Facts about Cemetery Ridge during the Battle Of Gettysburg of the American Civil War

Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Dates: July 1-3, 1863
Generals: Union General: George G. Meade | Confederate General: Robert E. Lee

Cemetery Ridge Summary: The Union Army took a primary defensive position on Cemetery Ridge, forming the center of the "fishhook" line, with the line of troops curving to the north and east around Cemetery Hill and Culp’s Hill. The ridge itself is only 40 feet above the surrounding terrain but almost two miles long, rising to the north roughly 80 feet above the surroundings to form Cemetery Hill and descending on the south end into low, wooded, somewhat marshy ground just north of Little Round Top. The Confederate Army launched multiple attacks on Cemetery Ridge on Day Two and Day Three of the Battle Of Gettysburg but were forced to fall back on each occasion.

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