Michael Caine in 'Funeral in Berlin.' Courtesy Paramount/The Kobal Collection
Michael Caine in 'Funeral in Berlin.' Courtesy Paramount/The Kobal Collection
The editors of American History magazine have compiled a list of the 100 Greatest Spy Movies ever made. The covert operation resulted in a great deal of collateral damage, and now they need your help to narrow those 100 down to … the single Greatest Spy Movie of All Time!

Your cover for this mission will be to pose as An Englishman Abroad. From 13 Rue Madeleline, turn North by Northwest past Casino Royale and climb The 39 Steps of The House on 92nd Street. Go through The Torn Curtain. Give The Ipcress File to Our Man Flint and The Odessa File to The Falcon and the Snowman. From there, Smiley’s People will slip you out of the country; look for them in a Pickup on South Street.

La Femme Nikita sends you her regards From Russia With Love.

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For detailed information on each film, plus data on “Reel vs. Real Spies,” look for 100 Greatest Spy Movies, available on newsstands December 8.