An Interactive Guide to America's Horse Rescues
One of some 60 trucks and trailers, many of them captured German vehicles outfitted to carry the Lipizzan horses to Austria. A total of 244 of the horses were saved. (Lipizzaner Museum, Vienna)

An Interactive Guide to America’s Horse Rescues

5/13/2016 • HistoryNet, Interactive

It is estimated that around 170,000 horses are discarded from ownership every year. Many horse owners experience changes in circumstance and are forced to let their beloved equestrian partners go for financial or logistical reasons. Many horses end up without a person to care (and pay) for them.

Fortunately, the USA has a strong network of horse rescues that take in all breeds in need of care. Explore the map above to discover the horse rescues in your area. Click on the location icons to find out more about each rescue location.

And if you’re looking for a horse, don’t forget to give the rescues in your area a call – you might be able to give one lucky horse a new lease on life.

Courtesy of The Jodhpurs Company

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