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cover story
Hitler Takes On the U.S.
The Führer’s decision to declare war on the
United States was decades in the making
By Gerhard L. Weinberg

Yanks at El Alamein
As the epic fight between Montgomery and
Rommel neared its climax in North Africa, five
Americans went to war for Britain
By Rachel S. Cox

Heavier Metal at Tarawa

To seize Betio Islad, the Marines thought they
needed medium tanks—and they were right
By Eric Hammel

Propagandist for the Allies
An expatriate artist aimed his pen
like a weapon for the free world

No Mercy at Nijmegen
A teenage paratrooper paddled
into the murderous German fire to
cross the Waal River
By Walter E. Hughes

weapons manual
Sherman M4 Medium Tank
Whatever their shortcomings, Shermans had
one undeniable advantage
By Jim Laurier



World War II Today
John Prados’s Reading List

Actor Joe Mantegna on his five
uncles’ war stories, and how they
came to light
By Gene Santoro

War Letters

Two young people meet through
the mail—and fall in love
By Andrew Carroll

Their Darkest Hour
A Ukrainian student changes
his mind about the Nazis
By Laurence Rees

Time Travel
John D. Lukacs

September Hope
Islands of Destiny
Play Men of War: Condemned Heroes

What If…
…nobody sank the Bismarck?
By Mark Grimsley

A real dogface for a change