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Facts, information and articles about the Claus Von Stauffenberg, the man who tried to kill Adolf Hitler

Claus Von Stauffenberg Facts


15 November 1907


21 July 1944 (Executed)


Attempt to murder Adolph Hitler

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Claus Von Stauffenberg summary: Claus von Stauffenberg was an officer of the German army during World War II. Despite his role as an army officer, von Stauffenberg was horrified by the actions of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party. Von Stauffenberg is known for his failed assignation attempt of Adolph Hitler as part of Operation Valkyrie, a mission planned by von Stauffenberg and other anti-Nazi Germans. The goal of the failed mission was to assassinate Hitler and overthrow the Nazi party during the ensuing chaos.

Because his position in the army gave him access to Hitler, von Stauffenberg was chosen to carry out the assassination attempt. Despite suffering serious injuries in 1943 that cost him an eye, a hand, and two additional fingers, von Stauffenberg was determined to carry out his mission. In 1944, the opportunity presented itself when he was selected as Chief of Staff of the replacement army, which put him in close proximity to Hitler and his offices.

Armed with two plastic explosives in his briefcase, von Stauffenberg managed to arm one and place it under a table where Hitler sat. The bomb was detonated moments after von Stauffenberg left the room. Four people were killed in the explosion, but Hitler was only injured slightly. Following the assassination attempt, von Stauffenberg and several others were executed by a firing squad.

After the failed assassination attempt, von Stauffenberg’s pregnant wife and other adult family members were rounded up, questioned, and sent to concentration camps. His children were, under Hitler’s orders, to change their names and be raised by an SS soldier’s family. Von Stauffenberg’s brother and uncle were later killed, but his wife was later liberated, as were his children.

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