Photo of Operation Linebacker was the title of a U. S. Seventh Air Force and U. S. Navy Task Force 77 aerial interdiction campaign conducted against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) from 9 May to 23 October 1972, during the Vietnam War. Its purpose was to halt or slow the transportation of supplies and materials for the Nguyen Hue Offensive (known in the West as the Easter Offensive), an invasion of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), by forces of the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN), that had been launched on 30 March. Linebacker was the first continuous bombing effort conducted against North Vietnam since the bombing halt instituted by President Lyndon B. Johnson in November 1968.

A U.S. Navy A-7E bombs North Vietnam’s Hai Duong bridge during Operation Linebacker in May 1972. May 10 turned out to be a day of dramatic duels between North Vietnamese and American pilots. (Naval History and Heritage Command)

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