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Pearl Harbor at 70
The Pearl Harbor Myth
A new analysis shows the “brilliant”
Japanese attack was riddled with blunders
By Alan D. Zimm

The Prime Minister
and the Professor

Churchill trusted his scientific advisor—
even when he shouldn’t have
By Madhusree Mukerjee

Top 10 Marine Photos

Eric Hammel makes his picks
for the best of the best

Battle for the Lost Battalion
As men of the 36th Infantry Division fought
for their lives on a French mountainside,
a gutsy group of Japanese American
GIs fought to save them.
By Duane Schultz

weapons manual
America’s M1 Garand Rifle
The weapon Patton called “the
greatest battle implement
ever designed”
By Jim Laurier

A Few Square Inches of Home
Why paperback Armed Services Editions
books were “as popular ad pin-up girls”
By Caitlin Newman



World War II Today
Dutch resistance fighter confesses
to a 65-year-old murder
Stephen Budiansky’s Reading List;
fighter pilot Jim Morehead

British veteran Denis Avey
tells how he snuck into
Auschwitz, and why
By Gene Santoro

Pearl Harbor at 70
War Letters

A USS Arizona crewman
writes to relatives about
his hopes for the Holidays
on November 29, 1941
By Andrew Carroll

Unknown Soldiers
Wing man John Stack
By Stephen Budiansky

Time Travel
Kiel, Germany
By Andrew Curry

Tanks at Prokhorovka
A Film Unfinished
New Boyington Bio

What If…
…the Allies had invaded
France in 1943?
By Mark Grimsley

Shadowy figures on the loose in Germany