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A.P. Hill Facts

A.P. HillBorn

November 9, 1825 Culpeper, Virginia


April 2, 1865 Petersburg, Virginia


“Little Powell”

Years Of Service

1847–61 (USA)
1861–65 (CSA)


First Lieutenant (USA)

Battles Fought

Mexican-American War
Seminole Wars
American Civil War

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A.P. Hill summary: A.P. Hill was a confederate General in the American Civil War most known for commanding the “Light Division,” and fighting with Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Ambrose Powell Hill (1825 – 1865) was the youngest child with six siblings to parents Thomas and Fannie Russell Baptist Hill. They named their son after his uncle Ambrose Powell Hill and Captain Ambrose Powell who fought Indians and was a friend of President James Madison.   While attending the United States Military Academy, he made numerous friends with future generals, but did not get along with his future commander Thomas J. Jackson. After his graduation in 1847, he was sent to fight the Mexican War with the 1st U.S. Artillery. The war was nearing its end though, and afterward, he served in the Seminole wars. After that he was employed on the coastal survey from 1855 -1860. In March 1861, Hill resigned from the U.S. Army just before the Civil War broke out.

A.P. Hill Enters The Civil War

Hill joined the 13th Virginia Infantry Regiment as colonel. During his battles he soon rose through the ranks with numerous promotions. By May 1862 he was a major general and in command of the Army of Northern Virginia by Robert E. Lee. Lee recognized Hills’ leadership skills, aggressiveness and bravery. Hill called his division the ‘Light Division’ and his soldiers nicknamed him ‘Little Powell’.   He took over command from General Stonewall Jackson when Jackson was killed in 1863. Hill suffered many illnesses (some reports say he suffered venereal disease related illnesses) during the Civil War. During the siege of Petersburg, after recuperating with his family, Hill returned to Petersburg in 1865. It was here where he was shot by Union soldiers and killed in action.

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