructed of one layer of cotton. The Army of Northern Virginia pattern canton is 41″ high and 40″ wide. Each arm of the cross is 6 3/8″ wide with a 1 5/8″ white cotton border. The thirteen white cotton stars, 3″ from tip to tip, have been applied to both sides of the canton. The hoist is of a very coarse cotton fabric wrapped around the end to form a 1½” heading. It bears an ink museum accession number that appears to be “771 – H -11 – 77 April ??”. The method of attachment appears to be a series of tacks as evidenced by rust stains in the fabric. The flag is entirely machine sewn using a lockstitch machine with 3/2 S cabled thread. The flag is soiled, with some staining, and has lost about 20% of the fabric to rodent damage.

Ms. Thomsen concludes that the flag is intact as originally constructed, with no alterations or additions and is consistent with documented flags of the late 19th century or early 20 century. “The materials and construction of this flag suggest post Civil War veterans era period of construction” with the red dye apparently being a synthetic “placing it after 1870.” Despite the damage and the post war period of manufacture the flag is loaded with character and would make a nice backdrop to a Confederate presentation.
Sold for: $1,166.32