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cover story
The Heydrich Equation
The assassination of a top Nazi sparked
brutal reprisals. Was it worth it?
By Andrew Curry

Global Reach
Pan Am provided the Allies with a critical
worldwide airlink early in the war
By John D. Lukacs

‘Don’t Worry’
Dozens of kind strangers relay
an American POW’s message home

Killing the Yamato
The final battle of a supership
By Robert Gandt

weapons manual
The Fairey Swordfish
Britain’s rickety torpedo biplane
proved remarkably effective
By Jim Laurier

Grenades in Toyland
When war becomes child’s play
By Lisa L. Ossian



World War II Today
Reenacting the “Dambuster” raid;
Curt Schilling’s Reading List;
Hitler in stained glass

The long journey home for those
displaced by the Holocaust
By Gene Santoro

War Letters
A general explains why no able-bodied
man is exempt from the front
By Andrew Carroll

Unknown Soldiers
The Amazing Maskelyne
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
By James Ullrich

Flying the perilous Hump
The Unknown War returns
Play Dino D-Day

What If…
…the Tarawa landing failed?
By Mark Grimsley

An airman’s extra baggage