Cover Story
The Last Air Battle
For the U.S. Navy aviators of Task Force 38, the air war in the Pacific ran all the way to the limit
By David Sears

Russia’s Rock
Though tortured in Stalin’s purges, Konstantin Rokossovsky stood tall for Mother Russia when it counted most
By Stuart D. Goldman

Truman Takes Charge
FDR’s sudden death placed a neophyte president at the helm—responsible for the war’s biggest decision
By Jonathan W. Jordan

Pilot’s-eye View
Artifacts collected by Enola Gay copilot Robert Lewis provide an intimate look into his historic mission to drop the atomic bomb

An American Bomber Group Takes a One-Two Punch
First Mount Vesuvius, then the Nazis, wreaked havoc on B-25 airmen in Italy
By Richard R. Muller

Weapons Manual
Fat Man and Little Boy
To end a war that had engulfed the globe, Americans built earth-shaking weapons
By Jim Laurier


World War II Today
Rethinking wartime souvenirs; Jochen Hellbeck’s Reading List

B-29 flight engineer Fiske Hanley endured brutality as a “special prisoner” of the Japanese
By Michael Dolan

From the Footlocker
Curators at The National World War II Museum solve readers’ artifact mysteries

Fire for Effect
Oh, Darwin
By Robert M. Citino

Time Travel
New Mexico’s Trinity Site
By Aleta Burchyski

The duke, the duchess, and their unsavory romance with Nazism; The Ship That Wouldn’t Die; a Japanese scholar examines how warring Japan mobilized its citizenry

Battle Films
Japan’s Longest Day: How the Empire finally didn’t strike back
By Mark Grimsley






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