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cover story
The German View of Patton
Legend has it that the Germans feared and
revered General George S. Patton.
The reality is strikingly different
By Harry Yeide

Moving Target
After the Japanese occupied the Philippines,
one American family found themselves on a
run for their lives
By Steven Trent Smith

Aborted Takeoff

The U.S. Marines glider program
never truly got off the ground

Cutthroat Business
A group of tough-as-nails commandos led
the charge to take back Alaska’s Aleutian Islands
from the Japanese
By Samantha Seiple

weapons manual
Tokyo Slim
The lightweight and highly maneuverable
Japanese Zero was the world’s best carrier-
based fighter in the early years of the war
By Jim Laurier

Eye on a Juggernaut
An American diplomat was among the first to
warn of Germany’s military resurgence—but his
reports were largely ignored
By Andrew Nagorski



World War II Today
Rob Citino’s Readling List

Heike Görtemaker explains why
Eva Braun doesn’t deserve sympathy
By Richard Ernsberger Jr.

War Letters

A trio of Americans use Hitler’s
private stationary to write home

Their Darkest Hour
One of Stalin’s enforcers justifies
his ruthless tactics
By Laurence Rees

Time Travel
By Saba Igbe

Ian Kershaw’s The End
A cockpit worth playing for
Patton cologne

What If…
…Werner Heisenberg had been
a Nazi?
By Mark Grimsley

D-Day’s strong, silent type