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Victory in the Desert
How the U.S. Army turned its devastating loss at
Kasserine Pass into a resounding win
By Stephen Budiansky

Tortured History
A massive project to record MacArthur’s
war story became a battle of its own
By Edward Drea


‘How We Fought’
At war’s end, the United States confiscated
dozens of paintings by Japanese war artists
that it deemed provocative

Red Ramage’s Wild Ride
19 torpedoes, 4 kills: 34 minutes aboard
the USS Parche
By Steven Trent Smith

Army vs. Marines
When one general fired another on Saipan,
all hell broke loose
By Sharon Tosi Lacey



World War II Today
Max Gadney’s Reading List

Timothy Snyder traces the history
of mass murder in the bloodlands
of Eastern Europe
By Gene Santoro

Unknown Soldier
The Russian general who wrote the
book on how to beat the blitzkrieg
and was executed for doing so
By Stephen Budiansky

War Letters
A forward artillery observer
records the horrors he witnessed
By Andrew Carroll

Time Travel
Hitler’s Vienna
By Peter Bennett

What If…
America’s “Arsenal of Demoracy” had
failed to materialize?
By Mark Grimsley



Wild Bill Donovan by Douglas Waller

Neptune’s Inferno by James D. Hornfischer

Film: Winter in Wartime

Heroes in the Sky computer game