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Claus Von Stauffenberg

By Nigel Jones
12/22/2008 • World War II

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15 November 1907


21 July 1944 (Executed)


Attempt to murder Adolph Hitler

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Claus Von Stauffenberg summary: Claus von Stauffenberg was an officer of the German army during World War II. Despite his role as an army officer, von Stauffenberg was horrified by the actions of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party. Von Stauffenberg is known for his failed assignation attempt of Adolph Hitler as part of Operation Valkyrie, a mission planned by von Stauffenberg and other anti-Nazi Germans. The goal of the failed mission was to assassinate Hitler and overthrow the Nazi party during the ensuing chaos.

Because his position in the army gave him access to Hitler, von Stauffenberg was chosen to carry out the assassination attempt. Despite suffering serious injuries in 1943 that cost him an eye, a hand, and two additional fingers, von Stauffenberg was determined to carry out his mission. In 1944, the opportunity presented itself when he was selected as Chief of Staff of the replacement army, which put him in close proximity to Hitler and his offices.

Armed with two plastic explosives in his briefcase, von Stauffenberg managed to arm one and place it under a table where Hitler sat. The bomb was detonated moments after von Stauffenberg left the room. Four people were killed in the explosion, but Hitler was only injured slightly. Following the assassination attempt, von Stauffenberg and several others were executed by a firing squad.

After the failed assassination attempt, von Stauffenberg’s pregnant wife and other adult family members were rounded up, questioned, and sent to concentration camps. His children were, under Hitler’s orders, to change their names and be raised by an SS soldier’s family. Von Stauffenberg’s brother and uncle were later killed, but his wife was later liberated, as were his children.

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Claus von Stauffenberg – The Man Who Tried to Kill Hitler

Enraged by the attempt on his life, Hitler insisted that the very name ‘Stauffenberg’ be wiped from history

July 20, 1944, found the Stauffenberg family gathered, as they had so many summers before, at their rambling country house in the village of Lautlingen, in the rolling Swabian Alps of southern Germany. With the war in its fifth year and taking an increasingly ominous turn for Germany, most of the adult male members of the aristocratic Catholic clan—twins Alexander and Berthold, and their brilliant younger brother Claus—were absent. Presiding over the household of six boisterous children were Claus’s wife, Nina; the children’s grandmother, Caroline, and their great-aunt Alexandrine; and their great-uncle Nikolaus Üxküll, known to all as “Uncle Nux.” Only he knew that their lives were about to be shattered.

“By then the war was getting uncomfortably close,” Claus’s eldest son, Berthold, recalled in a recent interview—which made the escape from their house in Bamberg, some 130 miles to the northeast, especially welcome. “Even in that provincial backwater there were constant air raids and raid alarms, and I had to sit my school exams in an underground shelter. The continual memorial services for those who had fallen at the front—at which I often served as a Catholic altar boy—were another grim reminder of the war. Nevertheless, Nazi control was still absolute. We were fed a constant diet of propaganda promising us Endsieg, or ‘final victory,’ in the state-controlled press and radio, which I naturally believed.”

So keen a young Nazi was the then-10-year-old boy that he was bitterly disappointed to be just three days too young to join that year’s intake of the Jungvolk, the junior branch of the Hitler Youth. “My dearest wish was to march through Bamberg carrying a Nazi banner at the head of a youth parade,” said Berthold. “Fortunately my mother who, unknown to me, shared my father’s anti-Nazi views, prevented this.”

Berthold’s father, Claus Schenk, Count von Stauffenberg—a religious man with a philosophic bent, an accomplished horseman, and a lover of poetry—was about to become infamous for those anti-Nazi views. At about the same time his family was sitting down to lunch at Lautlingen on that sweltering July day, Stauffenberg was placing a bomb, hidden inside his briefcase, under a conference table at Wolfschanze (“Wolf’s Lair”), Hitler’s headquarters in East Prussia, in an attempt to assassinate the führer and overthrow his regime. Stauffenberg came within a hair’s breadth of accomplishing his goal when the bomb exploded at approximately 12:40 p.m., demolishing the room and killing three officers and a secretary. But Hitler was merely wounded—and it was the Stauffenberg family instead that was torn apart in the aftermath of the attempted coup.

Young Berthold had not seen much of his father since the war began. Thirty-six-year-old Colonel von Stauffenberg was a popular and able career soldier, singled out by his superiors for a glittering future. He had served as a staff officer in the conquest of Poland in 1939, the invasion of France in 1940, and the campaign against Russia in 1941. Initially Stauffenberg gave the prewar Hitler regime the benefit of the doubt. But from 1942 onward, that changed dramatically. Nauseated by the mass murder of Jews and the treatment of civilian populations on the eastern front, and by Hitler’s insatiable appetite for war and his reckless military incompetence, Stauffenberg joined fellow officers in actively conspiring against Nazi rule.

In early 1943, Stauffenberg was posted to Tunisia as senior staff officer to the 10th Panzer Division for the last days of the North African campaign. Rommel’s once-vaunted Afrika Korps was now penned in against the sea, trapped by the Americans advancing from the west and the British from the east. The fighting was intense, and in April Stauffenberg was seriously wounded when an American aircraft strafed his Horch staff car. One officer in the back seat was killed and Stauffenberg, whose body was pitted with shrapnel, lost his left eye, his right hand, and two fingers on his left hand. Evacuated to Munich, he astonished doctors with the speed of his recovery. Within weeks he had learned to dress himself using his teeth and his three remaining fingers. His performance was so dexterous that he joked he didn’t know what he had ever used his other seven fingers for.

In the summer of 1943, Stauffenberg joined his family at Lautlingen for a prolonged convalescence. Once he returned to his duties that fall, the conspiracy took on momentum as his fellow plotters got him assigned to a staff position with the Ersatzheer, or Replacement Army, headquartered in Berlin. There, he directed revisions to Replacement Army mobilization orders, code-named “Valkyrie,” as cover for a military putsch that would use its troops to overthrow the regime in the confusion following a successful assassination of Hitler.

The decision to topple Hitler weighed heavily on Stauffenberg. Was it right, he asked a relative in mid-1943, to sacrifice the salvation of one’s own soul if one might thereby save thousands of lives? He concluded that it was not only right, but imperative. Around that same time, he told several people, including Margarethe von Oven, a Replacement Army secretary who typed the orders he drafted, that he was consciously “committing high treason.” He added that, faced with such an evil regime, he had had to choose between action and inaction, and as an active Christian there could only be one decision.

In June 1944, Stauffenberg was named Replacement Army chief of staff. This was a key post, giving him regular access to Hitler at the führer’s military conferences. As Germany’s military situation steadily worsened, Stauffenberg worked to perfect the plot and overturn the regime in time to prevent a Soviet invasion of Germany. Able, energetic, and charismatic, he became the head, heart, and guiding hand of the conspiracy.

Berthold saw his father just three times after he joined the Replacement Army: for two days at Christmas; in January at the funeral of Berthold’s maternal grandfather; and for a week’s leave in June 1944, which coincided with the Allied invasion of Normandy. Despite Germany’s increasingly precarious position, Berthold maintained his boyish belief in final victory—placing his faith in the V-1 flying bombs and V-2 rockets designed by Wernher von Braun and raining down on Britain even as the Allied armies closed in on the Reich.

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“Naturally,” Berthold recently recalled, “I had absolutely no idea what my father was planning and preparing, nor did I realize how much my mother knew of his views.” For reasons of security, neither she nor anyone else in the family, save Uncle Nux and Claus’s brother Berthold—a fellow participant in the plot—were aware of Stauffenberg’s precise plans to kill Hitler. But she knew of and shared her husband’s disgust with the increasingly criminal Nazi regime, and had to carefully conceal her opinions. “The papers were full of the dire fate of those who listened to foreign radio stations, traded on the black market, or spread defeatist rumors,” said Berthold. “Such cases usually ended in a death sentence.”

In mid-1944 the situation looked increasingly grim and by mid-July, Stauffenberg was en route to Wolfschanze. In his briefcase he carried a bomb composed of plastic high explosive, which he had decided—despite his crippling injuries—to prime and detonate himself at the earliest opportunity. Only his closest confederates in the conspiracy knew this. He had asked Nina to delay her departure to Lautlingen so that he might first speak with her, likely for the last time. But he couldn’t reveal the reason, and she had already made travel arrangements, so on July 18, she and the children left Bamberg for Lautlingen.

There was quite a gathering that summer at the old family seat, where Claus and his brothers had spent idyllic childhood vacations before the First World War. Claus’s four children—Berthold and his three younger siblings: brothers Heimaren and Franz-Ludwig, aged eight and six, and sister Valerie, aged three—joined their two cousins, the five- and six-year-old children of their uncle Berthold.

Claus’s eldest son recalled with precise clarity how he learned of the event that shattered his family’s lives. “On 21st July I heard a radio report of a ‘criminal attack on the führer,’” Berthold said. “But my questions about this were evaded, and the adults tried to keep me and my next youngest brother Heimaren away from the radio.

“Instead, we children were taken for a long country walk by our great-uncle Nux—a former general staff officer in the Austrian Imperial Army—who kept us entertained with stories of his youthful adventures as a big-game hunter in Africa,” said Berthold. “Naturally, none of us knew that he, too, was a member of the anti-Hitler conspiracy. Today, I still ask myself what thoughts were going through his head during that walk.” Uncle Nux would be tried and hanged a few weeks later for his part in the plot.

The following day, Nina took her two eldest sons aside and gently told them that it was their father who had attempted to assassinate Hitler. She also revealed that he had been executed by firing squad late that same day, after the failure of his desperate attempts to launch the Valkyrie putsch in the wake of the bombing. Finally, as if all this was not enough, she told the boys that she was expecting her fifth child.

“Our world split apart at a stroke,” Berthold said. “When I asked in perplexity why my father had wanted to kill the führer, my mother answered that he had believed that he had to do it for Germany’s sake.

“The news of the bomb attack came as a thunderbolt. Not only did we love our always-cheerful father above all things; he was also the absolute authority over our lives—even if he was often absent soldiering. The shock was so profound that I believe I was unable to think clearly about anything from that moment until the end of the war. Actually, there was no time for thinking at all because from then on the blows started to fall on us thick and fast.”

That night, the Gestapo arrested Nina and Uncle Nux and took them to Berlin. The following night, even Claus’s aging mother and aunt Alexandrine, a Red Cross official, were arrested. The Nazis were carrying out the brutal Sippenhaft (“kin detention”) decree, under which not only the conspirators but their entire family, children and the elderly included, were to be arrested and punished. For the moment, the children, bewildered and afraid, remained at Lautlingen under the care of a nanny and their grandmother’s housekeeper—and under the watchful eyes of two Gestapo officials billeted at the house.

“Isolated as we were—even from our playmates in the village—we felt like outcasts from society,” recalled Berthold. “I will never forget that feeling. The only person we were allowed to see was the village priest, who gave us his blessing, and warned us that hard times might be coming for us. Nevertheless, he told us above all never to forget for what our father had died. Only today do I realize how brave it was of him to say that.”

On August 17, 1944, Claus von Stauffenberg’s four children and his brother Berthold’s two were taken from their home and put on a train. Their destination was Bad Sachsa, a Nazi children’s home near Nordhausen, set amid the Harz Mountains of central Germany. Here they were separated according to their age and gender and housed in chalets. Over the next few weeks the children of other conspirators joined them. Berthold was held in a chalet with around nine other boys roughly his age. Their confinement was not stringent. Although the home’s director, Fraulein Kohler, was a strict and authoritarian Nazi who proudly sported her party badge, her deputy, Fraulein Verch, and the other staff treated the children of the “traitors” kindly. Unlike many other Germans in the closing days of the war, they were fed well, albeit sparsely, with a secular Nazi “grace” before meals replacing the religious prayers of their family.

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“Our biggest deprivation was having no news from the outside world,” Berthold said. “There was no radio and no newspapers, and until Christmas 1944 we had no idea whether our mother was alive or dead.” Christmas, however, brought a surprise gift they had not dared to hope for: an unexpected visit from their aunt Melitta, the wife of Claus’s brother Alexander, who—partly because he was posted to occupied Greece and partly because of his dreamy, unworldly nature—had not been made privy to the plot by his two brothers.

Melitta von Stauffenberg had forged a successful career as an aircraft designer and test pilot in the Luftwaffe, reaching the rank of Flugkapitän and receiving the Iron Cross. Her talents were so extraordinary—she specialized in dive-bombers and had made more than 2,000 test flights—that the Nazis willingly overlooked both her gender and her Jewish heritage. Although she had been arrested along with Alexander under the Sippenhaft decree, Melitta had, with incredible chutzpah, not only persuaded the Nazis to release her, but also insisted, as the price of her continuing work as a test pilot, that she be allowed to visit her husband, her sister-in-law Nina, and the children. Amazingly, the Nazis agreed to these terms.

As a result, she blew into Bad Sachsa at Christmas with an armful of presents and the news that Nina, though in detention, was still alive. “That was the best Christmas present we could have wished for,” Berthold recalled. A month later, the sympathetic Fraulein Verch told the children that their mother had given birth to a daughter. She was born the same day, January 27, 1945, that the Red Army occupied both Auschwitz and Hitler’s Wolfschanze headquarters—the scene of Stauffenberg’s abortive bombing.

Even as the war neared its end, however, the outlook for the children was darkening. Enraged by the attempt on his life, Hitler had insisted that the very name “Stauffenberg” be wiped from history. The decision was made to rename the children “Meister” and to have them adopted by a loyal Nazi—even possibly SS—family and brought up accordingly. The first step was to remove them from their relatively comfortable quarters at Bad Sachsa and send them to the notorious Buchenwald concentration camp. Only a miraculous twist of fate prevented this.

The Stauffenberg children departed for Buchenwald on Easter, 1945, traveling in an army truck to the Nordhausen railway station to board a train for the camp. They were on the outskirts of Nordhausen when an Allied air raid hit the town. “It destroyed the whole quarter around the station, including the station itself,” Berthold remembered. “The Nazis had no option but to take us back to Bad Sachsa, much to our relief.”

A few days later, on April 11, the American 104th “Timberwolf” Infantry Division arrived in Nordhausen. But German resistance in the hills and woods around the town was stubborn, and the U.S. Army had to threaten to level those parts of the town still standing before its residents surrendered. “We had a grandstand view of the fighting, with U.S. Mustangs and Lightnings roaring overhead,” Berthold recalled. “Once the war got too close for comfort when the strawberry patch in the chalet’s garden got shot up.” American soldiers searched the chalet, and the mayor of Nordhausen arrived to tell its occupants they were free. Although two nurses remained behind to look after the children, they were largely left to their own devices and spent the time roaming the local woods in search of spent ammunition and other war booty.

Then, as if by magic, another aunt came to their rescue. On June 11, the children’s great-aunt Alexandrine arrived in a Red Cross bus. She had come to take them home to Lautlingen, where their world had fallen apart almost a year before. Back in Lautlingen, Berthold and his siblings mourned the deaths of their father, their uncle Berthold, and their great-uncle Nux—all executed by the Nazis—and of their maternal grandmother, who had succumbed to typhus in an SS camp. Their brave aunt Melitta had also perished. In the last days of the war, the plane she’d been flying to visit her husband had been strafed by an American fighter. Although she had managed to land the plane, her leg was severed and she bled to death. Still worse for the children, their mother was missing.

Within a few days, however, Nina, too, miraculously arrived at Lautlingen—cradling her new daughter Konstanze. She filled in the story of the missing months: after her arrest she had been brought to Gestapo headquarters in Berlin and intensively interrogated about her husband. From there she was moved to the women’s concentration camp at Ravensbrück and, later, to a maternity home to give birth; then mother and baby were hastily evacuated by train ahead of the advancing Red Army. They picked up an infection on the overcrowded train and were treated in a hospital at Potsdam before being entrusted to a single policeman. “He was supposed to take them to Schonberg where other Sippenhaft captives were held, but the war was almost over and his only wish was to go home,” said Berthold. “Before abandoning them to their fate he got my mother to write him a certificate saying that he had done his duty as far as he could—so very German!” Left near the town of Hof, Nina and baby Konstanze had become the first Sippenhaft captives to be freed by the U.S. Army.

“Not that anyone felt very free in the devastated state that was Germany,” Berthold said. The home at Lautlingen became a sanctuary for frightened villagers after French Moroccan troops occupying the village ran amok, looting and raping. The refugees at the house also briefly included the families of the Gestapo officials who had been billeted there. At the railway station, Berthold watched the luckless remnants of the Vlasov Army—a force of Russian renegades who had fought with the Germans against their Communist countrymen and who, ironically, his father had helped raise and equip—being herded onto trains for forced repatriation to Stalin’s tender mercies.

Finally, however, the surviving Stauffenbergs began to pick up the pieces of their lives. The recovery process was a long one. Their townhouse in Bamberg, for instance—which had been used by the U.S. Intelligence Corps and was badly damaged—was not restored to them until 1953, and they had to wage a long legal battle to win back much of their family property.

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Berthold eventually chose to follow in his father’s footsteps, becoming a soldier in the West German Bundeswehr. But circumstances dictated a very different military career from his father’s. Maj. Gen. Berthold Schenk, Count von Stauffenberg, now 74, spent most of his years of service in the cold war, preparing for another war with Russia that never came, and he never heard a shot fired in anger. He retired in 1994.

Inevitably, though, he has lived out his life under his father’s long shadow. “In my early days in the army, when there were many senior officers who had known my father, I was always asked, ‘Are you your father’s son?’ What, after all, can one answer to that? I am proud of him, of course, but what he did was a moral duty. I like to think that I, and all my family too, would have done just the same.”

Claus von Stauffenberg’s assassination attempt on Hitler was the basis for the movie Valkyrie. Read a review of the film and an interview with its screenwriter, Christopher McQuarrie.

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  1. […] Jones at, interviewed Berthold Stauffenberg, son of Claus von Stauffenberg, the man who tried to assassinate Hitler. Jones weaves the […]

    • Anthony says:

      does anyone no whot happend to Stauffenberg wife and kids after the attempt on Hitler??

      • Sydney says:

        Yes I know what happened because this is my family history. And I’m a Stauffenberg but it is now spelled differently here in the US (Staufenberger) The children grew up had children of there own and went there ways. Nina (mother) and her children were renited 2 years after the war ended. Then sadly on April 20, 2006 Nina died at 92 years old. 2 of her grandchildren are still living in Germany. If u have anymore questions I love to answer them because I know the real story.

      • daniel says:

        For me Von Stauffenberg was a hero . To be honest with you when i listen to Adolf Hitler speeches as a european i am thrilled but i never buy it . Probably von Stauffenberg who wittnesed all what happend starting with the versally treaty and later the hardships that german people had to go through during the depression probably was backing the nazis party in the begining but later when he saw with his own eyes the atrocities that nazis did against civilian population mainly, he felt sick to the stomach . To make the story short .On the russian front he realised that Hitler is an idiot and he was concerned about future of germany . For him Germany already lost the war and he was ready to find a way not to capitulate unconditionally .

    • Anthony says:

      iv read the above, and it answered all my questions. stauffenburg was and is a real true hero,,, we would all like to think we would have the courage to do the same or something simular,, but no-one would , because no-one did, apart from him, and knowing whot failure,( even success in hitler dieing ) would possibly await him.. germany should erect a statue of him, but they wont,, (“dont mention the pass” )

      • Jim says:

        There were many conspirators involved and the movies states at the end (or beginning..) there were 15 attempts on Hitler’s life. All of them get badass of the week awards.

  2. Rita Neutze says:

    What happened to the other four Stauffenberg children (what careers did they have and where do they live?)

  3. Raymond Gibson says:

    As a former member of the Berlin Brigade (1979-1981) I was once permitted to spend the night in the building that once housed the U.S., French, British and Soviet Commanders (the Allied Komandantura). The building was left largely vacant following the pull-out of the Soviet Commander in 1948, and the U.S. military police who maintained a presence in the building were convinced it was haunted with the spirits of the Valkyrie Conspiritors.
    Although I admit some some very strange sounds that I heard through the night I have never been able to verify the history of the building as being involved with the Valkyrie Conspiracy. Perhaps you can help?
    Thank you for you time.
    Raymond Gibson

  4. Dilbert says:

    this was an excellent article; it made for insightful reading. thank you for posting it.

  5. clarence seals says:

    I just saw the new movie Valkyrie and I was very much moved. It made me understand how much hitler was pure evil. I know now that the Col. was a good and breave man and a good father. I understand I didn’t know him as a person, but what he did tells all.

    Clarence A. Seals

  6. Peter says:

    Call me a cynic if you will but I find it ‘funny’ how these german officers only started having issues with the nazi’s once the war turned against Germany.

    • JennyDg68 says:

      well, from what I read Staunffenberg was always disgusted with Hitler demans, cruelty towards the Jews and Gypsies.

      And I read a lot.

      • JennyDg68 says:

        He knew thousands could be save if valkeyrie would of worked. He was disgusted with Hitler and SS and he made it known to all of the soldiers.

    • anonymess says:

      Peter, you are a cynic.

    • Luke says:

      The answer is simple. Just look at the situation with Obama. When he was first elected, many people, mostly minorities, thought he was going to be the great savior, just as many Germans thought Hitler was going to be. It’s when you find out that the person in question, turns out to be bad, that one sits up and takes notice. The average German, soldier or not, didn’t know what all Hitler was doing, just as the average American doesn’t know what all Obama is doing. But thanks to the advanced news media that we have these days, people are picking up on Obama. If the news media was what it is now, back in the 40’s, the Germans might have realized what was going on, much sooner.

      • Ren says:

        I cannot believe you made an analogy between Hitler (who killed millions of jews and other minorities) and Obama. Why not add Reagan, Bush and Clinton to the bunch. Before you start with your rhetoric, I am not an Obama fan.

      • Juven Bachan says:

        True. With such modern communications media Hitler would not have accomplished all those evil things he did. In our modern times our leaders still accomplish SOME evil things. Like Nixon, like some world leaders. The trouble is some people bring this upon themselves. They don’t want to call evil when they see it.

      • Donald Sockol says:

        The Munich newspaper, where Hitler got his start, was extremely courageous, publishing expose after expose about the brutality and corruption of Hitler and the early Nazis. Their star reporter died in a concentration camp when the Nazis took power. (See “Explaining Hitler” by Ron Rosenberg, the most broadly comprehensive book on the Nazis I’ve read.) I also just finished “To the Bitter End” (c. 1947), by Hans Bernd Gisevius, one of the conspirators against Hitler, and his critical perspective of Stauffenberg is very different from the movies and other secondary sources I’ve read. According to Gisevius, nobody else had either the luck or the courage to do what Stauffenberg did – actually come so close to actually killing Hitler – and Stauffenberg was repulsed by Nazi cruelty, but he was an authoritarian himself who hoped to return Germany to an autocratic, militaristic state allied with Russia against the capitalist “plutocrats” of the West.

      • Dave says:

        In this day we have more notice given too us about what our politicians are doing. But we still have alot of things passed in secret that we will never be privy to especially with the Obama Administration. I am sure this happened quite alot with Hitler and that is why he was able too obtain the power over the people that he had. We as a Nation need too always investigate our politicians history and know exactly where they stand before we vote them into office. The next President may be another Hitler or have we already got him in office at present?

  7. Gerard Malavenda says:

    I just got out of the theatre aftre watching VALKYRE. One questiion, WHY DOES TOM CRUISE’S VON STAUFFENBERG HAVE RED STRIPES ON HIS TROSERS? I was under the belief that only generals had red stripes.

  8. v. roark says:

    I caught that also but if memory serves that was standard issue for officers attached to the general staff

  9. v. roark says:

    Not to beat a dead techie horse to death but I loved how real the filming was done.Remember Lee Marvin in the “Big Red One” when he spotted an ambush because the “dead” Germans had the white piping of an infantry unit? Wars,battles,and war movies turn on details. A year ago I could have nudged “TomKat” over a cliff but we’ll be breaking down this movie for a long time. And were those like the only 2 flyable ME109Gs in the world?

  10. Peter says:

    Re the Me109’s… there are quite a few around. The spanish & czechs built them under licence postwar with a variety of engines. About a dozen were available for the movie “battle of Britain” alongside loads of Spanish made CASA copies of He 111 bombers. There are also limited number of replica Stukas and Spitfires being built with small 150hp engines. They look perfect but obviously handle differently.

  11. Al says:


    A German General officer wore bright-red stripes on his trousers; a school-trained General Staff Officer (i.g.) wore carmen colored stripes. V. Staffenberg started the War Academy course in 1936.
    Also note Cruise’s lapel insignia, it is the silver gilt of an OKH stafff officer. One interesting thing was Cruise’s uniform-it looks almost dove grey, like the Luftwaffe, in comparison to the gray-greeen of the standard Army uniform. The director probably had
    him wear this color in order so the audience could recognize him. I really enjoyed the movie and think all concerned did a good job.

  12. Derek says:

    German officers, like officers in most militaries, are trained to obey orders from their superiors including their govt. So it’s not surprising no German officers attempted to assassinate Hitler until late in the war when it became apparent Hitler had lead Germany to destruction. US officers obeyed orders to exterminate American Indians & to violently supress the independence movement in the Philippines. Some American soldiers opposed the Vietnam War on moral grounds but no active duty soldiers attempted to overthrow the US Govt. It’s not exactly easy to convince soldiers to commit treason even when they believe their govt is immoral & their leaders’ actions are inhumane.

    • Northpal says:

      “orders to exterminate American Indians ” ???????
      Why are there so many of the mongols walking around ?
      There are more of those mongols on the north american continent, than at any time in the past.

  13. journey says:

    i do not find the world war very funny at all!

  14. […] Von Stauffenberg’s religiosity made itself apparent in many ways. For example, he became intimately connected with the “Kreisau Circle,” a religious-philosophical dissident group that aimed to create a future Germany based on the development of small communities and Christian values. The group was led by von Stauffenberg’s cousin Count Helmuth James von Moltke and was deeply involved in the July 20 plot. But we needn’t divine the existence of his religious motivations based on association, as he expressed them quite clearly. As Nigel Jones writes in his piece “Claus von Stauffenberg — The Man Who Tried to Kill Hitler […]

  15. v. roark says:

    Al had a good point and there was some mix of colors in the German army. The dove grey was the parade or mess dress, a more formal attire. More like our current “class A” . The grey/green was the common issue during the war.There was also the faded olive and tan colored fabrics of Afrika and Italian based divisions.

  16. Christopher Steuart says:

    The army began planning for a coup against Hitler in 1938 with the Sudeten crisis followed by the general takeover of Czechoslovakia. The army needed for Hitler to have a foreign policy failure before they could hope to execute a successful coup that would not result in a full scale civil war, i.e. they knew they could not succeed while Hitler was successful, by 1938 the army had gone from a small professional army with loyalty to the army to an army with a large component of the general population with loyalty to the NSDAP and Hitler. The army was relying on the French and British to provide the failure that they needed to overthrow Hitler and at least generate a degree of doubt about Hitler’s judgment among the people. The attempt under Valkyrie was the last attempt, and after it the resistance was so badly crippled that there was no practical hope of another attempt before the end of the war.

  17. Paul Vaccaro says:

    why did Claus Von Stuaffenberg all of a sudden turn against Adolf Hitler? please e-mail me as soon as possisble Thanks.

  18. B. Horne says:

    there was nothing sudden about Stauffenberg’s condemnation of Hitler. True, he felt bound by duty to his country, to the oath he had taken as a German officer, to support the war effort in the late 1930s. but from at least 1939 on he despised Hitler’s moral and military “leadership,” and considered the removal of the madman essential to Germany’s survival. Nigel Jones’s “Countdown to Valkyrie”(2009) and Peter Hoffmann’s “Stauffenberg: A Family History, 1905-1944” (1995) both provide excellent descriptions of Stauffenberg’s evolution from loyal soldier to hero would-be assassin.
    Bill Horne
    Editor, World War II magazine

  19. drew says:

    what al was saying about soilders not trying to assinate hitler is not true. There were more than a dozen attempts that all failed. Like at the begining of the move valkyrie with the bomb on the plane. Another one done about a year before a soilder (his name slips my mind) try to suicide bomb hitler but failed because hitler was in a hurry. Another attempted happened were a bomb was placed were hitler would adress some soilders but his adress was extremely short and the bomb went off after he left.

  20. Jon T says:

    I am writing a novel that starts with the last attempt on Hitler life. It was successful and hitler was killed and the war if anyone can help with ideas or insight into what would the Nazi high command have dont o cover it up I would greatly appreciate response from any and all history readers. the article gave me great inspiration

  21. Sydney ann says:

    I say “good for Claus Von Stauffenberg'”. Hitler needed someone to hate him. Thank Goodness He Comited Suicide!!!! He was a horrid man… So mean to Jewish People. I mean He went throgh so much troble to build death camps for Jewish people for no reason. Sydneyann age 10

  22. kyrie says:

    Tom Cruise is horrid and what I saw of Valkyrie did not impress me at all. I’m with Berthold on this one: he said that “Cruise should keep his fingers off my father”! Could not understand why shrimpy TC, who is about five-seven, was cast to play a man who was six foot three! And was noted for his height – Hitler had to look up to him (Hitler and TC are the same height). Claus Stauffenberg towered over most of his German colleagues, except for Fromm (who ordered the execution). Stauffenberg deserved better than to be cast in a cheesy American movie on a topic that Bryan Singer doesn’t have a clue about. If you want an American actor, should have cast Jim Caviezel – a good actor, an innate understanding of Claus’s psyche as he too is a devout Catholic, same height and build as the tall, striking young Count, same colouring too (piercing blue eyes). When I read Hoffman’s bio of the Stauffenberg family I said, “if a movie on the plot is made, someone should cast “The Passion of the Christ”guy: Jim Caviezel! A man with experience in playing a martyr!

    • GINGER says:

      I have to agree with you. Tom would not have been my choice to play Von Stauffenberg. Jim Caviezel would have been a much better choice. I had read somewhere that the actor Thomas Kretschman, who played Colonel Remer was at one point being considered the role of Stauffenberg. He would have been a better choice than Tom Cruise. Thomas was born in Germany, I believe.

  23. Les K says:

    I recently watched ” Valkyrie “, I have always been interested in history. I find it interesting that there are so many events in our past, and yet here we are, sixty years later after the war, and there is still events that happened, that most people are unaware of that happened during this awful period in our history. It makes me wonder sometimes, why certain events in our past were never brought to light when I attended school. Sure, we all learned about the world wars and the crimes committed, but why was there never any mention of assination plots against Hitler, by his own officers. I’m glad now that I know a little more about this period in time and that not all of the german people had ill feelings towards others.

  24. Jeana says:

    There were 6,000,000 Jews killed and 11,000,000 other war prisoners killed by Hitler’s regime. Remember, there was general prejudice against Jews, Gypsies, all Slavic people including Polish. If they didn’t gas them, the worked them to death. von Stauffenberg had a conscience and a relgious conviction that killing these people was immoral and below what he hoped for a strong and free Germany.

    • GINGER says:

      I’m just sorry their plan failed. A lot of unnecessary deaths. Even though Europe was hit hard by a monster, they won in the end, they were rid of Hitler.

  25. Murwyn Hancock says:

    One of the reasons I became curious about the family Stauffenburg was because I have always felt sorry for the Germans who so feared Hitler and was afraid to be brave except for the desperate attempts to have him killed…you only hear of the awful executions and the terrible things done….I am glad they made the movie and it raises the fact that not all the German people supported the man called Hitler.I would love to see more on the history of this family and what they have done with their lives since their Dad and Mom was so noble and of fine character.Thank you,M.H.

  26. robert says:

    yes, but why did he do it is the queston?

  27. sheila jewell says:

    excellent reading nigel

  28. paul flynn says:

    While working at Bolling AFB (fleet Ing Command) there was a older guy working there named Edward Fox. He use to tell me storys about how he got out of Germany with his mom because his Dad was part of a group who tryed to kill Hitler. I wish I had more information on who this man was and how true his storys were. I heard he passed away a few years ago.

  29. […] Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg koronela izan zen erresistentziaren sinbolo, Walkiria operazioa bezala ezagutzen den konspirazioaren egilea. Beste zazpi ofizial naziekin batera, eurek eraikitzen lagundu zuten nazio ankerraren aurka egitea erabaki zuen Stauffenbergek. Führer-a hil eta bigarren mundu gerrari amaiera ematea zuten xede. […]

  30. Richard Allen says:

    There were many germans who stood up against Hitler and the nazis. I know this because my family who lived in germany and were german told me about how the nazis would take whatever they wanted from whoever they wanted, germans included.

    They took me to see alot of land and buildings that belonged to my family and was taken from them during ww2. The nazis almost completley impoverished my family. When my german family members protested they were imprisioned. My german grandmother spoke out publicly against Hitler and the nazis, she had to flee to switzerland where she had an aunt so she would not be killed. She returned after the war.
    Men and boys were forced into the army whether they wanted to go or not.
    Most americans have no idea of the real story of how and why Hitler came to power, the germans that were killed and imprisioned so that he could come to power and what was going on in germany for this to happen.

  31. Ahmed Fazeel says:

    very moving person I wish i’ve known before, i wish people will tell this story in schools and books as much or more than the story of Hitler. Long live free Germany.

  32. ty says:

    I think Hitler died in the explosion. they just didnt tell us. Kill Above top

    • Amanda says:

      Hitler ordered one of his soldiers to shoot, and kill him because of the invasions. Hitler’s body was burned because the nazi’a were afraid of what the Russians might have done to his body.

      • Krieg says:

        Hitler killed himself by a handgun supposed to be a cyanide but he cannot take the pain. Eva Braun , Blondi (Hitler’s dog) and 6 pups of Blondi joined Hitler to His death Eva used cyanide ,she did not use the handgun Hitler used, and cyanide was put in the dog’s food. (sorry for the bad English)

  33. kelly says:

    i am glad that claus von tried to kill hitler. i wish he would have succeded on his mission. he had chances to do it but he never took advantage of it. i salute him on trying succesion on killing hitler. i am glad that he did damage him the best way that he could.

  34. Carolyn says:

    Why does Holywood keep making movies and stretching or clouding the truth.
    The reason. the Truth is to horrible for the dumbed down citizens to swallow now.
    Yes, von Stauffenberg was an honorable man who could no longer stomach what Hitler was doing. His principles and honor overpowered his duty. Too bad it doesn’t happen enough.
    Hollywood puts out some of the most disgusting movies, scary and violent. However, when it comes to telling the real way those men were executed with the hook, they decide to spin it. Losing every Uncle and Aunt and cousin I ever had in Austrian death camps gives me the right to say so. Where are the Jewish in Hollywood? Phooy to Hollywood

  35. Her Lao says:

    In the Werner Herzog documentary, LITTLE DEITER NEEDS TO FLY, the German American Deiter Dengler, as a young boy in Germany, said his grandfather was the only one who did not vote for the Nazi party, as far as Dengler knew, when Nazis stormed across German, including Dangler’s little town. The town’s people, Dieter recollected, were obviously not very happy with his eccentric and seemingly unpatriotic grandfather. He was indeed treated badly, Dieter said. Anyway, Dieter was very impressed by Americans Mustang planes as they shot his little town to pieces; so he escaped Germany after the war and came to America, where he slaved for a few years but managed to work his way up to fly for the US Navy and was shot down over Laos, the “Secret” part of the Vietnam War. That had connection to me since I am from Laos and was born around the time Dieter was shot down likely near my village, with my dad out among thousands working with the CIA to make it hard for the North Vietnamese troops going down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, across eastern Laos, to help their comrades down in South Vietnam, killing more Americans. Anyway, Dieter Dengler said, through days and weeks of torture by the communists, he remembered his grandfather’s moral courage to stand up, stand strong, and challenge evil doers — whether they were Nazis or Communists — and never back down, always hoping to outlast the enemies. Point is, in every culture and in every people, there are always exceptional people with moral courage surpassing the average folks… Stauffenberg was one of those… like “little Dieter’s” own grandfather in the early years of the Nazis in Germany, when most Germany were thinking they were destined to be great and honorable; but a few knew it won’t last, due to the Nazi’s heinous nature, against both Germans and non-Germans who questioned Nazism…

  36. david coleman says:

    What went through hitlers mind as he killed the jews

    • Krieg says:

      He hated the Jews even before World War 1 when he was working with them

      • Dr. Jon says:

        I don’t believe Hitler always hated the Jews. I watched a documentary the other day on the Making of Hitler and I believe that he actually had some jewish blood in his ancestry (which he covered up and lied about through his Nazi propaganda machine). His first girl friend or at least “crush” was supposedly a very cute Jewish girl. He was a failed artist in his youth. He had friends that were Jews; in fact, he was kept alive by selling his art to Jewish art collectors in Vienna, when he was homeless and on the streets. No, he didn’t always hate Jews. He was the supreme political opportunist. The Nazi political party espoused anti-semitism, and when Hitler found that he had an exceptional ability to speak publicly and arouse people in his early political career, this is where the “hate for Jews” developed. If the Nazi political party had espoused anti-anything, then Hitler would have aroused public hatred toward it. HItler was indeed evil, but he started as a lone opportunist, and once he gained power, it took a World War to stop him. A good example of why “character” and “moral values” remain to be the most important characteristic of a political candidate and not what special interest groups they support!.

  37. Ginger says:

    Germany may have lost the war, but the people are free of Hitler and the Nazis. I saw the movie Valkyrie and enjoyed it very much. When I was in school, we studied about Hitler, but nothing about the July 20th plot to kill him. I admire those who tried to free Germany of these monsters and tyrants. WW II Germany was not the safest place to live. Too bad the Allies didn’t invade sooner.

  38. Eva says:

    Please, please, please about Americans! I’m American, but my heritage is native american.So many of us wiped-out by whites stealing our lands, murdering our children, and starving us to death! I still am proud to say I’m American! I get so tired of people asking why we didn’t get involved sooner!!! Yes, we should have maybe, but… even now we are not thought well of by other countries. We are thought of as bragging jump in where you don’t belong people! My goodness, no matter what, we are considered badly! If we try to help, other countries still wizz on us.What the heck do you want? All war is bad, there are no countries, there are no lines between worlds. We are all members of the human race and as such, should help others when we can if we know the cause is right. I just wish to the Creator, Steauffenberg had succeeded! Now, don’t we all agree to this????

  39. Hans Heinrich Gruckenberg says:

    What went through Hitlers mind as he died? a bullet I guess :) long live free Germany. I was born in 1929 and I was about fifthteen when that madman commited suicide I was overjoyed but I was shocked to hear my father was executed for an attempted bomb plot on the führer, I remember The colonel as I met him once with my father at the time I had no idea what they were plotting shame that Hitler survived all 15 attempts on his wretched life.
    Frohe Weihnachten mein freunds long live free Deutchland!!!

  40. Lani Hicks says:

    I do not understand how anyone who watched Valkyrie would not be able to identify with it. No matter who played the part or the size of the person it was and is a story that needed telling. The only thing that was bigger then hitler was the enormity of his crimes. I grew up in Iowa and had an aunt on my fathers side who was a war bride from Germany, my mother hated this woman and talked horribly about her, she was never allowed in our home and my father was never allowed to speak to her. I never knew or understood why these feelings of my mothers existed until I saw the film “The Holocaust”. I too thought all of Germany as a whole was in on the horrible events of the war. I grew up and saw other films and documentaries and grew to realize Germany did not create the events of that time nor did all of the people of Germany, my heart broke ,how many injustices did people lay on a “German person” before we learned the truth. The movie Valkyrie brings this home and teaches us if we’ll listen , there could be another hitler lurking just around the corner in any country of the world waiting for a perfect moment to lay bare our world again. If we become so narrow minded that movies like this don’t stir us and peoples looks or size is the only thing we gleen from it then we can blame no one if we find ourselves in the same situation and maybe worse this time. God help us all.

  41. dude says:

    go staff! or Whatever your name is i believe that hitler should have been captured and punished for his crimes

  42. bob smithsonianwengermanjensen says:

    I did see the movie Valkyrie and believe it was a very good movie. Even though people don’t realize it, Hitler was actually a good leader. his goal to pull Germans out of the downed economy did work. HOWEVER ( for those of you who think now I am a nazi AND I AM NOT) Hitler was very very very evil. His death was well deserved and he can BURN IN HELL for all eternity for all I care.

  43. tim says:

    Isalute Claus Von , what a great man to do what he did. His family was going to be in trouble if the plot failed which it did. He took many chances and lost his life over this. This is more than most of you would do or me. He know germany was finished and russia would be coming next, plus all the deaths the ss did you people,,,,,he could stand no more.

  44. tim says:

    if he was in the african corp.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I sure he meet Rommel…..I wonder what they though of each other…………two such great men, it must to have be amazing to see. I had a friend who father fought in the russian front for germany,,, after the war he came to america, started a steel erector company,,,i remeber being with him when he took me and his son ,,,at a building construction site,,, as he and other business men looked at the building plans on a table,,,,you could see the german general look about him,, very impressive looking man,, most people looked up to him,,,this is what Rommel and Stuffenberg had.

  45. david fox says:

    It seemed to me that colonel Stauffenberg knew that he was marked for death before he attempted to kill hitler,he also knew that it was on his shoulders to go ahead with the attempt, someone had to try to free germany of a maniac, and even though it was a complete failure, it was through no fault of his, he had the courage to do the right thing for his country and it cost him his life. Hitler tried to erase his name from history ,thank god this did not happen, and just like Rommel he will take his place in history as a great german, and a great soldier, I am an Australian I am very proud of that fact, but I am also proud of colonel claus von stauffenberg because he gives me faith that the good of man, will always win in the end

  46. […] Claus von Stauffenberg ??“ The Man Who Tried to Kill Hitler July 20, 1944, found the Stauffenberg family gathered, as they had so many summers before, … […]

  47. white knight says:

    the death, suffering, the wholesale murdering, the threat of being bombarded and massacred by invading allied forces. there’s no better reason to stop a psycho. if a man would promise me the world, but to achieve it is to kill and die for him, i’d think twice.

  48. Hugo Gutierrez says:

    This is an awesome site are there anymore sites that i can use for my proect about claus von stauffenburg

    PLZ REPLY MY email is

  49. Arnold Harris says:

    Had Count von Stauffenberg succeeded in killing Adolf Hitler that fateful day in July 1944, the war would quickly have ended. And in so doing, would have saved perhaps millions of lives, not of few of which would have been members of the German nation.

    Among the lives saved would have been that of von Stauffenberg, who truly was one of the noblest men of Germany’s long history. He did his best to fight for Germany’s victory, up to the limits of what his Christian conscience would permit him to ignore about the evil, vicious, and destructive criminal who had taken control of the German state.

    But I wonder whether an assassinated Hitler would then have become a martyr fixed in the minds of many if not most of the other Germans. Would that have become the basis for the development of a new legend of Germany being stabbed in the back by internal enemies?

  50. William crawfordt says:

    Please read Luke chapter 12 “don’t fear him w ho can take. Your life,rather fear him who having taken your life then takes your very soul.

  51. Johann says:

    I really detest the amount of people here that produce comments having not read even a couple of pages of history books or having sat down to analyze what really went on in Europe that brought about World War and characters as Stalin, Hitler, and many others. You need to check the whole situation and development with an impartial eye and THEN express your opinion. While inhuman things happened, and happened out of the scope of the cruelties that happen in any war, which by itself is already enough, we need to set aside any partiality and see things for what they were and how and why they happened.

    I praise Stauffenberg actions and bravery (specially knowing what would happen to his own family), but will not ponder too much on personal motives or interests.

  52. Ashino says:

    I came in contact with stauffenberg story at first on a cable network which relays histories in the past,after which out of curiousity and acquisition of more knowledge searched and later came to this write up…My opinion of the attempt was in line with what Stauffenberg did,He was bravery in his plan because it would eventually go on to win even though he died and some of his family members,h e was sure to become the sacrifice for Germany cleansing if the wkhole process went bad.I think he actually was the one who showed Hitler how badly he would go on to loose the war in a sense.He was such a brilliant soldier that many Germans and ofcourse the world would appraise.Hitler and Stalin will always go in history as one of the greatest enemies of mankind.

  53. Juven Bachan says:

    Stauffenberg and the conspirators were honorable men with deep convictions and noble purposes. especially Stauffenberg and those immediately surrounding him. But there were fatal flaws among them.

    One, they were not accustomed or trained as conspirators. They were trained to obey orders. They lacked the ethic of conspiracy.

    Two, the Valkyre orders worked perfectly in France and other countries but with Hitler’s survival, the Generals in Berlin wavered.

    Three, Hans Bernd Gisevius is right and hit it on the nail so too was General Witzleben. All the SS and those Nazis loyal to Hitler in Berlin should have been shot. The entire Gestapo and all the odious apparatus should have been exterminated. Had I been on that conspiracy as a general I would have seen to that. Especially Goebbels headquarters which should have been taken over and he himself shot.

    Four , Fromm should have been shot and all those who supported him. Including Remer. Stauffenberg should have included more plastic for that bomb.and make it a double whammy. Hitler would have certainly been killed in that explosion.

    Six: The Zossen Army communications center should have been taken over and shut down. Not the Rastenburg end. With these and the loyalist manpower from the various barracks the coup would have
    been successful.

    Seven: As Nigel Jones said, the conspirators were accustomed to failed attempts and immediate action. Not with a successful bomb blast that left Hitler alive.

  54. Juven Bachan says:

    Lest there be any doubt whatsoever, and those who still support Nazi Germany or regard Stauffenberg as a criminal or a back stabber, remember that when Stauffenberg was about to be executed he shouted out:
    “Long live SACRED Germany” not “Long live Germany”

  55. Juven Bachan says:

    Stauffenberg. hero. A decent man who spoke out against evil , a pity he could not save the millions that were murdered.

  56. Mary says:

    If you didn’t want TC to do this movie because of the way he looks or his religious beliefs isn’t that more like the bad germans that we all say we hate. Lets not judge people because of this but judge him by his work which is usually excellent. Plus maybe more people will see this great film and know what happened because of him.

  57. […] Resistance. It was housed in the Bender Block and was the site, where, on the 20th of June 1944, Claus Shenck Graf von Stauffenberg was lined up along with a number of military personnel and shot for attempting to assassinate […]

  58. […] Gdansk, Poland, who visited here recently, said she came because she wanted to see the place where Claus von Stauffenberg, a top German official, tried to assassinate Hitler on July, 20, […]

  59. […] Gdansk, Poland, who visited here recently, said she came because she wanted to see the place where Claus von Stauffenberg, a top German official, tried to assassinate Hitler on July, 20, […]

  60. […] Gdansk, Poland, who visited here recently, said she came because she wanted to see the place where Claus von Stauffenberg, a top German official, tried to assassinate Hitler on July, 20, […]

  61. […] Gdansk, Poland, who visited here recently, said she came because she wanted to see the place where Claus von Stauffenberg, a top German official, tried to assassinate Hitler on July, 20, […]

  62. Andy B says:

    I’ve just seen the film ‘Valkyrie’, and it seems to me that the failure of the coup centred around General Olbricht’s failure to mobilise Valkyrie as soon as Von Stauffenburg advised him of the bomb’s detonation, and instead went to lunch!!!

    I got the impression that the way things were moving, even if the the attempt on Hitlers life had been unsuccessful the coup could still have acheived control of Berlin and consequently Germany – or is it just that once the conspirators were committed, there was no turning back and they had to see it through, futile or not?

    How could one man, a man who committed so many miltary blunders and had got his country into such a mess, have still had such a stranglehold on the administration and the people? Surely they weren’t that blind!!

    And what were Von Stauffenbergs last words, I’ve heard three versions – ‘Long Live Holy Germany’, Long Live Real Germany, or Long Live Sacred Germany’? Is it down to translation?

  63. peter may says:

    All this has made for some fascinating reading. I have a refreshed sense of humanity among all with the comments I have read.

    Claus it would seem has accomplished the mission that was set upon him. Germany lives on free of tyranny and the free world now look upon that awful time with the sense that not all Germans were with the same view as there twisted leader.

    I love history and I have always had respect for the resilliance of the German people. Despite two horrendous and devastating world wars for all involved, the people of Germany seem to have a strong and admirable way of pulling together and repairing themselves.

    The actions of Claus Von Stauffenberg and the other unfortunates will never be forgotten and will only ever serve to inspire others to oust evil in what ever form it chooses to guise itself in future events.

    Long may there bravery be remembered

  64. Robert Vankeirsbilck says:

    I watched “Valkyrie” recently not knowing much about the details of that attempt. It is a decent movie. Even though I don’t think of Tom Cruise as being all that good an actor, he did an adequate portrayal. It did make me want to look deeper into what actually happened. The exit music is especially poignant…the piece called “They’ll remember you”. I found some pictures of Nina and Claus on line. They could have been from my high school yearbook, so contemporary. Looking at their faces I can only say I do hope the world remembers you and those who died trying to rid the world of that mad man.

  65. Paul Jeffs says:

    it was not just him who was a hero there where many honourable German soldiers that where involved and indeed this was not the only attempt on Hitler.

    the war and the atrocities was a shameful moment in German history but that does not mean that those who fought honourably and bravely should be ignored or discredited for there endeavours and courage.

    there rightfully should be a collective shame by those who lived those times but there should also be a collective respect for men and women in all countries of all era’s who have given the ultimate sacrifice no matter if they won or lost.

    I am British and I love my country but there are those I believe that should have been honoured especially people like stauffenberg and Rommel men and women who’s courage is aw inspiring and leaves you with a deep respect no matter what side they are on.

    Germans should never feel embarrassed or inappropriate to honour such people in fact its a dishonour not to!

    • BLACKEAGLE says:

      If you are a British you have no voice to talk about war atrocities.If you read History British are the most evil people in the world.the boar war, massacre of red Indians in america. atrocities in 1857 revolution in India the British killed the Indians tying in a canon and blow it.and what about your own Oliver Cromwell who died and buried.with all honor. when your so called king took power he digged out skeleton of Cromwell and hanged in chains and then thrown into a pit.what kind of people are British. “Hitler” the barbaric German spared the whole family of the man who try to kill him.

      • paul jeffs says:

        I bet you have a little teddy bear and it name is adolf and it has a little funny moustache. I would even go as far as to bet you cuddle it every nite. I recon you have a house full of teddy bears and they all sit chair to chair with there arms raised while you preach about the 1000 year dream and strutt corner to corner of your tiny bedsit.
        I bet you have tea parties with your furry friends and have a dog that licks you while you smile at the furry following that salutes you? lmao.

    • BLACKEAGLE says:

      I know The Brits are very Intolerable people. I said all the atrocity’s of British empire in the last replay.and you are selling teddy bears.I think you have a barbie doll and its name queen Elisa. when you going to sleep you bow to that and you say “Your Majesty” let me the sleeps you will see the dreams of your 1000 year empire. and wake up morning and bow again to your barbie queen.and salute most devilish crown of the world. I don’t why you hate Hitler. I think because of your sympathy to Jews. my British friend Hitler is not the first ruler who killed Jews and your mighty crown also filled with the blood of Jews. in the time of WW2 the British owned the Palestine.and they rejected entry of Jews in their. there goes sympathy of Brits and next time don’t sell teddy bear and dogs sell history.

      Hail Hitler

  66. Jan says:

    Nina his wife survived the war and lived on until the grand age of 92. She died in 2006.

  67. Jan says:

    3.000 arrested after that attempt on Hitler. 2.000 executed. Rather excessive retribution.
    To know that those who were strung up by piano wire to endure a slow painful strangulation were filmed for Hitler to watch in the comfort of his home is disgusting.

  68. BLACKEAGLE says:

    Claus von stauffenberg was a traitor. when Germany won every ware this man never appeared . when his nation lose war he blame Hitler and try to assassinate him.if he was a true patriot he never do this kind of treachery on the closing time of war.when Hitler led his army’s victorious in Europe this people cheered him with joy when the war has lost some of this Germans turned against him. today the brainwashed Germans will honor this traitors . but in realty this man will Represent only that same mans who killed the German hero Arminius.and Berthold need to thank his fuhrer because he spared him and His family. If Hitler want to kill all of stauffenberg family he need only one word in that time.But he not did it. there is the greatness of Adolf hitler.

  69. Miss Kitty says:

    It’s not that he didn’t appear when Germany were winning – he was where, as a soldier, he was meant to be: on the front line. And as long as things looked positive, at least in the various Blitzkriege the Germans were involved in, it would have been hard indeed to convince people that Hitler needed to be stopped. In fact, quite a few of the eventual conspirators had been planning to kill Hitler since before the war broke out. Who would have believed him?
    At that stage also he probably didn’t yet know the whole extent of what was going on behind the front. Once he found out, however his attitude changed – if indeed he had ever been a Nazi (I don’t believe he ever was a member of the party, because as a soldier you couldn’t be – at least before 20.7.1944). What he seems to have been was a good actor – or ‘devil’s advocate’, as his wife called it – able to convince either side. Once he realised that Germany was going to lose and what exactly was going on besides, either by seeing himself or hearing it from his fellow conspirators, he began changing his mind.
    However making the decision of breaking an oath you had sworn (even though one might argue Hitler had broken everything he had promised already) and obeying your own conscience, even if that meant paying with your life, and probably your family’s can’t have been an easy decision. You have to consider his family background – they were an old aristocratic family, who had always served their country, either as court officials, politicians or soldiers, so that code of honour would have been engrained, making the breaking of the oath even more difficult as it would have been otherwise. Apart from that he was also a Christian, which probably was equally important. He also had to find the right people to do it with – a chance he got after his injuries in Africa – where he met Rommel. Now he was sure that he could best serve his country if he removed Hitler, thus saving millions of lives – not only those of his comrades on the front, but also other Germans imprisoned in the KZs and the Jews. In fact between July 44 and the end of the war more people died than in the whole war before hand.
    So if Hitler didn’t root out the family, it probably wasn’t because he couldn’t have but because he had more important things to attend to.
    Of course he, and the others, could be seen as traitors – as could the members of the civilian resistance, to a lesser degree – and many certainly saw it that way for some time. But in a case such as this it might be better to betray a government, which had betrayed its people already, and save millions – than to betray your own conscience. If it had worked, would people still call them traitors?
    Of course they could have just shot the SS instead of just arresting them, but that wouldn’t have made them any better than the SS/ Regime was. Indeed even killing Hitler – and everyone else in the meeting – in order to do the Putsch, might be considered a wrong move. But there was little else they could do, and it is hard to find a punishment – apart from having them imprisoned for the rest of their lives and seeing what would become of their country. That would have been the worst torture for Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler & co – they couldn’t even stand the thought of it (and their possible punishment)… Why else would they have committed suicide (and killed their families too)?
    That got a lot longer than I meant to… and it’s all for now…

  70. Different times says:

    When you see film from the era it really puts things In perspective. It was a different time and people were very different. Watching Hitlers ridiculous body language during his speeches makes you wonder how any sane person could think hitler was normal. He looks and sounds like a raving lunatic. But the German people were desperate and looking for something to believe in so they, for reasons I can not understand, put their faith into a real lunatic. From there they had no control and no way to know what was to come. The important thing is for us to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Unfortunately we don’t have much influence as individuals. So all we can do is be kind to each other and if we see something that’s not write we have to nip it in the bud. Oh and as far as the movie, Nice accent mr cruise, usually no matter what the language is we use British accents to give it a little color. But when one guy speaks without he accent it’s silly

  71. Northpal says:

    Sounds like you remember your hollywood lessons well.

    Staunffenberg and his co-conspirators came from the spoiled aristocratic large land holders \Prussian Junkers\ and military elite. All through the Wiemar period, when Germans were starving they were receiving state subsides to maintain lifestyle and estate. These pompous idiots were played by British intelligence into thinking, if they betrayed the Reich, enough to cause it’s down fall, they would be left in charge to re-institute their class privileges.

  72. tianna says:

    This is a perfect example of why we should never give up our right to bear arms…thats one of the first things a corrupt govt will try to do. This is what Hitler did. They dont want us to be able to defend ourselves. Anyone who obeys blindly is a fool.

  73. Northpal says:

    tianna, your ignorance is the exact reason why we are in this mess. If you dislike the \corrupt govt\ as you claim, then why do you spout the \corrupt govt\ old time war propaganda ?
    \This is what Hitler did\ ??? Do you have facts to back this or, are you just \Anyone who obeys blindly is a fool\ , or perhaps just a brain dead zombie repeating old lies and myths that leads us to destructive bankers wars and genocide. Maybe fighting for world Bolshevism is your ultimate agenda.

  74. Northpal says:

    Miss Kitty stein,
    Let’s talk about how more Germans were murdered after laying down their arms pursuant to total surrender than had died during their struggle against World Jewery’s Bolshevism and international banker capitalists attempt to re enslave them.

  75. R. L. Hails Sr. P. E. (ret.) says:

    It is important to know history, so that we can make educated decisions for the future. Hitler would not have gained power except for the disaster Germany suffered at the end of WWI. It was a common policy for the victors to extract reparations from the vanquished, both as punishment and refunding of war expenditure. But there was no plunder, the German economy collapsed. The leaders attempted to cover the debts by printing money, The certain results was hyperinflation. In a few years the price of a loaf of bread went from 13 cents (US) to $3 Bn (US). A life time savings bought a sandwich. Germans were starving and turned to a possible savior, Adolf Hitler, who blamed all suffering on “others”.

    Germans are no different from other people. They had devils as leaders. These incompetents slaughtered their own people. When an experienced military leader realizes there is no hope for his troops or his nation, he tries to end the butchery, the national suicide.

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